PNG Police Act against Manus Island Invaders

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) police have stared forcibly removing would be invaders of Australia—whose claims to “refugee” states are so bogus that not even liberals could believe them—who have barricaded themselves in the now-closed Manus Island detention center.

According to media reports, based upon claims by pro-invasion activists, the PNG government has decided to end the standoff which has now dragged on for more than three weeks since the camp was closed following a High Court order.

The fakers—from nations such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries clearly not at war—barricaded themselves inside the camp rather than be moved to an alternative location or be given residence in PNG—the latter being evidence that they are not even “fleeing” but specifically want to invade Australia.

Reports said that the invaders barricaded in the abandoned camp claimed that police entered the camp early in the morning, pulling belongings from their rooms and shouting at them to get into buses lined up to take them to transition centers elsewhere on the island.

A photo shared by Australian activist group GetUp showed Iranian fake refugee Behrouz Boochani, who has been acting as a spokesman for the invaders, being led away from the camp by police.

Other invaders—who mysteriously all have cell phones and money to have data contracts—tweeted that “dozens of men were being taken away.”

Boochani wrote earlier on Twitter from inside the camp that “police have started to break the shelters, water tanks and are saying ‘move, move'”.

“Navy soldiers are outside the prison camp. We are on high alert right now. We are under attack,” he said.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday reaffirmed his government’s stance that none of the invaders, who were sent to the camp for trying to reach Australia by boat, would be brought to his country.

The men are barred from resettling in Australia, and Turnbull said Thursday their actions were meant to pressure Canberra to let them move to his nation.

“They think this is some way they can pressure the Australian government to let them come to Australia. Well, we will not be pressured,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“The people on Manus should go to the alternative places of safety with all of the facilities they need.”

* The United States has “accepted” 54 of the nonwhite invaders for “residence” in America, and 24 have already left for their new life in that country, their reward for breaking every international and national law on immigration known to man.

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