Paris, France: Refugee-Terrorists Strike Twice in Knife Attacks

Nonwhites pretending to be refugees in Europe have carried out two knife attacks in central Paris over the last 24 hours, with one—a 30-year old Afghan—being found in possession of “child refugee” status papers after he stabbed seven passers-by.

Of course, the controlled media and the establishment have so far denied any “terrorist” motivation, and will doubtless as usual trot out the “poor mentally ill traumatized refugee” excuse at some stage.

According to a report in the Le Parisien newspaper, seven people wounded—and four seriously, in the first stack, carried out by the Afghan with a knife and an iron bar on a crowd outside a movie theater in north eastern Paris.

The area is close to the Gare du Nord, the Eurostar rail hub where high speed trains travel to and from London, and is well-known for the growing nonwhite slum as Third World invaders use it as a staging point to try and get into the UK to claim “asylum”

It is well known for its immigrant communities, many of them Afghan, sleeping rough as they try to get to the UK to claim asylum.

According to a source close to the investigation, the newspaper said, “a man of Afghan nationality has attacked people unknown to him on the street.”

The attacker allegedly stabbed the people outside the MK2 cinema, and would have attacked many more had members of the public not rushed to overpower him.

The Afghan was even struck with a ball from a nearby game of boules (the French version of bowls or bocce). Two of the victims were English tourists.

By the time the police arrived, the refugee-terrorist had been subdued and was being held down by members of the public.

The second attack took place on the Rue de la Roquette near Paris’s famous Bastille Square, when another invader wielding a large pair of scissors attacked a crowd of passers-by, standing an passing postman in the throat. Police tasered the invader and arrested him, according to a report on the France 3 television station.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Home Office has announced that over the past three years three out of five “asylum seekers” whose age was checked after they claimed to be under 18 were found to be adults.

The Home Office statistics revealed 2,336 cases where the claims to be a child were disputed and then checked. Of these, 1,403 turned out to be over 18.

More than seven out of ten unaccompanied Vietnamese child “asylum seekers” whose ages were investigated – around 100 in all – were actually adults. A similar percentage of child claimants from Iran and Iraq whose cases were checked were also discovered to be adults.

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  1. This was said three years ago when the mass invasion of Europe started. They lie through their back teeth, didn’t have proof of who they really were, but all had some form of contact within the EU. There should have been a hard line policy of deportation, under armed guard, without any opportunity to escape. The whole political system regarding all this has been abysmal, and it is the taxpayers footing the bill. There has been no reports of EU politicians taking pay cuts who have encouraged these people to even claim asylum. So glad I’m 70+ because the country I was born and brought up in, disappeared decades ago and all without any consultation with the electorate. What a legacy to leave the next two/three generations, masses of debts that will probably never be repaid.

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