Photo: Invader Sex Attackers in Cologne

After days of attempted controlled media cover-ups, photographs and reports have finally emerged in German media admitting that the perpetrators of the mass sex attack on German girls in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were all nonwhite invaders from North Africa.


The Express newspaper was the first to break ranks and admit that the attackers were nonwhites.

In an article published on January 2, 2016—two days after the attacks took place—that paper reported that a police official had confirmed that the “perpetrators were a group of young North Africans who have already been noticed in the past through their pickpocketing and drug trafficking activities near the main railway station.”

Even though the Express admitted the attackers were nonwhite—the only controlled media outlet so far to do so—they continued to deny that the perpetrators were part of the recent “refugee” invasion—as if somehow hundreds of North Africans “appeared” at the station this year by chance.

In a second report, published on January 3, the Express said that so far some thirty-five German girls had come forward to lay charges, and that police expected the figure to “get much higher.”

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders gathered at the Cologne railway station entrance, near the city’s famous cathedral, and formed a “corridor” through which passersby had to walk on their way to the trains.

An eyewitness quoted by the Express newspaper, Katja L. (28), described what happened:

When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group that met us there. It was exclusively young foreign men. I linked with a friend [another young woman] and her boyfriend.

We then walked through this group of men, who opened up like a lane through which we had to go. Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks, then on my breasts, after all, I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted, and tried to defend ourselves, they did not stop. I was desperate and I think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters.”

The men shouted things like “Ficki, Ficki” and “sluts.” I was lucky that I was wearing trousers and a jacket. If I had been wearing a skirt, it would have been torn away from me. Another girl we saw at the police station had had her pantyhose and panties almost completely torn from her body.

I was devastated, angry, and scared at the same time. I hope that the police get to grips with these people, otherwise I will never go to a celebration in the city again.

In another article, the Express went on to report that the nonwhite invader crime problem at the Cologne railway station was so severe that even the police avoided the area after office hours.

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  1. I worked as a bricklayer in Germany during the 1980s, then it used to be the Turks that hung around the stations,they would surround you and try and steal anything that you had, They would do it in full view of the police too. Nothing has changed I see.

    1. same in Belgium the maroccans and turks hang around mugging old ladies at train and metro stations in brussels and sell drugs also cause a lot of vandalisim and problems for the local police in brussels areas that have a high Arabic presence

  2. the police, security services and he military need to get their arses into gear and stamp out this bullshit instead of hiding. It could be one of their children or friends it happens to. Deal with these dogs harshly, rubber bullets and batons.

    1. No country in Europe has enough soldiers and cops to deal with 1,5 mln aggressive invaders from all those sh**holes in Africa they came from, my friend – there is a need for a very “motivated” and well ‘equipped” citizen’s militia like in the States!

      1. And this is unfortunately the only solution. But first of the defenders will face law problems, because sick law doesn’t allow you to defend yourself in your own homeland. If the “refugees” were smarter, they would pacefully integrate with white people and after a decade or two they could be a majority in every country in EU. This is not America 😉

        1. Tha bastard’s have been infiltrating all over Europe for the last 50+yrs,there are allready enough of them to take over,they have just been waiting for the right moment,and that moment is now.Every Mosque has an armoury,and the government’s have known that for year’s,but refused to listen when anyone asked why they have done nothing about it.Now that Saudi Arabia and Iran are about to kick off,bringing the 2 main faction’s of islam into a conflict that will envelope everyone,the world’s muslim’s will sieze their chance to rise up.

          1. Iran and Saudi Arabia are quite hostile to each other for a long time already —> see Yemen.
            In any case I wouldn’t be worried if they start fighting and even killing only themselves :

          2. That wont be the case though,the Russian’s and Chinese are allied with Iran and Syria,the American’s with Saudi and Turkey.Throw India,Pakistan and Israel into the mix,and it is going to get really serious,very quickly.

      1. Don’t be naive! Pepper spray will do nothing. You need a gun. I am not kidding you.
        Third and the worst wave of “refugees” is coming. They will be the worst bunch- lowest of the low. Rapist, criminals, assassins and ISIS fighters (what do you think, where all those ISIS will be running now when Russians are in ME?).
        If you are a girl, arm yourself.
        All the best

        1. I second that – Sue probably never faced any Arab animal not to mention 30 of them 🙂
          Balkan states and Hungary might be the only real defenders of European borders in this bloody mess!

          1. Guys, to be fair to Sue, I don’t know, but presume that she’s probably in the UK (?) in which case she will be aware that only the ethnic minority ‘gangstas’ are allowed guns. We ordinary, law abiding British citizens are deemed potentially too dangerous to own firearms, in fact I believe it’s even illegal for a female to carry any sort of pepper spray here, so if you can obtain it, you risk getting a criminal record for trying to protect yourself from the savages who are quite freely running around with knives and guns, and who don’t get stopped and searched because it would be ‘racist’ for the police to do so.!

            Needless to say the “Great” has long since left Britain…sometime around the arrival of the Empire Windrush I think 🙂

  3. Now, let me tell you this: in any country where people have any self-respect there sould be some very serious retributions to those animals – “an eye for an eye” and that’s the only language they understand!
    And what’s not surprising: there won’t be any deportations cause of this ridicuoulous Schengen fiasco!

        1. Kol, you don’t seem to believe in this plan? Don’t you think it’s curious that every 2 years someone is awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize?
          Merkel in 2010, Van Rompuy in 2012.

          I don’t think we’ll see Orban, Le Pen,or Nigel Farage receiving it in the foreseeable future, do you.? 🙂

          1. “Kim Kardashian” .!

            I didn’t think the moderators allowed such language to be posted Kol 🙂

  4. this is outrageous, those poor girls must have felt terrified and humiliated we do not live in a free Europe anymore they cant go about their normal business because of these lower than a snake vermin. I’m an English female pensioner,I’ve never know anything like this and why that merkel woman isn’t doing anything about it. Also our do gooders seem to think its ok to have these low life in England are they mad ,deluded or what.

  5. Any European, North American or Chinese perspective tourist to Germany should be aware that Germany can no longer guarantee their safety from being robbed or raped. If anything
    happens Germany will just be turning a blind eye to these Merkel anointed crimes.
    Best to avoid the dangers of Germany for safer places like Mexico. Not all countries have become lawless like Germany and Sweden.

  6. The way the controlled media are treating people now is disgusting. We see here what’s going on, the terrible crimes which everyone should be made aware of for their own safety, yet if you look at any mainstream media site, BBC, SKY, even the awful Yahoo, the main stories are about “Buses Going Green” and whatever the Kardashians are doing in their pathetic little lives.

    The only stories carried about the invasion are the UK charities claiming “Britain’s response to the migrant crisis is inadequate” …they think we should be opening the floodgates and taking as many as want to come.

    Meanwhile the disgusting communist Scottish Nasty Party are giving £75,000 to the “migrants” in Lesbos. I think it’s the residents of Lesbos who are in need of help, having had their lives and economy ruined by the invasion of savages.!

  7. All the main stream media are keeping the real stories out of their papers treating us like fools, it’s only this paper that has the balls to print stories that are real. Merkel should be charged with a racist crime against her own people and so should Cameron and the EU.

  8. URGENT LEGALIZATION OF ISLAM FOR BEING A ATROCIDAZ GENOCIDE: Koran 47: 4 “When you meet the unbelievers, hurt their necks”

  9. Can someone explain to me why the Arabs somehow have a right to be in Germany where they have contributed nothing, but the Jews have no right to be in Israel where they have built a prosperous democratic society out of sand?

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