Pakistan to Afghan Invaders: Get Out

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans pretending to be refugees in Pakistan have been told that their deadline to leave the country expires today—and that they will be forcibly deported if they refuse to leave voluntarily.

So far this year, 210,998 Afghan invaders in Pakistan have already returned home—evidence that their claims to “asylum” in Europe are just as bogus as they are in their neighboring state.


According to the United Nations-linked International Organization for Migration (IOM), the flow of Afghans back home has been “soaring” in recent months.

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has reported that 338,056 Afghans have left Pakistan to go home this year, six times the number recorded for same period in 2015.

There are however so many Afghan invaders in Pakistan that it is unlikely that they will all leave by the deadline, and earlier this week, a meeting was held at Pakistan’s Ministry of States and Frontier Regions—which oversees the Office of Chief Commissioner for Afghan Refugees—to discuss the deadline, KITV reports.

A proposal for the next steps in dealing with the Afghan invasion has now been submitted to the Prime Minister’s office, which will be discussed at the next cabinet meeting.

In addition, there are also “hundreds of thousands” of registered Afghan “refugees” living in Pakistan—who have also been given a deadline of March 31, 2017 to leave the country and return home.

“The scale and pace of Afghan refugee returns from Pakistan has reached unprecedented levels,” the latest statement from the UNHCR says. “The winter months are likely to pose further strain on Afghanistan’s already fragile absorption capacity.”

The strain on resources for returning refugees will be stretched further as tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are expected to start returning from Europe, under an EU deal made with Afghan officials last month to allow unlimited deportations of failed asylum seekers.

Some of the returning refugees are being forcibly deported, and others are returning voluntarily, according to Duniya Khan, Communications Officer at UNHCR in Pakistan.

“Spontaneous returns are those who have not been registered with UNHCR and their return could be voluntary or forced. In some cases, they are arrested and deported,” she said.

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  1. Wonderful news ! What abour returning all the Pakistanis here in the UK ? There`ll be plenty of room in Pakistan when all the Afghans have upped sticks.

  2. Don’t worry.

    You can bet your boots that these frauds and fakers will wind up on EU territory – sooner rather than later.
    You can also bet your boots that the shitheads who run the EU will give all of these bastards EU citizenship – and impose them on east and central Europe.

    Brexit was the right thing to do.

  3. Pakistan can deport Afghans but the EU and Britain can’t, just proves how weak we are, and they only have to say they feel persecuted and they get a house and unlimited benefits.

  4. Almost 40 years ago whilst on a job in the Middle East, the workforce was mainly Pakistani, and those that lived on the borders of the two countries did not trust the Afghans at all. How times change.

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