Patriotic French Mayor Creates Security Militia

The famous patriotic mayor of the southwestern town of Beziers in France has announced the formation of a volunteer force to patrol the streets and help boost security while France remains in a national state of emergency.

Robert Menard

Robert Menard, who the controlled media accused of turning Beziers into a “laboratory of the far-right,” said that former soldiers and police officers were joining his “Beziers Guard.”

“France is living through difficult times and it is in that context that I asked myself how we could reinforce security and help the local and national police,” Mayor Menard said.

Earlier this year, Mayor Menard also re-equipped the town’s police force with new 7.65-calibre handguns—after which he put up posters across the town reading “Police officers have a new friend.”

The poster appealing for volunteers to patrol the streets during the state of emergency, introduced after the ISIS attacks on Paris last month, features the town’s cathedral of Saint-Nazaire.

Menard, who is also the founder of the international journalists’ group Reporters Without Borders (RSF), demanded that the town’s mosques sign a charter to only preach in French.

He has also blocked new kebab shops in Beziers’ historic center.

The mayor, who said the first patrols would begin Thursday, has already imposed an 11:00 p.m. curfew on minors in the picturesque town and also banned laundry being hung from balconies.

The French government imposed a three-month state of emergency following the attacks on Paris. The measures include bans on public demonstrations.

  • Earlier video: Mayor Menard personally tells illegal immigrants to leave:

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  1. Looks like towns and cities have to defend themselves since the government thinks the enemy is in Syria instead of looking in their own back yard.

    1. “Their own back yard” is like this; The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties in Article 67 sets out the instruments for declaring invalid, terminating, withdrawing from or suspending the operation of a treaty. If Mayor Menard respected this he would also show some respect for the Treaty of St Germain September 10 1919 and the protection of Minorities (Section 5 Articles 62 to 69) and in particular Article 67 “(French) nationals who belong to racial religious or linguistic minorities shall enjoy the same treatment and security in law and in fact as any other (French) nationals. In particular they shall have a right to establish, manage and control at their own expense charitable, religious, and social institutions, schools and other educational establishments, with a right to use their own language and to exercise their religion freely therein. There are many UN Declarations supporting the rights listed here and others as well, but in the back yard of Beziers there is a problem and I hope you can identify one of the culprits.

      1. William…protection of minorities ?
        Right now the minorities do not need protection: the laws in any host countries – including France – protects them sufficiently.
        The unfortunate fact is that the citizens of these countries require protection from minorities – one minority in particular – which considers itself above law (unless this is Sharia law of course).
        And please do not confuse the “religion of peace” with religions.
        Also – do not mention UN – it would be hard to find more corrupt and inefficient organisation.

        1. We aren’t allowed firearms in the UK, only the criminal gangs of non-whites have guns, and they use them every day in the major cities as they kill each other and innocent people caught in the crossfire!

        2. I can understand your position. Hitler had little time for the League of Nations, at Dinner on the
          21st May 1942 commented that an Old Gentleman who reduced everything to its simplest
          denominator.. had completely succeeded in unravelling the tangled intrigues woven against us
          at Geneva- which were tantamount to our binding ourselves to obligations which the others had
          not the slightest intention of honouring.” All the Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Resolutions and Statutes are obligations of a nature unacceptable to Germany and the EU. Take The Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Territories and peoples, which in Article 1 “The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the promotion of world peace and
          co-operation; If the Mayor here had a policy of non-interference in the affairs of colonial peoples
          they would establish manage and control at their own expense charitable, religious and social institutions, schools and other educational establishments and the right to use their own language and to exercise their religion freely therein.

        3. Why is it majority white nations we are concerned about ‘minorities’ yet white minorites are not treated well in Africa? Why are we concerned about the muslim minorities in non-muslim nations, but muslims don’t care about minorities when they’re a majority? I’m tired as hell of nonwhites being in our country, BUT–worse–they get the same things we do (even better) all at our expense. If I were a president or leader of any European nation, I would cut off benefits to nonwhites and I would use military force to drive them out and I would permanently expel any whites that aided these nonwhites or did anything that stood in the way of our nationalist agenda.

    1. Which Europeans? Quit blaming all Europeans for this. There are lots of Germans who do not want them there. Have you not been reading to the amounts of asylum centers being attacked in Germany (by German youth)? Have you not heard about the Germans calling for hanging Merkel for this? Have you not heard of the growing nationalist parties? Have you not heard about the various European nations wanting border security? I’m really running out of patience for people like you. You’re either a troll, or you’re a defeatist.

      1. @WIRBIW I totally agree. However Victor makes a valid point.
        In the UK – according to MSM – “racist bigots” like me are a minority. You keep your head down.
        Hardly surprising if few were even aware how people in other European countries felt.
        Being kept in the dark meant we all stayed nicely compliant and docile.
        The realisation there`s so many of us is fantastic news.
        TPTB will have a real fight on their grubby traitorous hands.

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