Oz: Bogus Refugees Win Court Battle

At least 10,000 bogus refugees—from countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan who have no right of “asylum” at all under all international conventions—might be given the chance to acquire Australian citizenship after a landmark court case in that country’s Federal Court.

The court ruled that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton had “unreasonably delayed making decisions on applications for citizenship by refugees.”

According to a report in the Canberra Times, Justice Mordy Bromberg—a well-known far left activist—said that Dutton also erred in rejecting the applications for citizenship of two Afghan refugees several weeks after they commenced legal proceedings. The two Afghans had been permanent residents of Australia for more than four years.

Bromberg said that the decision by the Immigration Minister to reject their applications were invalid and “at law no decisions at all” and dismissed Dutton’s submission that he deny the two men relief.

The Afghans are part of at least a group of 10,000 invaders who entered Australia illegally by boat before the Rudd government introduced the rule that that no one who entered the country illegally would ever gain settlement.

The Canberra Times said that the court decision might “invite more legal action if there is no move to hasten decision-making for the refugees,” but that pro-invasion activists are concerned that Dutton would now “proceed with legislation to make it harder for refugees to obtain citizenship.”

Dutton’s office did not comment on the ruling except to say that they were “considering the judgment.”

The utterly bogus nature of the asylum claims was evident from interviews which the newspaper’s correspondents conducted with two of the invaders whose applications for citizenship had been delayed by Dutton’s department.

One, identified as Karim Sadaqat, said that he had been in Australia since 2010 after arriving by boat. “It is ruin (sic) my life—and the life of my family,” Sadaqat was quoted as saying, claiming that he had left his wife and two children in Afghanistan when he set off for Australia.

Currently, Pakistan is deporting hundreds of thousands of Afghans back to their country, and Germany has just started with deportations back to Afghanistan as well—conclusive proof that Afghans have no claim to “asylum” anywhere, simply because they would not be deported back there if their “lives were in danger.”

Another invader—who declined to be named—interviewed by the Canberra Times, said he was from Pakistan, another country whose nationals have absolutely no reason to claim asylum anywhere.

Like the Afghan invaders, the Pakistani was also desperate to obtain citizenship so that he could start a chain immigration process to bring in the rest of his family, telling the newspaper that he needs “to receive citizenship for my family. My daughter is in Pakistan, and is in need of urgent medical attention. No one else can take her.”

These claims of concern for their families are also self-evidently bogus, as none of the invaders appeared too concerned about their families all the years ago when they left them behind, a point ignored by the Canberra Times.

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  1. Most judges seem to be far left and traitors to their own countries. I have always said that judges, lawyers and politicians are the lowest form of pond life on earth! Take note that they all don’t live among asylum seekers or refugees!

    1. Those Judges are Criminals. The violation of Treaties like the Tashkent Declaration 10 January 1966 Article VIII “The Prime Minister of India and the President of Pakistan have agreed that the sides will continue the discussion and questions relating to the problem of refugees, evictions, and illegal immigrations…” are criminal acts. Good idea to charge them with the Crime of Aggression and lock them up permanently.

  2. Boo hoo hoo for this garbage. I hope
    the Australians do not have “roo””
    poop for brains or it will be way too
    late to save the country as is happening
    in western Europe and the US. They will
    soon out number white European
    genetics within a decade.

  3. Leftist activist Judge “Mordy” Bromberg, short for (((Mordecai))). Well now, there’s a surprise. Perhaps he will suggest that the bogus refugees apply for asylum in his ancestral homeland of Israel? No, wait, I forgot they refuse all asylum applications there, unless you are a Jewish pedophile evading Australian justice, like that pervert female teacher Malka Leifer who assaulted all those kids in Australia. “Israel has become a safe haven for Jewish pedophiles from around the world, a leading advocate for child sexual abuse victims warned Monday in the Knesset”.

  4. Either the judge is very stupid or very well bribed by donations. Those judges should spend one year living in ghettos full of M. I am sure they will scream to get out within a month. They have no capacity to act in these cases because they live in privilege protected areas where there is no M ghettos. People who believe in writings of murderers, paedos, polygamists, rapists are dangerous to society and should not be let in.

    1. You don’t seem to have understood the comment by ‘bramble’. Jews have an agreed policy to flood white countries with unintelligent non-whites. And Jews form a secret layer across most countries. If you don’t understand this, PLEASE read up on it. Your life, literally, may depend on it

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