Pakistan’s Racial Citizenship Law

Pakistan’s deportation of the famous green-eyed “Afghan Girl” back to Afghanistan has focused attention on the fact that Pakistan has a racially-based citizenship law.

Sharbat Gula was arrested after trying to buy a Pakistan Origin Card—an identification document only issued to those of direct Pakistani racial descent.


According to the Pakistani government’s official website, the Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is issued only to people who are former Pakistani nationals, those whose parents or grandparents are of Pakistani origin, or those whose relatives (brother, sister, uncle, aunt) are or were Pakistani nationals.

Non-Pakistani spouses of Pakistani citizens have been specifically excluded from acquiring the POC, which is needed to open a bank account or to buy property in Pakistan.

It is illegal for non-Pakistanis to have IDs since they were first issued in the 1970s, and Gula was convicted of trying to buy one after living illegally in Pakistan for more than a decade.


This sensible and completely justified law is designed to prevent non-Pakistanis from acquiring Pakistani citizenship—in other words, to ensure that Pakistan retains its racial homogeneity and is not taken over by non-Pakistanis.

However, in Europe, America, and all white countries, Pakistani activists are often at the forefront of “anti-racist” organizations which condemn any Europeans who suggest that only Europeans should be nationals of those countries.

In addition, there are no international campaigns “against Pakistani racism” or “against racist citizenship laws in Pakistan.”

These blatant double standards are a result of an anti-white hatred which permeates much of society, and which demands that all white nations be dissolved but grants all other countries—including Israel—the right to have laws to preserve their racial identity.

Gula’s deportation—announced after she had served a 15-day jail sentence for trying to buy a POC—is being facilitated by the United Nations linked International Organization for Migration (IOM)—conclusive evidence that there is no justification for any Afghan to seek “asylum” in Europe.

If Afghanistan was “unsafe,” the IOM would not be involved in shipping Afghans back home.

According to official figures released by the Human Rights Watch organization, Pakistan has deported 370,000 Afghans back to Afghanistan since the beginning of July this year.

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  1. Always those who cry ‘RACIST’ loudest and soonest who are the worst hypocrites/racists. I once worked in a warehouse in west London where the staff who worked in the warehouse were Asian but had an overseer who was West Indian. They loathed each other. Same warehouse, but in Accounts Dept the accountant was Asian, the clerical staff West Indian, they also unsurprisingly also loathed each other. Yet somehow it was us Anglo Saxons who were just trying to get the work done efficiently who were considered the racists. People who cannot see when you are trying to help them get on, trying to promote them, and just think you are against them all the time are so bloody tiresome. In the end you think why bother.

  2. The Role of the UN:

    The 1951 Refugee Convention awarded rights to refugees without any responsibilities. Conversely, host countries were given responsibilities but no rights. Western nations thereby became slaves to “refugees”.

    The 1993 Vienna Declaration extended the rights of refugees, rebranded them as human rights and awarded them to the whole planet. Again, their rights became our obligations. The right to maintain their own culture is especially dangerous.

    The 2016 New York Declaration officially recognises the migration industry and supports the migrants. It is a declaration of war against the West, to be conducted by a ceaseless 3rd world, mostly Muslim, invasion.

  3. There was a case of a British man just making a comment at an airport 2 years ago when asked to submit to additional security checks he exclaimed: “do I look like an Arab terrorist”? Staff reported him for racism and he found himself in court charged with making a comment by crown prosecutors more than happy to bring a prosecution.

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