Pakistan: Two-Faced Refugee Deportation Policy

The Pakistani government has accepted back at least 266,412 of its nationals deported home from other nonwhite nations—but refuses to take back those being deported from Europe, it has emerged.

The deliberately two-faced nature of the Pakistani government’s attitude was revealed last week when that country’s senate was told that more than a quarter million Pakistanis had been forcibly deported as illegal immigrants—mostly from Saudi Arabia.

According to a report in Pakistan’s The News newspaper, the figures were revealed during Question Hour in the Pakistani parliament.

Federal Minister for Interior Nisar Ali Khan said in a written reply that 78,409 persons were deported in 2014; 116,185 in 2015, and 71,818 in 2016. During this period, 175 Pakistanis were deported from Iran, 30 from Afghanistan, and 27 from India.

Primary reasons for their deportation had been overstay, loss of passport, illegal immigration, entry refusal, and fake documents, he added.

From the United Arab Emirates, he continued, 8,434 Pakistanis were deported in 2014, 8,690 in 2015, and 1,352 in 2016.

Replying to further queries, Minister of State for Interior Muhammad Balighur Rehman said that the majority of deportees were sent home by air. Some 4,956 were deported from Iran in 2014, 26,978 in 2015, and 16,159 in 2016 via land, and 1,920 were deported by boat from Oman.

In November 2016, Nisar Ali Khan announced that his government was suspending all readmission agreements with “Western countries” because they were “deporting Pakistanis without verification by Pakistani authorities.”

He said that “under the re-admission agreements, Pakistanis travelling illegally to any Western country were to be deported after proper verification. However, most of the countries are deporting them without verification by Pakistani authorities, and last year alone [2015], 90,000 people were sent back to Pakistan.”

On December 2, 2015, the Pakistani government refused to let 30 of its nationals leave an aircraft which had landed in that country even though it had been pre-arranged with Greece, from where the deportation started.

At that time, Pakistani government spokesmen said that the refusal was based on “non-verification” of the 30 individuals as Pakistanis.

This policy means that Pakistani invaders reaching Europe, who have thrown away their identification documents, are protected from being deported back home.

The Pakistani government demands proof that the deportees are Pakistani nationals before accepting them back—something which is extremely difficult to do without documentation, no matter how obvious from other indicators such as language.

It is also significant that the Pakistani government does not, by its own admission, have any problem with accepting its nationals being deported back without papers from other nonwhite countries.

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  1. stop giving these countries aid, unless they accept their own, is that so hard?? Europe does not want them. Go live with your own kind. East is east and west is west – in a slightly different context – but it fits here. go with god, but go.

  2. To be selective and refuse to accept back their own nationals from White nations is nothing but 100% anti-White racism. So, stop giving millions in Foreign Aid to Pakistan and refuse to accept one more invader from a Muslim nation that over-breeds and then exports its excess population to our White nations. And don’t forget to also send the Pakistani govt a bill for all expenses incurred by these armies of Muslims who are being made comfortable free of charge in our already full White nations.

  3. Time long overdue to boycott products made in Pakistan and the Corporations that offshore jobs there. Clothing, sheets, towels, etc. You hear me J. Crew, Land’s End, L. L. Bean, J. C. Penney, Macy’s, Walmart, etc.? People, why are we supporting a nuclear armed nation that hates the West?

  4. Muslim countries don’t joke around. If Pakistan refused to accept deportees from e.g. Saudi Arabia, the Saudis would slice their heads off and mail them back to Pakistan.

  5. The various Christian churches have made it perfectly clear on many occasions that they wish our White nations to continue to bring in more of these Third World invaders – I refuse to play the Establishment game and call them ‘refugees’.

    But these same overflowing with charity ‘Christian’ leaders – which will include many crypto-Jews – will be in complete denial when you inform them that these same policies are leading to the destruction of our White nations, the genocide of our White people and the complete Islamic takeover
    of our White Western nations, and Whites alone, adrift in a world, with no homeland to call their own.

    If these genocidal policies were so beneficial to the whole world, then why aren’t the Black, Brown and Yellow races eagerly demanding that their nations receive this JWO treatment.

  6. This is not “Two Faced”. Islam demands subjugation of non Islamic civilization. Indeed the Quran and the Hadiths demand that the faithful establish the sharia on the rubble of civilization and expressly prescribe demographics and deception among other methods for doing so. Pakistan promotes diaspora to this end and has done so since inception.

    It began with Britain and made this the stepping stone to Europe and the US. Pakistan has forged currency to support its diasporas and hand in glove with US intelligence has fomented international crime and terror including sex, contraband diamonds and minerals, and weapons trafficking. Apart from the US- Saudi-Pakistan created Al Qaeda, Taliban and the many regiments of Taliban from Boko Haram and Jaish e Mohammad to ISIL and Harkat ul Mujahideen, does anyboy remember the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI?)

    If the West finds this surprising, it is because the West is even dumber than Ostrich and will soon be deader than the Dodo.

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