Pakistan: Invaders Can’t Come Home

Pakistan has announced that it will refuse to take back any of its nationals who are being deported from Europe for illegal immigration or terrorism offenses.


The announcement, made by Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on November 6, means that the Asian nation will now refuse to accept back any of the estimated hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who have invaded Europe pretending to be “refugees” over the past few months.

According to a report in Pakistan’s Daily Times, Ali Khan said his country had suspended “readmission agreements with western countries because of blatant misuse” of the system.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad, he said that “most countries have been deporting illegal Pakistani citizens without verification, whereas under readmission agreements Pakistanis travelling illegally to any western country have to be deported after proper verification.”

Ali Khan knows full well that the masses of Pakistanis currently invading Europe have deliberately destroyed their identification papers and are now pretending to the Syrians. “Proper verification” of such people depends purely on expert analysis of their language, culture, and background, and not on documentation which has long since been thrown away or burned.

The refusal to take back “unverified” illegal immigrants is therefore an obvious ploy by Pakistan to force Europe into keeping its excess population.

A discarded, torn and ripped identity document of a migrant sits on the railway tracks as hundreds of migrants and refugees continue to cross the border from Serbia into Hungary

A discarded, torn and ripped Pakistani identity document spotted on the railway tracks between Serbia and Hungary.

Ali Khan also revealed that an astonishing 90,000 Pakistanis had been deported back to their country during the last year.

Furthermore, he said, the deportations had formed part of a “dangerous trend” that had emerged over the last several months, “under which Pakistanis travelling abroad without documents are deported on charges of terrorism.”

He said that Pakistan would not allow any plane containing deportees to land in Pakistan “until proper verification is done and that countries share all the information with Pakistani authorities concerned.”

The “Agreement with Pakistan on readmission” (Council Decision 2010/649/EU of October 7, 2010) states that Pakistan and EU Member States mutually agree to readmit their nationals where they do not fulfil, or no longer fulfil the conditions in force for entry into, presence in, or residence on the territory of the other party.

The Agreement lists the documents that may be used as means of evidence of a person’s nationality.

If none of the documents listed can be furnished, the competent authority of the Member State wishing to expel the person concerned and Pakistan’s diplomatic or consular representation will interview the person in order to establish their nationality.

Pakistan also undertakes to readmit third country nationals and stateless persons, on condition that such persons:

* hold, at the time of submission of the application, a valid visa or residence authorization issued by Pakistan; or

* entered the territory of a Member State unlawfully coming directly from Pakistan.

Britain has been specifically excluded from the suspension of the agreement, probably because it has the lowest deportation rate, while the USA has been singled out by Ali Khan as an “equal offender” along with the other EU nations.

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  1. Most of the Pakis who arrived in Germany were slave laborers in Kuwait or Said Arabia … I wonder when Germans oust Merekel?

  2. A system for a quick DNA check could be set up,then process paperwork stating what country they originated from,if not taken in by their own countries,put on plane in bulk loads,with a parachute each,and return to sender.

    1. DNA tests won’t work as most of these people are the mongrelised descendants of Arabs, Indians, Persians and all sorts of races. All that can be done is for walls with armed guards to be placed along europes borders.

  3. Its about time Britain gave them a dose of their own medicine, failure to present genuine documents that prove without a shadow of doubt that they are British or have a British passport that entitles them to reside Britain, then our authorities should refuse to let them stay and they should be deported back to Pakistan. I am sick to the back teeth of third world and developing nations dumping their excess low life scum in us. Its time they started using contraceptives like we do in this civilised nation. Britain is becoming a third world nation directly as a consequence of these irresponsible over breeding nations could not give a dam attitude. Have they thought about what is going to happen when Britain is pushed to 100,000,000 and rising, not only will we be bankrupt by then and the roads, etc be gridlocked, but we will no longer be in a position to dole out aid to bail them. Where are they going to turn for their hand outs then? India is growing at the rate of 18,000,000 every year, add to that the Populations of the African nations which are set to quadruple in just a few years, then add the Middle East, seriously there will be NO EUROPE REMAINING if they just keep dumping on us. Our tiny Island has assumed too much responsibility for helping all those in need, now we are fast approaching the time where we require a helping hand ourselves.

  4. So far I haven’t seen a better handling of the “refugee” situation than the Australians show time and time again. Their detention centres are doing a great job of discouraging many parasites and additionaly Australia deports many of them with no mercy!

    Under recently modified the Migration Act any foreigners who serve a prison sentence greater than 12 months automatically have their visas revoked.

    They are often moved straight from prison to detention centres, such as Villawood, Yongah Hill and Christmas Island.

  5. It’s quite comical the way the ‘west’ selectively obeys some dicta or criteria but not others: human rights – but support for wars in such places as Libya, Egypt and Syria. And these wars are extraordinarily violent (though the controlled media hides the effects, deliberately). Probably Pakistan gets huge sums in ‘aid’ despite such activity as listed above. or at least they seem huge – but divided by hundreds of millions of people they amount to little; and in fact ‘aid’ only goes to the upper layers. The common factor is the jewish lobby, unfortunately. Many people still don’t understand how money power enables them to push for the most absurdly inconsistent policies.

  6. Only 90,000 Pakistani migrants ? Those numbers seem low. Some of them may have moved
    underground into crime networks.

  7. The cost of detention, legal costs, transport, support and deportation for illegals, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers could be met from the foreign aid budget for each country. Additionally defence contract prices to countries that send illegals, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees should rise to offset and clawback the cost to the UK.

  8. ok.just drop themoff the coast of Pakistan then, or dump them at thenearest pakistani embassy and dont let anybody out. If all fails, lock them up till they return voluntarily.

    1. Before you can do this, ALL the ‘European’ ruling elite and other traitors would have to be rounded up, incarcerated and permanently exiled or other appropriate punishment for treason.

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