Poland Joins Anti-Nonwhite Invasion Group

The new Polish government has joined the anti-nonwhite invasion group of European nations—Hungary, Romania, and the Czech and Slovak nations—with a blistering attack on the “refugee” policy and its consequences by two incoming ministers.

The Law and Justice (PiS) party won the October general election in Poland, campaigning strongly against the previous government’s acceptance of European Union mandated “refugee quotas” being forced on that nation. PiS is set to be formally sworn into office on Monday, November 16.

Konrad Szymanski

In an article written for the Polish Wpolityce news service, the PiS’s incoming European Affairs minister Konrad Szymanski said that in view of the terrorist attacks in Paris, his government would “no longer see its way clear to accept the relocation of refugees” in Poland.

“Europe is still vulnerable to Islamic terrorism,” he wrote, adding that the “attacks in Paris have taken place in the immediate context of the migration crisis and the French bombing of ISIS and oil fields controlled by the Islamists.”

Furthermore, he wrote, the “attacks in Paris indicate the need for an even more ambitious revision of European policy towards to the migration crisis.

“Europe must urgently put border controls on its agenda and counteract the crisis at the source, in agreement with third countries,” he continued.

“Our decision to criticize the EU Council for its relocation of refugees and immigrants in all member countries is based on applicable laws, and in the view of the tragic events in Paris, but we do not see our way clear to implementing them.”

“Poland must retain full control over its borders, on asylum and immigration,” he concluded.

Witold Waszczykowski

Earlier, the incoming PiS Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told a BBC radio show that “the proposal to accept a large number of migrants from other continents, migrants that are seeking jobs and social benefits, is not acceptable to us. Our job markets are not prepared to accept such large amounts of people.

“In case of Poland, our job market is very narrow. Two million Poles are searching for jobs in western Europe, and one and a half million Poles are jobless here in Poland.”

He went on to point out that genuine refugees who had escaped Syria did qualify for asylum in terms of international law—but only in the nearest first safe countries, and they did not have the right to cross dozens of nations, picking and choosing which one they wanted to settle in.

“If there are people who can escape from Syria and can prove their identity, can prove they were engaged in political activity and may be persecuted by the Assad regime… they can legitimately flee to safe havens, and for them the first safe countries are Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Escaping there, they are refugees,” Minister Waszczykowski said.

“Once they leave these countries and travel through Europe, they are violating international law, and become illegal migrants. They are migrants searching for jobs and social benefits.”

“We cannot give them the possibility to live in Poland just because they wish to have a better life. We can’t even provide a better life for millions of Poles… we cannot provide every citizen in the earth the level of living of Western European standards.”

He also defended his party’s leader, who last month said that the nonwhite invaders were bringing diseases into Europe. “We accept this language, it is not the language of hate, it is the language of warning,” Minister Waszczykowski said.

“Such a large, uncontrolled migration may cause problems for the life of Europe… security of our country is the most important; I am a politician… I am taking part in the decision to secure Poland… I spent years living in foreign countries, living in the Middle East. I was the ambassador to Iran.

“I know this region; I know the culture; I know what might happen with uncontrolled migration from regions where war has been going on for years. This is not the language of hate, it is the language of warning.”

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    1. 14 December 2015 will be the 55th anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples which was passed on 14 December 1960 in the UN General Assembly. It would be a good idea if that date was also remembered.

  1. Konrad Szymanski please, please will you try and talk some sense into our insane, Muslim loving Prime Minister who could not give two hoots about our tiny British Island and the extreme danger that he is putting all its citizens in. He has agreed to accept 20,000 Syrians over the next five years, some have already been shipped in. They are all Muslims who a) have no intention of working, they will settle here and leech off the backs of our taxpayers for their entire lives, as most Muslims are already doing so in Britain currently. B) Muslims have one agenda and that is to take over every nation that is stupid enough to allow them to settle. They are currently destroying Sweden, Germany and France. Muslims are totally intolerant of all other faiths and cultures and refuse to live alongside others in peace. Britain according to our pathetic Prime Minister may have a proud History of offering help to all those in the world in need, but this has GOT TO STOP AND STOP NOW. We the British no longer want any more immigration to our country. We are full to breaking point and our country is at the point of collapse. Our welfare, NHS, Hospitals, Schools, housing is all exhausted, we like Poland can no longer provide for our own people. Millions are homeless, millions are unemployed, and destitute, having to rely on food banks, and charity handouts. We have elderly people who have paid into the system all their lives and now find themselves in a position where they are having to choose between heating their homes and eating, thanks to our government’s austerity measures imposed on them. Disabled who previously had permanent life awards of Disability Living Allowance are now having to apply again for the cruel Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which has been deliberately made harder to apply for and achieve. Many claimants are now finding themselves either downgraded to lower levels of award, or have lost their award totally. Children from poor families are going to school hungry as their families cannot afford to give them breakfast. In some cases schools are using money that should be spent on education to actually give these children food at the start of the school day. People are losing their homes due to repossession. I could go on, but it’s got to stop. Britain does not want and cannot support anymore refugee parasites that are clearly picking and choosing where they want to settle in a scramble to reach what they deem as the wealthier nations. As Konrad Szymanski has stated, if they are genuine refugees then they should obey the UN 1951 Law and seek help in a country closer to home, this will also be far more suitable as these people are Muslims and we are a largely Christian country. We do not want these aggressive, brainwashed, people in our nation who will out breed us, overrun our nation, and force their cruel ideology on us and then finally kill us all. Even the current silent Muslims will all rise up when the time is right, and take out all over people in Britain, we will be slaughtered. Britain must close her borders, refuse all inward immigration, deport the 500,000 failed asylum seekers who are still here, and should have been removed years ago. We must also refuse all current asylum seekers in the country who are waiting for a decision on their future. We should send the, all home, there is no more room left, no more resources, and we do not want any more people. Even the Europeans must return home if they are unemployed, and sleeping rough on our streets, begging and stealing. Some employers are breaking the law and refusing to employ British people in favour of Eastern Block workers as they know they can get away with paying them less. Our Country also has diseases breaking out as a direct result of all the immigrants invading us. Our NHS must also be closed to all people that do not have a right to be in Britain. Even holiday makers from outside Europe are now managing to gain treatment that they have no intention of paying for. An American lady recently gave birth to her second child at the expense to the tax payer, she was not entitled to NHS care, but like many others managed to find a way of gaining this for free. Foreign Doctors working in our Hospitals have been fraudulently writing out scripts for expensive drugs, and then sending them back to treat their own people back home in impoverished regions of India, and other nations. It’s all disgusting and totally unacceptable, Britain will collapse soon if all these scams are not blocked. We are in 1.7 trillion of debt and rising, we must leave the EU before that too bankrupts us, we cannot afford to keep on bailing out failing nations. That’s the only reason the EU wants us to remain, as we are their cash cow.

  2. This is consistent with the Declaration on the granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. This Declaration recognises the passionate yearning for freedom in all dependant peoples and the decisive role of such people in the attainment of their independence.
    1 The subjection of people to alien…. exploitation is contrary to the Charter of the UN…
    2 All people have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
    3 Inadequacy of political, economic, social or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying independence. and see Articles 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
    The people from Afghanistan Albania, Algeria, Angola and all others in the UN community including the peoples from Zaire, Zambia, and Zimbabwe have these rights. Poland has admitted that there is only space for the Polish peoples and their recognised minorities, I hope other nations recognise it.

  3. Keep fighting, Poland! Don’t let them anywhere near your borders. There are no words to describe these invaders, all the words have been said. No-one wants this. Britain needs to wake up to this poison.

  4. We, Poland receives less money from UE that we pay. Even if they said something different. You need to know that. Next year Germans will start buying our lands. New government said that they will try to stop that. Germans and Brussels has bigger own problems now. So they can punish themselves… Many Poles would like to quit from the UE as British. Its all bout living between Russia and Germany, you don’t want to be alone in this position. That’s why we speak with western neighbours for new economic and military alliance. We have Russian army on the board. Putin needs only one day have us. Germans has no army nowadays… We know that NATO divisions have to be placed not in the middle of Europe. People just want to live normal, earn normal cash and feel save. Nothing unusual my friends. Case with the refugees stinks and Polish people know that social UE politics are killing continent. Its not that we don’t like other nations. We don’t want to fight with sick radical Muslim terrorists on our neighborhood. That’s all.

  5. Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia & now Poland. Leaders who are doing what they were elected them for; to protect their own country & their own people before they are murdered en masse.Why should they have to risk this because of the stupidity of fools like Cameron, Merkel, Hollande and others just paying lip service after the event, As many people have said ‘ a Country without borders is not a Country.

  6. Europe is being destroyed by Merkel’s foolish migrant invitation. Why does she hate Europeans so much ? Poland is wise to isolate itself from the insanity.

  7. Always impressed how the right in Central & Eastern Europe frame the issue and the language they use:

    ““If there are people who can escape from Syria and can prove their identity, can prove they were engaged in political activity and may be persecuted by the Assad regime… they can legitimately flee to safe havens, and for them the first safe countries are Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Escaping there, they are refugees”

    Orban has good ones as well. It is like those who comment about multiracial societies from outside can comment more effectively than those who live within them.

  8. Poland’s government seems to oppose the by EU commended mass migration, but I’m not sure this attitude will last, as there definitely is something fishy about the Polish fear of Russia. I believe it is orchestrated by USA, as a way to get NATO closer the Russian borders. This attitude is rather predictable with regard that you find representants of the chosen people in the government and in other prominent positions, not to mention the ownership of close to all mass media. These people are driven by a special aggressiveness to all Russian. Officially, only 4000 live in Poland now, but I find it a lie. The new president, Duda, is married to a woman from this group, so were the former one (Komorowski) and his deceased predecessor (Kaczynski). These poeople are before all loyal to the special agenda, i.e. to destroy European nation states. In other words Poland’s joining the Wishegrad- bloc might be a smoke screen that will “happen” to get dispersed when thosw who pull the strings find it suitable. One actually doesn’t need a bend for conspiracy theories to see that “Divide and rule” still is an utmost recipe.

  9. Stay strong my Polish Brothers and Sisters. I don’t think this is going to end well for Europe. The Poles have come to the rescue of the European continent many centuries ago in Vienna to turn away the Invaders. You all are starting to rise again. I’m glad some of your neighbors are instep as well. Hope the rest of Europe and my nation (us) get there heads out of their backsides. Knowing European and World history is key. We are doomed as a White Race if we continue the same mistakes. I suggest reading March of the Titans. You may find some excerpts online at WordPress but books are on amazon. Who knows maybe the truth is illegal in your country.

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