Pigs’ Heads, Guns and Holland’s Invaders

Plans to house 600 nonwhite Muslim invaders at a to-be-built “reception center” near the Dutch town of Enschede have been put on hold after twelve pigs’ heads were deposited around the site, local media have reported.


According to a report in RTL Nieuws, the pigs’ heads were placed on a gate and scattered around the entrance to the field where the invader center was to have been built. In addition, pig blood appears to have been deposited in the field itself in an attempt to prevent the center from being constructed.

Photographs of the pigs’ heads were photographed and published on a Twitter feed early on Wednesday morning headlined “Welcome to the hell that is Eschmarke field.”

A spokesman for the city council told RTL Nieuws that the same words are often used by a local Dutch protest group, AZC Alert Enschede (the AZC from “Azylcentrum,” or asylum center). That organization has been campaigning against the move to house at least 600 nonwhite invaders in the planned center.


Dutch demonstration against the Enschede invasion is blocked by police.

The Tweet which announced the pigs’ heads was issued from an account called “return to sender” and was accompanied by a comment which said that “If democracy fails, then people will become angry and hopeless.”


A police spokesman said there was no doubt that the placing of the pigs’ heads in the field is “connected with the arrival of the refugees,” and that it was considered “illegal dumping” and an “environmental crime.”

Investigators have already started trying to track down the source of the heads, but they are likely to have been taken from a slaughterhouse, which will complicate identifying the culprits.

Another Tweet by “return to sender” linked to a video of a Muslim call to prayer in Enschede, something that has started up since the nonwhite invasion picked up speed. The video reports that this “call to prayer” is “what the locals have to listen to every day.”

Meanwhile, Italian police have seized more than 800 Winchester SXP pump-action shotguns from a truck with Dutch number plates being driven by a Turkish national as it crossed over the border at Trieste, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.


The declared route of the truck was through Germany, the Netherlands, and finally Belgium, but its driver had not declared any cargo for the trip, police said. The weapons were discovered hidden behind other items unrelated to the guns.

Italian police decided to check the truck as it crossed the border on November 23 because they considered the cargo and the journey pattern to be suspicious following the Paris terrorist attacks.


* In another development related to the nonwhite invasion of Holland, the highest court in that land, the Council of State, has ruled that the government can refuse to provide food and lodging for failed “asylum seekers” who do not cooperate with deportation efforts.

The ruling came about after an invader from Iran, who had been ordered to leave the country, refused to do so and then took the government to court to demand that he be given food and lodging as part of his “human rights” under European Union law.

A lower court found in his favor, but the higher court ruled that although the European human rights treaty is binding on signatories, it does not require the government to offer housing to “undocumented migrants.”

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  1. Here in the UK, the taxpayer is still footing the massive bill for failed asylum seekers. They have taxpayer funded ‘human rights’ lawyers dragging their cases out for years, and while this goes on they are still being given benefits.
    All this at a time when the UK government takes away sickness and disability benefits from indigenous British people who have worked hard all their lives, paid into the system, and are now denied it when they suffer serious illness.

    1. Damn right, Stu! Those failed asylum seekers should be instantly deported and they can appeal from abroad until the end of the world. And who do you think is behind the current status quo? Of course those, as you called them, ‘human rights’ lawyers thru their lobbiests are responsible for that. Anyone with even a trace of common sense can see what’s going on.
      BTW. That kind of nonsense takes place not only in UK. Sad.

      1. Also, they spend so long here on appeal, and all they need to do is find a native female, get her pregnant, and they can claim the ‘right to a family life’ under the ECHR legislation.
        We had one case (of many) where an illegal Iraqi killed a young girl by crashing a 4×4 into her in a supermarket car park. Thanks to the ECHR he was given leave to remain in the UK after he served his sentence for causing death by dangerous driving.
        The girl’s father campaigned for years to have him deported but to no avail. Now he lives just a few streets away from the father and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I don’t believe that this is what was intended when Human Rights legislation was set out.

        1. Sure, those parasites are willing to use every trick in the book to get what they want but why so many otherwise fine societes allow for that? Without some serious reforms with so many of those freeloaders who have just arrived it’s going to be a freaking nightmare soon, especially that even simple deportation seems to be a challenge.

  2. At least the Council of State has shown some sense at last.
    The human Rights Law has caused more problems than it is worth.
    Mostly helps the criminals and never the victims.

  3. Time for us in the UK to vote out of the madhouse that is the EU, and I,m sure the people of other European countries would do the same if they had the chance.

    1. I’m quite surprised why Cameron still didn’t go ahead with that promised referendum. The membership in this social experiment called EU cost UK circa €5 bln net every year … and what do you get in return?

  4. Let’s soak all the soil of Europe in pigs blood, and leave no place for them to pray without it being on pig’s blood soaked ground, none of which will be accepted by their so-called ‘prophet’ amd ‘god’.
    We need farmers to be spraying the land with pig’s blood now, leave no field, no wood, no hill untouched by the blood of the swine, and leave them with only their own lands to return to!

    1. Wonderful news, if they publish the exact location as to where those Pigs heads were left. our wimpy U Turn leader “call me Dave” will be on the first plane over there to shag them.
      I think we need to start putting pigs heads all around the port of Calais, at the tunnel entrance, alongside the fences, and perhaps the lorry drivers could mount them on the front and back of their lorries, and hang them all along the sides as well. Lets see how willing they are to break into the lorries then. We could also place them outside the Mosques in the UK.

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