Plastic Glasses Mistaken for “Art”

In yet another exposé of the hoax that is modern art, visitors to a San Francisco art gallery spent hours admiring and photographing a pair of plastic glasses, under the impression it was part of the exhibition—when in fact they had been placed on the floor by a prankster.

The prankster, named TJ Khayatan, told Buzzfeed that he got the idea after seeing the nonsense that was being passed off as art at the exhibition.

“Upon first arrival we were quite impressed with the artwork and paintings presented in the huge facility,” he said.

He said one example in particular puzzled them. “We stumbled upon a stuffed animal on a gray blanket and questioned if this was really impressive to some of the nearby people,” he said.

Then they decided to put a pair of glasses on the floor, next to a wall, in imitation of the other “art” on display, and wait to see what would happen.

As they expected, crowds soon gathered to “admire” the “art,” with many standing in front of the spectacles discussing their “meaning” and even taking photographs.

As Khayatan told Buzzfeed: Within seconds of putting the glasses down and walking away, people started gathering around the “exhibit” to view it and take pictures.


After a while, more and more people started doing the same, so he decided to take pictures of them admiring his “art.”

He then posted the pictures to Twitter, and they have since gone viral.

It turns out that this was not the first time Khayatan has fooled the gullible people who admire modern “art.”

Earlier, he set up a baseball cap in the corner of an exhibition, and once even placed a trash can in a museum. Both of these “art exhibits” drew hordes of modern art “admirers” to ponder their meaning.



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  1. I tip my hat to you Mr. Khayatan, awesome prank and proved what gullible idiots liberals can be. They would have went banana’s if you would have thrown an old rag and called it a burka and claimed it came from a dead rapeugee.

  2. Lefty-Artsy-Fartsy Birkenstock wearing-cappacino-sipping-granola-crunching socialists…..AVOID THESE SCUMBAGS AT ALL COST!

  3. Jonathan Gruber an MIT professor and
    one of the architects of odumma care
    stated most Americans are stupid, present readers excluded of course.
    This proves the above. Incidently Gruber an odumma lover is no friend of mine.

  4. I’ve always wondered why people pay good money (and lots of it) for so-called ‘art’….
    till reading an article that explained this phenomenon …..
    … it is money laundering by organized crime….drugs, vice, guns, prostitution, etc.
    Oh, and the idiots admiring the glasses are just that…idiots.
    …. the crooks laugh at us all

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