Pakistani Rapefugee “Can’t Be Deported”

A Pakistani pretending to be a refugee in Germany who committed a vicious rape—and repeatedly bit his victim to try and infect her with hepatitis C—cannot be deported back home because Pakistan refuses to take him.
The invader, identified as 38-year-old Qaisar S., was sentenced last week to 46 months in prison for the July 2016 rape of a 19-year-old blonde German woman in the town of Zwickau in Saxony.
The Pakistani bit his victim several times on the lips during the rape, drawing blood, knowing that he was carrying the viral hepatitis C, all in a deliberate attempt to infect her, the court heard.
The victim, identified as Sarah (19), was working as a supervisor in the “Number One” casino in Zwickau at the time.
The court heard that on July 14, the Pakistani—who already had been arrested for a shooting incident three months earlier in the city center, but who had been freed by police—entered the games hall when no one else was there.
The invader suddenly attacked the German woman, pushing her into the casino’s smoking room, where he carried out the rape, biting her repeatedly on the lips, and on her right cheek.
“He bit her deliberately, wanting to infect her with his virus,” prosecutor Diana Enzinger-Leichsenring told the court.
He then escaped, but his image was captured on CCTV. “Every policeman in Zwickau knows him,” German media reported, and the very next day he was arrested. He made a full confession shortly thereafter.
His victim had to undergo tests for six months before she knew for sure that she had not been infected, but still was suffering psychological aftereffects from the attack, the court was told. Among other things, she had been unable to complete her medical studies.
Judge Stephan Zantke sentenced the Pakistani to a laughable 46 months in jail, claiming that the “harsh” sentence was necessary to demonstrate that “we have to protect our women.”
To make matters worse, the invader cannot even be deported back to Pakistan, because that country refuses to accept him back in terms of an earlier government order not to accept deportations from white countries.
It was earlier reported that Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany carried out at least 1,964 serious sex attacks in Germany during 2016, preying on 2,000 adults and 1,000 children.
According to new figures compiled by activist group XY Einzefall, there have already been 73 reported serious cases of sexual assaults by nonwhite invaders in Germany in the first three weeks of 2017, and six reported rapes in the same time period.
Invader rapes have been reported in the towns of Regensburg, Hamburg, Kleve, Brunn am Gebirge, Nürtingen, and Dortmund.
XY Einzefall pointed out that these are just the reported incidents, and German police operate under orders not to release details of rapefugee sex attacks unless specifically asked to do so.
The true number of attacks is therefore always going to be higher than those reported, XY Einzefall added.

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