Panicked Euro Liberals Baffled as Third Worlders Behave Like Third Worlders

Panicked European liberals are baffled why Third World immigrants—and their children—appear to continue to behave like Third Worlders even though the environment in which they live and have been raised is thoroughly First World.

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According to news reports, mayors in several towns in Belgium and the Netherlands are “wracking their brains” in trying to develop methods to stop “youths” (the liberal code word for nonwhites) from rushing off to join the Jihad in Syria on the side of Al Qaeda-affiliated war gangs.

Mayor of the city of Mechelen, Belgium, Bart Somers is one such typical example.

“The major challenge of each democrat is to see what we can do in the fight against fundamentalism without sacrificing our own democratic laws,” he said, adding that “Otherwise we play into the hands of the terrorists.”

In desperation, Somers said he wants security personnel to be “the eyes and ears in our cities” to see who plans to leave, “and then we try to influence him in a positive way”—which usually means some weak liberal program which tries to persuade Third Worlders not to behave like they came from that part of the globe to begin with.

“’We try it with the police and the secret service. We try to find out who is behind those people,” he said. Somers is now coordinating surveillance and outreach efforts with the mayors of Antwerp and Vilvoorde, which is close to Brussels, all of which have been substantially overrun by Third World, and predominantly Muslim, colonizers over the past few decades.

Belgian authorities have organized a major “anti-terror sweep” which claims to be seeking to weed out “agitators” inciting young Muslims to fight against the Assad regime.

The delusion—that it is all due to “agitators” instead of the fundamental racial nature of the target population, will guarantee failure of this program. All it will achieve is the further radicalization of the Third World “youth” and make the predictions of “home-grown” terrorism even more real than what they already are.

Proof has already come with the popular Muslim counterreaction to the arrest of six “agitators” in Belgium and their continued detention.

In the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek, the mayor banned a soup kitchen for the needy, among them young Muslims, claiming that the charity workers were inciting youths to fight in Syria.”

There have even been mounting calls to confiscate passports from “youths” who seem on the verge of leaving.

In the Netherlands, as in Belgium, there has been alarm over some Muslim “youths” leaving for Syria, with estimated departures going as high as 100.

“It was known that some Delft youngsters were radicalizing,” liberal Delft mayor Bas Verkerk wrote to his city council, after unconfirmed reports that two fighters from the city had been killed in the fighting in Syria.

Last month, the Netherlands raised its terror alert to “substantial,” with that nation’s official terrorism coordinator citing “signs of youngsters radicalizing in the Netherlands and the increased number of jihad travelers to Syria.”

The only solution to the problem is one that liberals will not even consider, namely the halting and reversal of Third World immigration in toto.

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  1. It’s time all “liberals” pulled their heads out of their liberal backsides and open their liberal minds and eyes to reality. Islam must be stopped NOW~!

  2. It would help if invaders attacked the politicos directly – it might have the useful effect of making them rethink support for destruction of such places as Syria (and Egypt, Libya etc), and also make them realise that there are other things in life than money bribes, usually from jews.

  3. Why on earth develop methods to stop “youths” from rushing off to join the Jihad in Syria.
    Just make sure it`s a one-way ticket. In fact – the more that go the merrier I say !

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