Paris Terrorist: The Story of an Invader

The Paris terrorist shot dead by police last week had lived illegally in Europe since 2008 in Germany, France, Sweden, and Luxembourg—and when Angela Merkel invited the Third World to invade Europe in 2015, he went back to Germany and registered there as an “asylum seeker.”


The astonishing story of the nonwhite invader’s path—which ended in violence when he attacked a police station in Paris and was shot dead—has emerged after intensive police investigations in France and across Europe through Interpol.

The nonwhite invader—who last used the name Walid Salihi when he applied for “asylum” in Germany in 2015—first illegally entered Europe in 2008, according to a report in Die Welt newspaper.  

His real name is still not known, although a note found on his body said that he was called Tarek Belgacem, which is a typically Tunisian or Moroccan name.

However, police confirmed that so far they have uncovered at least seven different names he used while travelling around Europe for the last eight years, all the time making a living out of violent crime and parasiting off the endlessly stupid western European “asylum” policies.

He first appeared on the “asylum” racket roundabout in France in 2008, where he lived right up to 2013.

From there, he went to Germany, then to Luxembourg, then to Sweden, and then to Germany, the police reported, each time applying for asylum under a new name, and receiving welfare payouts totaling many thousands of euros.

He was also arrested in Sweden for another unnamed criminal offence and deported to Germany once.

During his first appearance in Germany—in the town of Recklinghäuser—he was arrested by the police and sentenced to three weeks in jail for assault and drug possession and trafficking. Die Welt added that “these sorts of offences do not lead to deportation,” and he was soon free on the streets once again, his welfare payments completely unaffected.

The invader was also convicted for dousing a homeless man with alcohol and setting fire to him, and for sexually assaulting several women in a Cologne nightclub. He served a one month jail sentence in August 2014 for those attacks. Upon his release, he moved back to France late in 2014.

When Angela Merkel invited the Third World to invade Europe  in 2015, he went straight back to Recklinghäuser where, using the name Walid Salihi, he applied for “asylum,” saying that he had fled the “war” in the Middle East.


The invader’s mug shot from his “asylum” application in Recklinghäuser, and his free accommodation in that town.

The city of Recklinghäuser gave him free accommodation at the local “refugee center,” paid him even more welfare and granted him a residence permit while his “asylum application” was being processed.

From there, he went back to Paris where he carried out his one man pro-ISIS attack on the police station nearest to the Charlie Hebdo offices (scene of yet another  nonwhite invader terrorist attack). Despite wearing a fake “suicide vest”—obviously an effort to prevent the police from shooting him out of fear of an explosion—his plan failed when the police shot him dead anyway.

When his residence at the Recklinghäuser “asylum center” was searched, various pro-ISIS materials were discovered.  On the wall of the “asylum center’s” laundry room was the slogan “Dawla ISLMIA BAQIA” (Islamic State forever).

The story of this nonwhite invader’s eight-year-long sojourn in Europe at the taxpayers’ expense shows the inevitable result of liberal political thought, which seems set on racial suicide through the race-blind belief that anyone, from anywhere, can become European just by setting foot on that continent’s shores.

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  1. Its time we brought in the Army, arrested and then deported back to their birth Country every single invader that is currently in Europe, looking to parasite off Europeans, claiming all manner of welfare handouts. In some cases these aggressive, uncivilised aliens violently demand they be rewarded immediately for their criminal invaision by being handed what they deem as their given rightful entitlement to a free house, car and even mobile phones, topped up with credit, or they will kill us. They must be driven back, fairlure to do so will result in the death of white Europeans and our nations that we and our ancestors fought so hard for, shedding blood, sweat tears and many lives for.

    1. “Its time we brought in the Army”
      – we? who do you mean?
      – which army or the Army?
      – there is over 20 mln parasites in Europe and over 1 mln who just arrived and NOBODY knows who they are and where they came from!
      What exactly do you suggest? Un uprising against all these “refugess”? Who’s going to lead it? L.A. bikers?

  2. This parasite looks like most of them: one of the hundreds of thousands of illiterate spooks that invaded Europe.

    Btw. Belgacem in arabic means, that you are spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, and you enjoy the company of others 🙂

  3. Aggression is a criminal act and is punishable. Article 5.1d “The Crime of Aggression” of The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. When thinking about this consider the silence that followed 31 January 1943 and all the Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Statutes of the UN. The General Assembly resolution 3314 14 December 1974 Resolution on the Definition of Aggression. “Aggression is the use of armed force by a State against the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political independence of another State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations, as set out in this Definition…” is the best place to start.

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