Pegida Founds Party Ahead of Potential Ban

The Pegida movement in Germany has announced that it is forming a political party—the “Freiheitlich Direktdemokratische Volkspartei” (the Peoples’ Direct Democracy and Freedom Partry, FDDV), just as the German government indicated that it was preparing to ban the anti-invasion movement.


Pegida movement head Lutz Bachmann announced the formation of the new party at a meeting in Dresden yesterday, at the regular Monday evening rally in the eastern German city.

According to Bachman, the article of incorporation for the party had already been signed on June 13, and was a response to a threatened ban of Pegida.

Bachmann refused to announce who the founding members or provisional leader of the party would be, but pointed out that Pegida wanted to develop a “parliamentary arm” more than a year ago.

The FDDV will not enter into direct competition with the already established Alternative für Deutschland (AFD) party, Bachmann said.

“We shall support the AfD in the next elections [scheduled for 2017] and shall only field candidates in a limited number of constituencies where there are direct elections [which will not affect the AfD vote],” Bachmann said.

He said that there are a number of good links between various AfD regional associations and Pegida, except in Saxony, where that party’s leader Frauke Petry, is known to have an “Ice Age” attitude toward Pegida, Bachman added.

“But there are other national associations which have understood that it is only by working together [that we will advance our cause],” he added.

Bachmann said that he would not be leader of the party, and that he would keep the FDDV and Pegida strictly separated. “I remain Lutz of Pegida on the road,” he said.

The German government is known to be considering a ban of the original association which spawned Pegida on the grounds that it is “spreading extremism.”

Last month, the AfD suffered an internal split when more than half of its representatives in the in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament resigned their membership.

The origin of the split appears to be a power struggle between Petry and the rebel MPs, led by Jörg Meuthen, within the AfD—which is now, according to all polls, the third largest party in Germany.

The split appears to have been precipitated by an argument over the writings by another of the party’s MPs, Dr. Wolfgang Gedeon.

Dr. Gedeon had written elsewhere that those who question the holocaust should not be persecuted for doing so, and that freedom of speech entailed the right to question and analyze historical events.

Meuthen sought Gedeon’s expulsion from the AfD but was unable to win a required two-thirds majority, and so led his supporters out of the party in protest. Gedeon has since resigned from the party after talks with Petry, but Meuthen’s group have refused to return.

The AfD dissidents claim that Gedeon’s statement represents “anti-Semitism”—a ludicrous claim, and the conflict is more likely to be centered in an attempted leadership challenge within the party.

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  1. Pity about the internal problems with the AfD. The last thing the party needs just when they’re making progress.

  2. “United we stand, divided we fall”. Now is not the time for dissent in the ranks and jockeying for position. Focus on the very narrow issues.

  3. If these parties start fighting amongst themselves they will lose all,voters will see them as unreliable and the german msm will ,sensing weakness, will jump in to demonise them.They should search their ranks for traitors amongst the rank and file and especially the leadership.Merkels secret services will have placed agents amongst them…….terry

  4. The Truth has to come out. Inclining to Jewish interests by any party leader is a sign that s/he depends on them in one way or another. All the splitting should rather be seen from the perspective of an alchemist: A purification process.
    A lot of these “Alt right” parties and movements are serving to divert the attention away from the big Jewish/masonic interests. Not necessarily the basis but the organizers are very likely bound to other interests groups.
    Isn’t it interesting how many of these “alt-right” leaders are Zionists, though not necessarily Jewish.
    Sooner or later the the “symptom describing” can no longer hold up to reality.
    The sooner they split up due to better informed people, the better, new groups will be formed.
    The current immigration of Africans, Asians, and Middle Easterners was their idea. Unfortunately they can always count on sufficient Shabbas Goyim willfully complying to their destructive agendas.

    The Jew makes no compromises, why does the Goy has to do it? Does anyone knows of a French, English, German, Chinese, Indian, Fulbe, Haussa, Zulu, Aymara, Mayan Interest groups in the Knesset or meddling with Jewish (orthodox) affairs?
    I can’t think of any. It’s the other way round.

    Btw. the name PEGIDA alone is very suspicious. Up until recently it was not a common expression in German speaking countries to use the word “patriot”. This and the kneeling to Jewish Interests by the organizers is proof enough that they are a movement which serves to solely concentrate on the “muslims and islamization” but not on the hidden hand behind feeding it.

    And let’s imagine all the new immigrants get baptized to be “Christians”? Would that change their behavior, or character?

    All these “alt-right” people fiddling around the Islamization, Would they like 200 Million Black Africans 200 Million Chinese and 200 Million Indians here, all Christians, Hindus, or some other religion, except Islam?
    Would the “Pegida” organizers stay at home because they are not muslims or still go on the street and say “we defend our existence, go back home”

  5. My hat off to Dr Gedeon, an honest and courageous German intellectual (so rare in Germany today). Wake up, Germans, without you there is no Europe.

    1. Zionist shill by the sound of it.
      Strange, holohoax is the ONLY event in history that we are not allowed to question under threat of losing liberty. That in itself is reason for questioning it as it implies that they are trying to hide the truth.

  6. Marvellous how these so called democratic Governments start to ban any serious opposition. That’s what we expect from a Dictatorship, but then- that’s exactly what the EU is.

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