Plagues, Tiger Tanks, U-Boats: Liberals in Germany Panic over Carnival Floats

Carnival floats with Tiger Tanks, U-Boats, and a “plague-bearing Balkan Express” sowed panic among German liberals this weekend after they made their unexpected appearance during this weekend’s traditional parades around the country.

Satirical parade floats are a fixture of Germany’s carnival festivities, and this year was certainly no exception.



In the town Wasungen Erfurt, Thuringia, a float made up as a train with the inscription “Balkan Express” on its side and the slogan “The Plague Comes” on the front was the first to draw attention.

Interviewed by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) television service, the float president said that none of the floats had been censored, and that it was all done in good humor.

The float makers and their accompanying participants were also tracked down by the MDR team. Decked out in green face paint and grasshopper uniforms, they denied that their float was in any way referring to the invasion of Germany by 1.5 million nonwhites coming up through the Balkan route.


President of the Landesverband Thüringer Karenevalveriene (LKT) Michael Danz, however, expressed his doubt about the denial to MDR.

However, the grasshopper plague-bearing Balkan Express was just the start of the liberal nightmares.

In the town of Ilmtal, in the district Weimarer Land, also in the state of Thuringia, a float appeared made up as a World War II Tiger Tank, complete with camouflage-wearing crew, and the slogan Ilmtaker Asylabwehr (“Ilmtal’s defense against asylum seekers”) on the side, and “Asylum Package III” on the front.

This “Asylum Package III” is a reference to the Angela Merkel government’s recently announced “new plan” on dealing with the “asylum” invasion, dubbed “asylum package II” by the controlled media.



In Solingen, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, yet another float appeared, this time in the shape of a U-Boat. Sporting a serial number U-96 (the same one made famous by the Das Boot movie), this float carried the unequivocal message, “They should be fighting for their land, instead of groping with their hand” on the side—a direct reference to the mass sex-attacks being carried out by the nonwhite invaders since their arrival in Germany during 2015.

To incite liberal sentiment even further, the U-Boat sported a crew dressed up in World War II Kriegsmarine and Wehrmacht uniforms, the latter complete with steel helmets.


Yet another float showed three mullahs in the form of the “three wise monkeys” meme with hands on eyes, ears, and mouth. On each mullah’s hat was written a message, “terror has nothing to do with religion.”

three monkeys

The open display of floats such as these is a further indication of the rapid polarization that the Merkel-inspired invasion is causing, and not just in Germany.

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  1. If ordinary German citizens can see it, why can’t the politicians? Unless they want war and think they some how will survive. Then these politicians will also suffer .

    1. You don’t get it Carl. They know exactly what they’re doing!
      I call it Socialist treason & these people are very good at it.

      They want to implement their one world government but have to first destroy nationalism & national culture to subdue the populace & reduce the effectiveness of any sort of resistance.

      They will continue the importation of 3rd world invaders while making ” all efforts” to reverse it. They hope that the population of Europe will accept it if they can just play for time.

      It is time the people of Europe rise up & rid themselves of the scum socialist governments. Time is of the essence. If the people let this go on any longer it will be too late.

    2. They did that for a reason. To provoke Russia else they will war with russia. They wanted Russia for a long time. NATO will join hands with turkey and saudi.

  2. And here we can see, for the first time, what is on the minds of rural germans in their homes and garages as they suffer the floods.

      1. Not long before the Paris attacks, Hollande defended the Middle Eastern-African immigration into the EU, saying that without it the future of Europe would be catastrophic. He and his predecessor, Sarkozy, seem to be in favor of a “Mediterranean Union” consisting of, as I understand, Europe plus the Middle East, including Israel. Plus further parts of Africa.

    1. Oh, I’m sure that they are awake and looking over their shoulders Flashy, I do not however believe they’ve given up on their NWO appointed tasks yet!

  3. Great work, while the haters were attacking Pegida, these people slipped in the back door to get the message out “Mir Kommen” get in there!

  4. These are inconsequential protests that the Maraud of Merkel will probably disregard. The Second Treaty between Persia and Sparta (winter 412/411 BC) in Article 3, 4 “Both shall carry on jointly the war against the Athenians and their allies: and if they make peace, both shall do it jointly. The expense of all troops in the King’s country, sent for by the King, shall be borne by the King.”
    The Gods of the oath inscribed on ancient tablets are no doubt held in high regard by the “king” of Germany and the search for pennies in bankrupt Greece and cell phones from luckless women in Germany something she and her agents value, and no doubt they will pay an anticipated 2 000 000 more marauders to step up the campaign next year.

  5. That article made me smile and laugh ; thank you one and all.
    Satire is a great medium to use, to get a message across to those still asleep.

  6. Tongue in cheek, but propaganda , with an important, underlying political message for people to wake the hell up.All nostalgic now. Let’s have King Tiger, Panther, and some doberman pinscher dogs for special effect.

  7. Euro politicians KNOW what they are doing is destroying White, Christian Europe, and that’s been their evil agenda all along! The current turmoil in Germany and elsewhere in W. Europe. with hordes of savage Muslims streaming in, has been created deliberately by Commie Merkel and her equally traitorous collaborators at the EU.
    The way to stop the current social chaos is to get rid of the Merkel Devil. . .whatever it takes. With that ‘thing’ gone, troubled Europe can restore itself to its former, normal, pre-EC status!

  8. Absolutely the people of Germany are rising. This is visual evidence that liberal bs is being swept aside. And has to do with getting the majority of the people mentally prepared for THE coming war.


  9. Right on Germans. Hopefully waking up from their long Marxist-multiculti brainwash and delusion? Will they or it’s too late? Germany seems one of the top freedom-of-speech suppressing countries. The sanctions for the expressions of opinion that’s not to the fanatical Marxists’ liking are harsh, including prison terms. China and similar places come to mind.

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