Patriots Arrested after Calais Attack

Seven patriots from northern France have been arrested for allegedly attacking invaders trying to get onto UK-bound trucks—although they have denied involvement, the La Voix du Nord newspaper has reported.


The seven men, aged between 22- and 24-years-old, are all from around the Pas-de-Calais region (which includes Calais).

According to La Voix du Nord, they were all arrested near Dunkirk, shortly after four Iraqi Kurds claimed to have been beaten with iron bars as they tried to break into trucks on the road to the ferry port in Calais.

Prosecutors in Dunkirk said on Friday evening that the seven men would stay in jail over the weekend and would only appear in court next week.

Police said that the alleged attacks took place overnight on Wednesday to Thursday in the Loon-Plage commune, and that among the arrested men was Christophe Griffart, the organizer of the “Calais Idéoscope” group which has led the popular resistance to the invasion over the past few months.


Christophe Griffart, right, at the banned Pegida march in Calais last weekend.

He was also a leading participant in the Pegida-organized demonstration the previous week in Calais, which was banned by the local authorities, and which saw a former French Foreign Legion leader, General Christian Piquemal arrested.

When the men were arrested, police found three iron bars, and a large electrical cable in the trunk of their car. It is these items which the police claimed were “weapons.”

Although the authorities claim that the seven men were responsible for the alleged attack upon the invaders, they have denied it, the report continued. They said they were only in the area to “gather evidence on the criminal behavior of migrants” so as to publish them on the Calais Idéoscope Facebook page.

They have now been charged with participating in the alleged attack last week, although the police pointed out that there was as of yet no link between the men and other alleged attacks which they say have taken place over the past few months.

Earlier, a number of pro-invasion activists and representatives of the “Doctors without Borders” organization claimed that they were going to file at least twelve charges related to violent attacks upon the invaders in Calais.
The leftists claimed that the “majority of these reports concern abuses by the security forces and attacks by civilian militia.”

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  1. why dont the lefties take a long walk off a short pier they are a bl-oo-dy nuisance and obviously batting for the wrong side. Its ok for the invaders to use violence but they do not like it done to them cant beleive these lefties are helping them file complaints traitors the lot of them.

  2. Tut tut!! Those nasty patriots ! Shame on them !
    All seven of them ganging up on a few thousand would-be invaders .
    Can`t have that !

  3. There it is again, another disgraceful display of police favouring the parasites over the citizens of France. A fuse will blow soon.

  4. The primary target should be the “no Borders” agitators, and “legal advisors” if you take out a few of Soros’s ground troops, properly take them out, they may have second thoughts about going over to Calais, I think it would have a bigger impact on the problem, but good work anyway.

  5. Those dam invaders got exactly what they deserved and
    more some. Maybe they will have to crawl around on the
    ground for their remaining life.

  6. Read about the Kalergi plan and you will understand that the police and media do exactly what the government tell them to do.This evil plan is in full process in Europe and the EU leaders are doing their best to destroy our culture and transform our nations into a herd.We must fight back if we want to survive!

    1. Daniels we need to get you commenting in newspapers that get read by the undecided voters before the referendum in the u.k., not on here. The filters tend to be on so you will need to change a few letters to numbers to get through. But it can be done.

      1. Yes the problem is trying to post on other sites. Perhaps some one could work out formulas for us to use, and write an article so that we can all start posting on other news sites. I only discovered this site through a post on The Express, which though written by 5 year olds does at least some times tell truth about what is happening. As with any movement/protest, there needs to be organization.

  7. “Earlier, a number of pro-invasion activists and representatives of the “Doctors without Borders” organization claimed that they were going to file at least twelve charges related to violent attacks upon the invaders in Calais.”

    Those invaders have some balls hiding behind certifiable SJWs and nurses, accusing patriots of violence now the cats out of the bag about what kindof scum they really are by the brave woman calling herself Simone from the previous weeks protest. Shameful police response, let the patriots do their thing, they should deputize them, not arrest them!

    And why arent any of the invaded countries starting building concentration camps and treating the invaders typhus problems???, I bet DwB will be running out of whatever junk they use these days, so may need to break out the vintage zyklonB supplies, and lest we forget the ovens, and how France killed 6millionJews just like every other country in Europe, they all killed them, even America killed them, no white country escapes that blame!

    Back on a serious note, worth pointing out DwB & Médecins Sans Frontières appear to be part of the same umbrella group (never guessed they’d turn out to be such traitors).

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