Paris Attacks: West’s Policies to Blame

The insanity of Western Europe and America’s promotion of mass Third World immigration and their destabilization of the Middle East as part of their pro-Israeli foreign policies, has been vividly demonstrated once again with the murderous attacks in Paris on Friday evening.


The attacks have been carried out by Muslims affiliated with one or more of the terrorist groups which have sprung up in the wake of the rise of radical Islam in the Middle East.

The reason behind the rise of al-Qaeda—and its even more vicious offspring, ISIS—lies rooted firmly in the interventionist polices of America, Britain, France, and other European nations.

These interventionist policies, dictated by the Jewish lobbies in those nations (see “Iraq Crisis—Inevitable Consequence of the Jewish Lobby’s Planned Middle East Warmongering, The New Observer, June 13, 2014) were aimed at destabilizing all of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, starting with Iraq, Syria, and ultimately Iran.

The US-led invasion of Iraq served as the spear point for this policy—although Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the September 11, 2001 attacks, he was blamed and accused of having “weapons of mass destruction”—all lies which were later shown to have been concocted by Jewish neocons in the George Bush administration and in Israel.

The crushing of the secular Hussein regime and its replacement by lawless terror—and the first al—Qaeda presence in that country—served as the spark for what became known as the “Arab Spring.”

Once again, backed by the US and Britain, these “uprisings” specifically targeted those Arab states with leadership elements hostile to Israel, with Libya being the prime target, closely followed by Syria.

Those Arab states whose leadership had made peace with Israel, such as Saudi Arabia and others, were left alone and were completely untouched by the tumultuous events of the “Arab Spring.”

All across the other states, chaos erupted. British and French aircraft bombed the Gadhafi regime into defeat, and now that nation is divided up into warlord fiefdoms, each more radical than the next.

Syria was next on the Jewish neocon’s “hit list” and the “Arab Spring” uprising in that nation was financed, and later, supplied with tons of weapons, missiles, and even given training by the Obama regime, all in an attempt to overthrow Bashar Assad, who, along with Iran, are the last two remaining thorns in Israel’s side.

This support even extended to financing and supplying “rebels” in Syria who, predictably, turned out to be ISIS-aligned fanatics. The neocons didn’t care, as long as they could wage a proxy war against Assad.

As all this was going on, the Jewish-dominated press in Europe and America waged a constant propaganda war against Syria and Iran, rehashing the old lies they used against Saddam Hussein: that Syria was using “chemical weapons” (when in fact it was the western-supplied rebels who were) and that Iran had a “nuclear bomb program” (when in fact it did not, and the only nation with nuclear weapons in the Middle East is Israel).

The combination of these wars and uprisings—all clearly linked to the Jewish lobby and its control over western governments—caused the “war refugee” crisis which displaced millions of people from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and elsewhere.

It is this displaced population, which, combined with hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans, fleeing their own self-created disasters and phony “states,” who have formed the vanguard of the current nonwhite invasion of Europe.

At the same time, western governments have promoted policies which have encouraged these nonwhites to enter Europe, both legally and illegally.

This Third World mass immigration policy has been in place for decades, promoted by race-denying liberals who believe that anyone, from anywhere, can be a “European” just through a change of clothes and speaking another language.

This race-blindness—which argues that an African, an Asian, or whatever, can become “European” as soon as they cross a border point, has resulted in millions of nonwhites having free access to Europe.

Now, as demonstrated once again in Paris, the end result of these two polices has come to its logical conclusion: attacks by nonwhites who have been let into Europe, and radicalized by the West’s wars of aggression on behalf of Israel in the Middle East.

These attacks are only possible because European “leaders” have allowed millions of Third Worlders to enter Europe.

Europe will either halt and reverse both of these policies, or be submerged under a Third World tidal wave.

Images de la fusillade au Bataclan by lemondefr

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    1. Time for EU politicians to acknowledge that the `multicultural `utopian policy has totally failed especially with regard to followers of Islam..
      Continuing with the ` open borders ` farce will have us outnumbered long before our politicians wake up.

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