Papua New Guinea to Deport 168 “Non-Refugees”

Papua New Guinea has started deporting back to their country of origin at least 168 illegal invaders from Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India—confirming that nationals from all those nations have absolutely no right to claim asylum at all.

According to a report in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Post Reporter, the invaders, described officially as “non-refugees,” will be deported to their countries of origin after having been found to “have no lawful basis to remain in the country.”

According to the report, Acting Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha said that this was the first step in closing the Manus regional processing center, a task which had been given to the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority.

The largest group of these “non-refugees” are from Iran, he added, but there are “also people from Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and India.”

Kantha said that a United States settlement team will be arriving on Manus on February 14 to start screening the remaining 600 “asylum seekers” for “resettlement in the U.S. under a deal signed between Australia and the former Barak Obama administration last year.”

It is still not known if this arrangement is going to remain in place, given recent objections to it by the new U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Manus Island center was originally set up in terms of an agreement between the Australian and PNG governments as part of Australia’s moves to halt the seaborne invasion of that country by Third Worlders falsely claiming to be refugees.

However, in April 2016, the PNG Supreme Court found that the center “breached the right to personal liberty,” and was thus illegal under that country’s constitution. The government then announced that the camp would be closed down.

Kantha said that in accordance with the National Refugee Policy, PNG continues to “offer settlement in our country to those who have been found to be refugees,” but those “who are found not to be refugees have no lawful basis to remain in the country and must depart. They are encouraged to take up offers of Assisted Voluntary Return,” he said.

“Where non-refugees do not elect to depart voluntarily, PNG ICSA will remove them in accordance with our laws.

“PNG has worked hard with the Government of Australia to receive asylum-seekers intercepted at sea, and to process their claims in accordance with international law,” Kantha said. This process was nearly complete, and PNG could look to resettle those who had been determined to be refugees either in PNG or in third countries willing to accept them such as the United States.

“Those who are found not to be refugees have no lawful basis to remain in the country, and must depart.

“They will not be resettled in PNG. Voluntary departure is encouraged and supported with an Assisted Voluntary Return program administered by the International Organization for Migration.

“Non-refugees who do not elect to depart voluntarily will have their departure enforced, consistent with PNG domestic legislation and our international obligations,” he said.

“PNGICSA is actively seeking travel documents for these non-refugees, and is in the advanced stages of planning the removal of this group, which currently numbers 168 persons.

“Travel document applications have been lodged with respect of 60 persons, and as a result it is expected the first removals will commence in a few weeks, with these continuing on a regular basis as travel documents are issued,” he said.

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  1. No disrespect to PNG, quite the opposite, but evidently it takes a stone-age, tribal mentality to deal with the invader threat in a sensible way.

  2. Pretty obvious this is what we should be doing, however Western governments have a frightening agenda that encourages this Muslim invasion. What will happen to the white population in the near future?, I think we can all guess.

  3. PNG leading the way. This country hasn’t been feminised, brainwashed, lectured and hectored. They haven’t been shamed and called racist every 5 minutes. Us lucky westerners are so bloody liberal and ‘progressive’. I’m sick of it!

  4. Best of luck getting rid of the Iranians because their home country won’t take them back unless they volunteer to return, which they won’t. When the Iranians started to arrive on boats from Indonesia it was obvious some had stop over for plastic surgery on their way, nose jobs for the women, and the men were full of steroids all muscle bound and bound for the criminal lifestyle. Its amazing how one Iranian was given a temporary protection visa by the Australian government, yet managed to fly home to Iran to see his sick mum he said but in fact was trying to get his wife to Australia, but when he was stopped at Sydney airport he had a suitcase full of drugs and is now sitting in prison, kismet.

  5. A hell of a lot of this crap is being driven by the New World Order HQ, the UN! Not being racist in the slightest, but if you are a black country, repatriation becomes so much easier. Apparently Pakistan will take all returnees, from Black/Arab countries, but it’s very difficult for white countries to repatriate. Time the white’s got serious and sorted this garbage.

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