Palestinians Retaliate against Israeli Massacres with Unexpected Missile and Mortar Barrage

Palestinians suddenly—and unexpectedly—retaliated in force with a barrage of over 110 missiles and mortar fire into Israel, responding to weeks of indiscriminate massacres, sniper shootings, jet fighter bombings and murders  of protesters in the Gaza Strip.

Missile trails from Gaza into southern Israel today in the unexpected Palestinian retaliation against Jewish massacres over the past few weeks.

According to reports in Israeli media, three Jewish soldiers were wounded by shrapnel Tuesday during afternoon barrages of mortar shells and rockets launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip, in what was described as the “worst flareup of cross-border violence since the 2014 Gaza war.”

Earlier in the day, a civilian was lightly wounded by shrapnel from projectile fire, bringing the total number of injured Jews to four.  Hundreds of Palestinians have been shot dead, or have died from Israeli air force bombing raids, and thousands have been wounded by the Jewish forces.

The Israeli media admitted that the much-vaunted “iron dome” missile defense system—paid for by the American taxpayers—only intercepted 25 of the incoming missiles.

Medics from the United Hatzalah rescue service said they treated at least 10 Jews for “anxiety” attacks following the Gazan retaliation.

Police and the army called on Jews in the south of their country to remain near shelters and safe rooms, to stay away from rocket and mortar impact sites and to call authorities to deal with the ordnance.

Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz told Israeli Army Radio the cross-border violence could potentially intensify towards the evening. He said Israel was closer to war than it had been since 2014.

A Hamas spokesperson declared that “Israel will fail in the attempt to change the rules of the conflict and set a new equation on the ground. The resistance in the Gaza Strip reserves its right to react or remain silent in accordance with the interest of our people,” he said.

Since March 30, tens of thousands of Palestinians have taken part in weekly protests at their expulsion from their ancestral land the denial of their right to return home.

The denial of the Palestinians’ right to return home contrasted strongly with the announcement today that convicted criminal and “Russian” oligarch Roman Abramovich has been given Israeli citizenship overnight and has already moved to Israel.

Abramovich—who was imprisoned in Russia in 1992 for fraud while earning millions from the Jewish oligarch seizure of that country’s natural assets as part of a “privatization” program, had been living in Britain until new visa rules required him to prove that all of his wealth had been acquired legitimately.

Unwilling or unable to do, Abramovich quickly used Israel’s “Law of Return” to acquire Israeli citizenship and to move there.

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  1. If true, then good. Israelis are racist psychopaths who want to see all Moslems and Christians (all gentiles, really) wiped off the face of the earth, and they want to be the ones who do it to fulfill their sick Talmudic prophecy.

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