Pakistani Muslims, Hungarian Gypsies, & “Bisex” Nigerians Given “Asylum” in Canada

Muslims who claim to be fleeing from Muslim Pakistan, Gypsies who claim to be fleeing from Hungary, and Nigerians who claim to be bisexual, are just some of the 90,000 fake refugees who have invaded Canada over the past five years, a new analysis of official data has revealed.

The investigation, carried out by Canadian broadcaster CBC, revealed that Canada’s acceptance rate of “asylum seekers” is the highest in 27 years, mainly because of a “tighter timeline” for hearing processes.

According the report, an analysis of 90,000 “asylum “claim decisions made by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada between January 2013 and September 2017, shows that the acceptance rate increased significantly in the past five years, to 70 per cent in the first nine months of 2017, up from 44 per cent in 2013.

“Most immigration experts who spoke with CBC News agree an important factor was likely changes to the IRB system introduced at the end of 2012,” the report said, pointing out that a claim had to be heard within 60 days of being accepted by the IRB.

Previously, it would take at least 18 months to process a claim, and as a result, “board members expected to see considerable evidence in order to approve a claim.”

However, with the “drastically shortened timelines, those expectations became unreasonable,” and “board members had to make a call based on the evidence that could be gathered within two months.”

Because refugee law requires board members to give the claimant the benefit of the doubt, acceptance rates went up, the report said.

The data obtained by CBC showed the top reason for seeking “asylum” in Canada was a claim to be fleeing “criminals or gangs,” but individuals who made such claims were among the least likely to be approved by the IRB.

Those who claim to be fleeing political and religious persecution were the most likely to be accepted.

Ahmadi Muslims from Pakistan are among the largest group of Muslims applying for asylum” in Canada, even though their home country is also Muslim.

The Ahmadiyya branch of Islam differs only from other Muslims in that they believe that the founder of their movement, one Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was the promised Messiah awaited by the Muslim world.

There have been historical clashes between Ahmadis and other Muslims in Pakistan, with the most recent occurring in 2010 when some mosques in Lahore were attacked—and this “persecution” is now claimed to be a reason to seek “asylum” in Canada.

Gypsies from Hungary also make up a large number of “asylum seekers” granted refuge in Canada, even though there is no evidence at all that they are being persecuted in Hungary or anywhere else.

Nigerians also have no claim to “asylum” in Canada, so the canny sub-Saharans have taken advantage of liberal Canada’s obsession with promoting sexual deviancy.

All of a sudden, thousands of Nigerians have claimed to be homos or bisexuals, knowing that Canada seeks to protect such deviants from “persecution.”

As a result, applications from Nigeria have now topped even China as the country with the most refugee claim decisions in Canada last year.

Of course, there is no genuine test of seeing if someone is “bisexual” and that categorization allows them to resume normal sexual behavior once granted “asylum”—because they never said that they were exclusively homos.

Significantly, “asylum” claims from Turkey have also increased significantly, making that country Canada’s second-largest source of asylum seekers. These claims were mostly political in nature, or from members of the Kurdish ethnic group, the CBC report said.

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    1. ‘Fools’ don’t know what they are doing. Trudeau’s plan of destruction for Canada is deliberate and effective. Merkel, Obama, Trudeau, Macwon, and Theresa the appeaser UK, all know very well what they are doing. Its called ‘Destroying the non white, non communist ‘ west.

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