Paypal Pulls Plug on Anti-Invasion Group in France

Internet financial giant Paypal has closed the account of the French group Generation Identitaire (Generation Identity) after that organization started raising funds to charter a boat to block far left invader “rescue expeditions” in the Mediterranean.

Generation Identitaire is the youth branch of the nativist Bloc Identitaire movement, and describes its mission as “defending the identity of France and Europe.”

Their original plan was to “charter a boat and sail in to the Mediterranean to thwart NGO ships” that regularly go and fetch Third World invaders—after arranging pick up points with smugglers—off the Libyan coast and ferry them to Italy or to European Union naval ships in the area.

Generation Identitaire said it would help any of the invaders they came across who were in distress before returning them to the African coastline.

The operation named “Defend Europe” that was backed by other identitarian groups around Europe had raised around €65,000 in contributions, €15,000 more than its initial target.

Paypal has now pulled the plug on the movement—even though that organization continues to allow pro-invasion crypto-communist organizations such as the Migrant Offshore Aid Society (MOAS)  receive cash from sympathizers via Paypal.


Generation Identitaire has however bounced back and is not letting the setback prevent them from raising funds. Anyone wishing to help them can go to their website by clicking here.

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