Patriots Burn Invader Center in France

French patriots burned out the roof of a planned invader center in Forges-les-Bains, southwest of Paris, just before it was due to open and the week after an earlier unsuccessful attempt to flood the premises with water.

The attack was carried out on Monday, September 6, just hours after a demonstration by hundreds of local residents against the center ended outside the town hall.

Supposed to hold 200 invaders, the center was due to open in October with 91 invaders from the Sudan and Afghanistan—all fake refugees moved there from the Calais Jungle.


According to local media reports, the planned center was hotly disputed by residents, who saw it as attracting even more invaders to the area.

A week earlier, entrance was gained to the premises —an unused former local authority building—and all the taps were left running in an attempt to water damage the building.

That attempt was unsuccessful at making the building uninhabitable, an objective which has now however been achieved with the roof’s destruction.

fireman-paris-01 paris-fire-01

BFM TV reported that locals considered the project as “scary” and were concerned that the center would serve as a magnet to draw even more of the nonwhites to the area.

BFM TV added that “other such incidents had been recorded recently by firefighters,” but gave no further details.


The Socialist Party mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, expressed her outrage over the fire, saying that it was a “shame,” and that it was a “detestable, deplorable, criminal act.”

The arson came on the day of the presentation of a larger invader center which is set to open in later September north of Paris, designed to accommodate 800 male invaders.

Yet another camp to the south of Paris is planned which will accommodate invader families, females, and “children.”

The arson attack—possibly the first reported such incident—comes after confirmed reports of vandalism at “several” of the 140 such invader centers created across France as the government has sought to provide “medium-term accommodation” for the mass nonwhite invasion swamping the country.

Not all local authorities have followed the government orders, and some said that opening permanent shelters such as the one in Forges-les-Bains would only encourage even more invaders.

The French government aims to have 34,000 beds in invader centers by the end of the year to relieve makeshift camps that have sprung up mainly in Paris, Calais, and other Channel ports.

About 15,700 nonwhite invaders have been removed from the city’s streets and parks and given free accommodation—at the French taxpayers’ expense—since June last year.

Most of the invader shanty camps have sprung up in the area between Montmartre hill and the Périphérique ring road.

About 80,000 invaders applied for “asylum” in France last year, but tens of thousands seek entry into Britain to take advantage of the generous welfare benefits on offer there.

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  1. The french people ,same as the british ,germans ,swedes etc keep voting these socialist traitor governments in .Can anyone explain this mindset…..terry

    1. Now you know why there are laws that will stop you from being racist, anti-semitic, homophobic and all the others.The do-gooders have control, and they do not and will not ever be living where these people are being put. Yet if any of us utter that we don’t want them, and it’s happened across the continent, the police will be knocking on your door. Does any one know of an MP that will answer why the country was denied a referendum of both the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties which has changed the UK completely? Irrespective of personal thoughts, now you know why rock-solid Labour areas voted to leave the EU even though the local MP’s wanted to stay in the corrupt club.

    2. Hi Terry,

      Well, I would say actually just one word to explain such an attitude, common to many voters around Europe, you are perfectly right noticing this fact, and it’s the word :conformity !
      I would even use the term Compliance !
      And I think another word is relevant too : Propaganda, with a capital P !
      You know, I leave in France, and the mainstream media here have an attitude of absolute hatred, towards people who don’t think correctly ( ‘means don’t think like them and their billionaire shareholders, and the government) !
      You cannot listen to a minute of speech on any radio stations ( state-owned and private), cannot watch a minute of a TV show (on state-owned and private TVs), without hearing the official speech, which can be summed up like this : migrants are a chance, we must accept migrants, it’s our duty, and bla bla bla….
      It’s really like a mind-control method, using irony, poor humorist tricks, put hammered in people’s minds everyday !
      The only choice we have, is to turn off radios, TV sets, and use the internet !
      That’s what I do personally, and more and more people here start now to do the same.
      I jsut keep some contact with this propaganda sphere, in the morning ( I leave in the countryside and wake up early), in my kitchen, drinking my coffee : I think it”s necessary to always keep an eye on the enemy, to see how these bloody bastards keep thinking with their smelly minds !
      But many many people keep consuming this mainstream shit ! They are addicted ! They cannot turn the machines off ! Days after days, weeks after weeks, months, years of all this pollution altering their minds, they totally lose control of the possibility to think by themselves….and they end up voting for the bloody 2 main parties, PS and LR, which are supposed to respectively represent Left and Right, but which are exactly the same shit, totally devoted to fascist EU, destroying our country by importing all these bloody muslim bastards, so happy to receive government subsidies, and go out in streets, to see if they can rape a white girl (blonds are so appreciated by these human garbages) !
      And native French people just stay there and accept !
      I experienced recently violent exchanges on a French forum with French weel-thinking leftists who keep on writing everywhere that islam is wonderful and we must accept everything, every request from its subhumans believers, in the name of the French Revolution, the name of human rights, tolerance and so on !
      I decided to leave the very forum, full of leftists, communists and other muslims suckers !
      I prefer to exchange with nationalists and patriots here, in English, than being abused on French forums, because I try to fight for native French people !
      If France doesn’t wake up, in 20 or 30 years, we’ll be under an islamic republic, with charia laws, and with the very complicity of political leaders, both leftists and rightists, who are all collaborators to the muslim invasion, because they just deeply hate us the french natives, for what we represent and what we are, and what we want to keep, as our heritage, our history !
      So long !

    1. These jew-controlled governments are not ‘socialist’. Any more than the ‘Labour Party’ is a party for british Labour, or the ‘Conservatives’ for Britons who want to conserve what they have.

      1. Blatchford stated in the Fortnightly Review in 1907 that “Dr Cozier is mistaken if he thinks I took my Socialism from Marx, or that it depends upon the Marxian theory of value. I have never read a page of Marx. I got the idea of collective ownership from H. M. Hyndman; the rest of my Socialism I thought out myself. English Socialism is not German: it is English. English Socialism is not Marxian; it is humanitarian. It does not depend upon any theory of “economic justice” but upon humanity and common sense”.
        You could continue going back through English history to discover elements of socialism. The Chartists Movement, The Diggers, going back to Magna Carta. As a Nation becomes organised, more industrial and therefore wealthy, there has to be organisation at various levels of society whose interest is in providing provision and protection for those to whom they are answerable. For example The Dept of Social Services UK is at face value, a very good idea. That it performs abominably in action today is not due to a fault in the idea.
        Many people in Nationalism today wonder why certain areas in the UK, areas that have been blighted by the importation of the third world and it’s colourful, enriching customs, such as child rape, in places like Rotherham and Kieghley, but many many more aswell, keep on voting Labour.
        Because socialism has become synonymous with the Labour party in the UK and because of early infiltration into early socialist movements in England by Marxist and Jews, eg. Fabian Society, the British National Socialism of Hyndman and later Blatchford, was ignored, their ideas rejected in favour of Marxian ideology.
        Unless Nationalists today can appeal to those Britons in traditional working class areas, but who are now unemployed and reliant on benefits, the area of government that the Labour party traditionally protects, though in reality doesn’t as it also supports mass immigration which has a negative impact upon the national resources, then they will keep on voting Labour.

        1. Absolutely 100% correct. ‘Socialism’ was a sound, humane British movement. The opposite of the jewish ‘communist’ idea that every person was nothing (apart from jews). Well, 99% – Labour people traditionally worked. Te benefits system was in my opinion deliberately set up for post-WW2 nonwhite invasion, under cover of help for Britons.

  2. The people are being forced into a corner and have to band together to stop this invasion. The government WILL NOT stop letting these things in and are completely responsible for the collapse of the society. They don’t care if your daughter is raped, or your son is assaulted, or you can’t go out at night, they don’t care. It’s up to the people to do something.

  3. I must be turning into one of those criminal weirdos who gets off on watching things go up in flames.
    Let`s have lots more of these “detestable, deplorable, criminal acts ”please !

    1. Hi Leslie,
      As far as the very center for invaders was concerned, there is a school for small kids, less than 200 meters of this muslim reservation ! That’s why people of this small town worried a lot, as these maniac invaders have been sexually frustrated for years, in their third-world islamic countries, so when they arrive in France for instance, they see girls and young children (if you have time, you can make some researches on the net to see the numerous links between islam and pedophilia), so they just go hectic and rape !
      Recently in a German public swimming pool, one of these under-human muslim raped a 8 years-old boy ! After he was arrested by the local police, he said he had a very huge envy he absolutely had to complete !
      Can’t you believe that ? I can understand you can’t, but it’s true anyway !
      H F F /

  4. That building could have been used to house native French homeless people. Burning edifices is not the solution. Cut off nose to spite face. Deport the Africans.

    1. Hi Rob,

      No, unfortunately ! If you can, visit Paris and especially at the end of fall and in winter : you’ll see thousands of native French people, living in the streets under huge poverty conditions, and the government does NOTHING for them !
      French politicians are absolute traitors, pure bastards, who only care for strangers ! And the more muslim they are, the more consideration they have !
      This building was an old mansion of the XIXth century, but really, I prefer to see it down and burnt, than to see it as a shelter for all these invaders !
      Such a building will never be given to help native people in the need, by any politician !
      And if you hear statistics about unemployment and poverty in France, please don’t trust them ! Everything is voluntarily under estimated, on government’s demand ! All official figures transmitted by media are wrong : there are more than 10 million people in France in a real poverty status, without jobs, and more anmore without any help ! The government prefers tu pay brand new iphones, and clothes and food for the muslim invaders, than taking care of the natives !
      Being French, with white skin and blond hair is now a disadvantage, except for girls, if they accept to become sexual games for the invaders !
      Sometimes I think that if things carry on this way, white people like me will soon finish in a camp or in a zoo, and the brown faces will come to throw some peanuts at our face, while smiling and laughing !
      Make no mistake, the general situation here is really hectic ! Even in the mainstream media, some analysts dare to say we are at the edge of a civil war.

      H F F /

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