Patriotic Australians Protest Mosque-Building in Bendigo, Victoria

The populist “United Patriotic Front” movement in Australia has received a boost after a highly successful anti-Islamification rally yesterday in Bendigo, Victoria, despite controlled media efforts to incite violence against the organizers.


The anti-Islamification crowd turned out to be far larger than the rag-tag collection of communists opposing them, bitterly disappointing the media which had hoped that weeks of negative coverage painting the UPF as “extremists” would deter public support.

The plans to build a mosque in the town have been on the cards for months, and the UPF has drawn up a petition signed by thousands of people opposing the expansion of Islam in the town.

A report of the meeting, posted on the UPF Facebook page by one of the movement’s leaders, Blair Cottrell, read verbatim as follows:

Early in the morning the town was surprisingly normal, everybody seemed to be going about their business and nothing aside from the water barriers appeared to be out of the ordinary, but as noon drew closer the flags began to fly and the general mood slipped quickly into a buzz of eager expectancy.

Everybody was saying the diversity agents were to congregate at Town Hall before noon but I really didn’t give the deluded city kids much thought, my main concern was how we were going to go about getting our speaking equipment into Rosalind Park, as once the Communist kids advanced from the South East they would most likely block the shortest point of access, the only point from which carrying all the gear in by hand was thinkable.


A tiny handful of Communists turned out to counter-protest, but were dwarfed by the UPF numbers.

Neil, Linden and a few others had arrived in town that morning and at around 10:30am we met with the local Bendigo boys and grouped together on a timber board-walk on the south side of the creek behind McDonalds.

Around 30 young and eager men greeted us and were split into groups to patrol the streets. None of us had to do much in the organization of these scouts, everything was conceived of and entirely in the hands of their own local leaders, who had even created and memorized color codes for street names so in the event that one group was attacked others could be called immediately for support. All of this to me indicated that somebody organizing it had received some sort of training in this field, it was all very elaborate and impressive, I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it.

We stayed in contact with these boys via radio for the whole morning but as far as I know they did not encounter any serious hostilities, the streets were kept mostly safe and sound aside from a few scuffles I heard of as well as a couple of Communist kids being arrested for wielding knives, one man was allegedly beaten at knife point by someone, somewhere but there seems to be very little information on the attack, which indicates the attacker was probably not of Australian origin.

By 12pm it was becoming quite hot, I quickly spoke with Danny Nalliah from RUAP who had also arrived that morning and didn’t seem to mind the sun, assuring me that he needed to work on his tan anyway.

At 12:30 or perhaps even before then, Neil and Kriso were at the meeting point intersection already and according to them the heat was causing people issues, there was no shade in the area and Kriso recommended we march sooner than planned.

Shermon and I stayed together virtually the whole day roaring around the streets in his brand new turbo diesel ute, but when we departed for the meeting point we had to transport at least 50 flags on 2.4m conduit poles and so we ended up having to swap for my less impressive ute with the longer tray.

Our local leaders and their scouts had procured the rotunda in Rosalind Park and were awaiting the arrival of the full mass of the rally. The rotunda had been decorated in very egalitarian type material which didn’t impress me that much but the locals insisted it was their will.

pro-rally-ben-03 pro-rally-ben-02

By 1:30 Shermon and I reached the meeting point on the corner of Forest and Mackenzie st, waiting there was a large mass of Bendigo’s patriots, perhaps 500 people. As is becoming common place for our rallies we were an hour ahead of schedule yet again. All the boys of the inner circle were there and looking flustered, with everything rushed and my mind in a state of worry, I feigned confidence and took Kriso’s advice to urge everybody towards Rosalind Park 50 minutes prior to our propagated meeting time.

The mass of Australian Patriots moved gradually downhill on Mackenzie st, directly past Trades Hall on Park Lane and into Rosalind Park, the youngest and most eager boys at the front, the senior and less able at the back.

I remained behind and called for several volunteers to remain at the meeting point with police to ensure the hundreds of people yet to arrive would still be directed down the hill and fed through Park lane as the clock ticked.

Catching up with the mass as it moved down into the park was a sight to behold, a seemingly endless stream of people pouring down hill and gathering on the grass area in front of the rotunda, from which we intended to speak. Every other man or woman held high a flag of the National colors, the green and gold or the red UPF banner.

Minutes later we began to establish ourselves however, people could be seen running around to the south-east and police radios were wailing with loud and unintelligible panic. The Communist kids were approaching the park.

As I saw them approaching I couldn’t help but laugh, their hitherto neglect for flags and banners and infatuation with cardboard signage seemed to have been superseded by a new effort. Red flags and banners was all I could see, a couple of token Aboriginal flags as always to ensure that when witnessed by outsiders and skeptics, the kids looked as though they actually cared about something.

But what really tickled me was a crudely made banner which read: ‘Nazi’s get in the sea’. I could recall seeing a similar banner at some European coastal Communist counter-event, perhaps in Poland, I was not sure. But in any case we were far too inland for the banner to make any sense in our particular setting, but what red monkey sees, red monkey will do you can be sure of that.

The attention of some of our younger boys was won by their endless taunts but the advance of the red kids could not press on any further than Bendigo creek, the bridge access was so narrow it required only 4 policeman to maintain them where they were – 200 or more managed by 4. It was hysterical for some, but our prime representative Matt and I were far too preoccupied trying to set up our speaking gear, getting the equipment into the park was not without stress and running about.

I was soon speaking to the crowd which had by now swelled beyond 1000 people. I must say the stress together with the heat was making things challenging and as I wrote somewhere above, it was by far the most hectic event the UPF have organized yet.

pro-rally-ben-07 pro-rally-ben-06 pro-rally-ben-05 pro-rally-ben-04

We had a number of admirable speakers, Danny seemed more energetic than ever in spite of the heat, the way he went from a seemingly crippled position to suddenly leaping about the rotunda with incredible energy reminded me of Master Yoda. He was loved and exalted by the crowd.

My personal favorite speaker was our guest from Canberra Mr. Matthew Grant, who speaking with eloquence and in an educational manner managed to also pull off a vintage suit of some kind for which he is becoming known.

The forced or subtle building of Mosques in Australian communities is only one symptom of a much greater social-political and very much international disease.

The Communist kids retreated sometime during the speeches, our speakers were so loud no one could hear much out of the brats at all and so I suppose they grew bored. I can recall glancing at the red pack once and seeing a gaggle of colorful-haired women jumping up and down on the spot, trying in vain to be heard or even recognized.

I was told they ravaged the town on their way out, throwing around cafe chairs, assaulting people at the train station and what not, but in accordance with the general disposition of Australians nobody seemed to do much complaining.

A brilliant day of pride and strength. You can kill us but you can’t kill the Aussie spirit.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant news at last the indgenious people standing up for Aussi in the UK the tide is also turning and i seriously beleve the west is waking up to this evil regime so please all western country’s stand up unite and throw the scum out of our lands.bravo the new observer for spreading the truth

    1. Actually the indigenous Australians were on the rent-a-crowd side.
      They are the same token paid by the hour faces you see at all rallies.
      Groups like the islamic proxy “Green Left” pay a handful of locals in alcohol to get them to show up.
      The islamist groups in Australia have been targeting indigenous locals for the last decade by claiming islam is the answer.
      The ones you see on the left side at rallies are all pretty fried from booze and petrol sniffing with few having education.
      Most local aboriginal groups want the islamists gone as much as anyone.
      It is their children getting raped as well and most know what arab muslims really think of black people.

  2. OMG theyre spreading like cancer, is no where safe from these deluded savages. Well done people of Bendigo. What are these savages doing in Oz anyway

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