Paris Police Issued with Assault Rifles

The nonwhite refugee-terrorist invasion of Europe has forced the French police to arm themselves with Heckler and Koch G36 assault rifles, bulletproof vests, and AK-47 bullet-resistant shields.

Heckler and Koch

Making the announcement, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that the new arms would allow police “to intervene as fast as possible to reinforce the first patrols, notably when we are confronted with mass killings.”

Instead of halting the invasion and deporting the invaders already present, the French government has just declared a state of emergency, which dates from the time last year in November when refugee-terrorists attacked a concert hall and several restaurants and cafes around Paris, killing 130 and leaving hundreds injured.

On January 27, France’s highest administrative court, the Council of State, refused to lift the state of emergency, claiming the “imminent danger justifying the state of emergency has not disappeared, given the ongoing terrorist threat and the risk of attacks.”

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  1. If only gutless EU governments would make up their minds once and for all whether Moslimes are friend or foe …..and hopefully before creeping Islamization is irreversible.

    1. The Muslim will never go back home, he is treated like a king by the liberal party kiss the Muslim behind and give him all the free es he wants, and while your at it, here’s my neck laid bare so u can cut it off.
      Saw another video, two days ago, a Muslim kicked a French child, because he wouldn’t get out of the 3 Muslims way, walking down the street, the person videoing them, then saw them deliberately walk between 2 French girls and as they did they grabbed at their breast and croch. The Muslims then laughed kept walking, then at the street corner, it was busy, walked across it, one car had to screech to halt cause it was not the time for walkers, everyone else was still on corner watching this. The Muslims, slammed their fist on the car, and walked to the window of an elderly man and spit on it. She tried to follow again, but they were using alleys and it got to dangerous.
      This is I am sure small sample of real life in france

  2. More than likely Muzzies will have nothing to fear from the French police. They can continue their subversion of France with little or no resistance from the authorities. How do I know this? Just check out Interior Minister Cazeneuve, who ordered the weapon upgrade for the Flics, and you will reach the same conclusion. The man is a socialist douchebag, who considers the French People to be the country’s real enemies, instead of Islamic terrorists, who wish to conquer France for Islam!

  3. They are ready to use them against their own people. The ones paying for all this. Their government are mad dogs
    … biting the hand that feeds them.

  4. Flooding Europe with terrorist is paying off for Germany. Today sales of assault rifles. Tomorrow sales of grenade launchers and armoured vehicles. That’s brilliant Merkel !

  5. People should not have to live and work like this. Why are we having to live like this, and in fear of whom? The answer is simple as is the remedy. Merkel is entirely to blame for this mass invasion of refugees and economic migrants amongst whom are enemy is hiding. Let them go to Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt amongst their own kind, culture, religion and opinions on women in society.

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