Poland: No Invaders, No EU Flag

The new Polish government has refused to accept any nonwhite invaders at all, as demanded by the European Union’s “quota dispersal” rule—and has also taken down all EU flags at its press conferences.

Beata Szydlo

The two highly significant moves, announced this week by the new Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, could have far-reaching consequences for Poland’s membership of the European Union and for the unity of that organization.

Mrs Szydlo, who heads the newly-elected Law and Justice Party government, told a press conference in Warsaw this week that her country “will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees as part of an EU quota.”

She said that her government “was not prepared to accept the quota system,” adding that the refugee-terrorist attacks in Paris had “changed the situation.”

Poland’s previous government, which was decisively defeated in the October general election, had previously announced that it would accept the Angela Merkel EU-quota system and take in its allotted “share” of nonwhite invaders.

It is not known how the EU will react to Mrs Szydlo’s announcement, but sanctions of some sort are inevitable.

Poland’s move may spur on some of the other EU nations—particularly Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and the Czech Republic—to adopt similar positons, as they all voted against the EU quota system when it came up for approval before the European Parliament in September. In addition, Finland, which abstained during the September voting, might be encouraged to break ranks.

“We will be proposing to sit down at a table and think over whether the solutions which have been proposed are good. In our view, we are not prepared to accept those quotas of refugees,” Mrs Szydlo said.

At the same press conference, it became apparent that Mrs Szydlo had also ordered the removal of the EU flag which had always been present in the background.

When asked by a journalist about the missing flag, Mrs Szydlo said that her government had “adopted the approach that statements after government meetings will take place against a backdrop of the beautiful white-and-red flags.”

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    1. Europe is close to becoming a caliphate. E.U. leaders are Muslim converts bought with oil money to allow invaders to turn the countries into Islamic states with shiria law. Europeans didn’t stand up against the invaders because they have so few real men. Europe’s history, heritage and future is in the trash heap of history. Women and girls will be raped and forced into marriages and end up being breeders for the invaders. They don’t know their history and are idiots for letting this third world trash over run their countries with the help of the leaders pushing for the caliphate. so called infidels will be killed en masse. Destruction of monuments, historical sites, churches, cemeteries, etc. will take place. Can’t feel sorry for the stuck in stupid.

      1. EU leaders are weak apologetic fools. When pegida in Germany protests they are reduculed and called racist or Islamofobes….European leaders have compassion for the migrants/ asylum seekers but not for their own people…..during old and new (2015/2016) about a thousand of these people from Arab and north African decent attacked women in Cologne….they went on a robbing and raping spree……so far Merkel has tried to curb news reports that put these invaders in a bad light and it is a lot worse than we are led to believe by the media.

      2. The situation in Europe has nothing to do with the percentage of “real men” but entirely down the ridiculous ideals of the left wing governments. Also let us not forget that the majority of the mainstream feminist movements are still denying the massive increase in rape and sexual assault can be contributed directly to the migrants but instead to the natives (this statement of mine is true at least for Sweden where I live). Let us also not forget why these invaders moved en mass in the first place or under the guise of, illegal wars and asset stripping of nations in the Middle East by America and its allies.

    2. Michael Mertes, German representative for Israel at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.An example of a reason given for this praise is that “the Jews in the twentieth century were the principal cosmopolitan, integrating element in central Europe: They were its intellectual cement, a condensed version of its spirit, creators of its spiritual unity,” but mostly it is predicated on the fact that they are and have been the main promoters and instigators of the ‘multiculturalizing’ of Europe – i.e.the forced integration and destruction of the identity, culture, and traditions of the indigenous White Europeans, who are now, thanks to this multiculturalism, likely to be replaced by an Islamic caliphate that will, in all probability, be defined by crime-ridden slums, terrorism, mass rape and brutal, long term internecine warfare.

      1. Who says that educated people in government can’t say the most ridiculous, idiotic, moronic statements known to mankind? Mertes proves my point.

      1. Yeah, now we need to “walk-to-walk” but I’m not worried. EU sanctions or not, Poland waited way too long for its independence just to relinquish it now to this old bag and some lunatics from Brussels!
        Many Polish people know all too well pictures from Detroit, the city which collapsed due to racial tensions.

        BTW. One of Mutti’s most devoted puppets is an ex-Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, who quit his post and left for Brussels to become a “head” od European Council (money talks, bullshit walks) – isn’t this a joke?

        1. Our Prime Minister told us in 2010 that we were “all in it together”, which was rubbish as they attacked the sick and disabled and made the rich richer. They’re all part of the same bunch as Tusk & Co.
          Looks like you have a true leader of the people for the people now, but we haven’t a prayer of that in the UK.
          They don’t care about any of us because they’re completely insulated from all that affects us.

  1. Go on Poland, show the eu scum who is boss in Poland!! Everyone with a brain is behind you!! The eastern bloc will, hopefully, show everyone else how it is done!

  2. Great leadership Mrs Prime Minister Beata Szydlo. I wish our so called Prime Minister Cameron, would stand up for Britain like you have done for Poland, but sadly there is no chance of that.

  3. So proud that once again a woman has shown the world how to be strong and not give in to bullies. Merkel has bullied other countries into accepting the swarms with threats of sanctions and I hope that Poland will continue to be strong.

  4. So happy that the PM is showing MERKEL who is boss in Poland.
    I hVe never figured out who made MERKEL EU boss. Or rather the EUSSR!
    The eastern nations were all slaves under the Soviet, they do NOT wish to be slaves again within the EUSSR? Who can blame them?
    Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of this rotten totalitarian group.

    1. “who made MERKEL EU boss” – if you check her so called “political career” you get the answer … from the commie youth activist in East Germany (she was a chief of propaganda at Lepzig Univ.) to the front of reform group in 1989 just when Gorbie scrapped Soviet bloc and then to CDU after reunification of Germany where she became quickly Kohl’s protege just to back stub him when he stumbled (CDU corruption scandal) … truly despicable character!
      BTW. Merkel is not her real name – that’s after her first husband

  5. It is absolutely fantastic to see a government elected by the people, from amongst the people for the people who are demonstrating self-determination.

    Congratulations must go to these brave people however for standing up for what is important in these uncertain times.

  6. In 783 the Emirate of Cordoba on Spain was given 100 Virgins as an annual payment. All the single Arab gentlemen entering Europe will be dreaming of Virgins and I have seen photos of children of 7 getting married.
    In the UK is a common occurrence to see the Arabs grooming schoolgirls for sex and marriage. http://www.dailymail.co.za/…/Raped-playground 11 abused 7 men night
    Maybe the Poles find the Public Incitement to violate Article 2(e) of The Genocide Convention “Forcibly transferring (under age girls) of (Poland) to the Arabs so distasteful that they have told the Spanish and Germans to leave them alone.

  7. Meanwhile our liberal PM Cameron and his party of progressives or New Labour EU lovers will do whatever Multi Merkel demands of them.

  8. The situation is quite sad………..To think for so many years white people from South Africa were denied residence and work permits in many of these countries because of apartheid.The left liberal societies of these countries used to jump up and down sanctions this sanctions that.
    So in a way this is probably going to be a hard lesson taught as to why many separate development policies were introduced in the first place.

  9. If the eastern European nations stand firm, and unite as a bloc within the EU, then they stand a good chance of derailing this outrageous, undemocratic, dictatorial imposition of non white aliens into white homelands completely.

    1. I’d say you’re right on the money – Poland, along with Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, is a mamber of an alliance Visegrad Four. If they can get support of Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia plus perhaps always neutral Finland then who knows … perhaps that “tryoka”: stubborn Angela and her two Jewish friends Schulz and Juncker can be stopped in their hegemony. But as you sad – such oppostion stand a chance only as a bloc!

  10. I just wish that some of these European politicians with the b***s to stand up for their country would come to the UK because our politicians certainly haven’t got any…………………………

    1. not to worry. Once upon of time Poles helped UK (and other nations) to win one war. I am sure we can do it again if needed.

  11. Notice how the Eastern Europeans are generally saying NO. They have seen this before with Hitler & Stalin and they are Smart to remember their History & Culture Unlike the US.

    1. I agree to the point of ripping public officials from office for attempting to bring in muslims and illegal immigrants…close your borders and abandon the globalists and guard your borders..Obama and Hillary should be arrested for arming ISIS and the public will pay one million dollars per each proof of instances where they did so, such as copies of Hillary’s emails, or even contacts that received weapons.

      It’s blatantly obvious, but witnesses and proof would greatly be appreciated in the annals of history as a picture of betrayal by the first black U.S. president and the first woman wanabe president, both of whom participated in the death of Ambassador Stevens when they armed the Birth of ISIS in Benghazi Libya to try and hide their weapons dealing from the American public long enough for ISIS to gain strength

  12. Połączmy się, nie bójcie się, w kupi siła! My też jesteśmy w TV bombardowani propagandą, ale nasza piękna młodzież wychodzi na ulicę walczyć, nasi Kibole to nie banda, Oni bronią naszej kultury! Jesteśmy to winni naszym przodkom, którzy walczyli za nasz piękny Kraj.

    1. English Translation : Join up , do not be afraid to buy power ! We are also bombarded with propaganda on TV , but our beautiful young people out into the street to fight , our hooligans is no band, they defend our culture ! We owe it to our ancestors who fought for our beautiful country .

  13. In another surprise move, the Poles unveiled their new eurobanner, comprising the twelve gold stars on a dark blue field. Inside the golden circle is a hand giving the one finger salute.

    It will be known as the FU flag.

  14. Bravo Poland!
    I applaud your refusal to take in, what are in effect Muslim immigrants at the behest of Merkel.
    The conspiracy amongst western Government’s to take in millions of Muslim immigrants (loyally supported by all national broadcasters) will end in tears. Europeans must get used to the word, “Sedition”.

  15. In 1683 Poland sent an army with cavalry to relieve the Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire. Though outnumbered 2:1, this force, together with the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations, repelled the invaders and saved Europe from Islam. By the way, the decisive battle was fought on September 11. In the ensuing war that lasted until 1698, the Turks lost almost all of Hungary to the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold. So it is well and fitting that Poland is first to “just say no.” Memo to Merkel: Get with the program.

  16. Poland be very proud that your country has avoided the foolish imposition by the despotic Merkel. Kudos to Orban for having the balls to stand up to this fool. It is just a matter of time before Germany boils over with chaos she has invited. Why Merkel is still in power is a mystery to me. The plan is there is no plan. Same as American leadership. Fortunately for Americans they only allow two terms for the top leadership.

    1. ” Why Merkel is still in power is a mystery to me” – as history shows, Germans follow their leaders blindly, but Americans, on the other hand, assasinate their leaders who lost directions!

  17. Very good news indeed! I hope to see in my lifetime the arrest, trial & punishment of as many traitors as possible! Although it seems at this stage a tall order, Nuremberg would be the perfect venue to see them all swing! Remember, all it takes is the right catalyst and things could start to turn rather swiftly in our favor. Hail Europa!!!

  18. You in Europe don’t have a clue what iscoming. In South Africa we the white minority are systematically being wiped from our country by the majority (blacks). More whites have been killed since ’94 than in our whole history. Even during apartheid less blacks were killed in that war than whites in the past 5 years of democracy. Watch or look up on facebook genocide watch south africa. But when Isis bombs France everybody feels aghast at what’s happening..We are now only 3 million whites left.

  19. What about my grandchildren. Are they going to take him by his ankles and hit the wall with him like a ragdoll. Or are they going to put him in the microwave to get my safes keys. I dont even have a gun.This is what they are doing to us whites.Or are they going to gang rape my daughter hang her from the ceiling and gut her from herpubic to her ribs. Shocking isn’t it. Well wake up to our plight. It’s coming to you’re country.

    1. neil for you it’s time to emigrate to North America or Australia as some whom I knew in the past. Time to abandon ship mate ! I know it is a big decision but what is happening in South Africa is happening all around Africa. Become part of the South African Diaspora and find a new home.

      1. Sounds good to come to Australia but we are having the same experience wit Islam as is the rest of the world.. Unfortunately the “do gooders” are failing to see the evil of Islam. The average moderate Muslim is irrelevant as when 10 % of our population is Islamic the whole system changes. Our “dumb” Prime Minister Malcolm ” Woffle” Turncoat is a Muslim sympathiser and is betraying our Australia. We are welcoming to any one from any country to come here as long as they respect our Constitution and obey our Laws and not try to introduce Sharia Law. This “religion’ is a barbaric theocratic political and military ideology which has NO place in Democracy. Show me one country that has been improved or made happier by Islam. It is a ideology of hate. For all it’s faults Christianity preaches Love not Hate.

        It is in our best interest s to repatriate all Islamic people who do not comply permanently with our Customs and Culture and who try to bring all their old hatred with them when they immigrate .


  20. I favour a more united Europe; there are just so many problems that a serious unity is important. There are many larger power groups: the USA, China, India, Russia. *With the highly important proviso that it is not under any circumstances run by Jews*

  21. It appears that the Poles and Hungarians are leading the way to sense, with many other countries removing their rose tinted, politically correct, bleeding heart liberal spectacles and seeing the house of cards is beginning to collapse.
    Victor Orban and Beata Szydlo deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for guiding their countries away from the potential Armageddon staring the rest of the EU in the face.
    Unfortunately, although my Prime Minister has been forced to offer a referendum on our continued membership of the EUSSR, the Quisling is gerrymandering it in every way he can think of in the attempt to persuade the “great unwashed” to vote for the status quo – something which cannot exist as the EU must continue towards a federal state in order to survive.
    I really hope the plebiscite see through Dodgy Dave’s and the corrupt, unelected faceless bureaucrats’ deviousness and vote out when the time eventually comes.

  22. Finally! Hope EU collapses in 2016. They have FAR too much power we dont want them to have. EU should never have become more than a trade corporation between sovereign countries. But they have taken this power to overrule member countries. WHat a shame and what a misunderstanding of people / member countries. Most politicians in EU also seems to have been totally blinded by the power they might posess… In a way, thanks to the immigrants for making it so clear…

  23. Muslims are compromising the peace , economy , and unity of the entire world , illustrated in the news everyday . Send them back to the hellholes they came from .

  24. EU is not a construction for the good of its composing nations. It is only the way that Israel and USA controls and enslaves the people of the EU membership countries. So I perfectly agree with the above comments = the sooner this enslaving construction will dissolve, the better for everybody (except for the corporations)

  25. All this ‘good news’ about European nations reversing course on the immigration of non-white invaders might be a salve to the nerves of some. As for me, I have been cynically counting down the hours until Europe’s states would APPEAR to ‘wake up’ and throw down the gauntlet on these auto-genocidal policies. Why? Because I can think past the end of my nose and I intuit without any shred of doubt that this is simply the next stage in a bait switch shell game which will see all this human sewage begin to be pumped into North America with the same insane velocity and toxic consequences we have seen in Germany and France and England. Not only do I predict a massive influx of African and Middle Eastern economic migrants into the US and Canada but I expect the final destinations of these murderous, gang-raping swine to be the Whitest regions that remain here. Living as I do in northern New England USA I have been tracking the formation and activities of ‘civic groups’ and government committees which are openly advocating massive non-White seepage into the US states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, all of which are still 90%-95% White which is THE ONLY REASON we are being targetted for ‘cultural enrichment’ through this Jew-planned and financed artificially-engineered ‘ethnic diversity’. Unless and until I see the several previously sovergien states of the EU begin to expell the Moslem pigs back to their regions of origin I will remain utterly unimpressed with symbolic gestures such as taking down the EU flag from the background set for a press conference in Warsaw. As White people we are and have been under seige with our hands tied behind our backs and no end in sight. This IS war. Race war. Holy war. Our enemies are playing the long game. They have thought things out for the next five generations while we sit in stunned repose barely able to think past the end of our noses. – CH

  26. My family emigrated from Germany in 1924, but much of my family remained behind. It used to be that German man were Alphas. Today many of them have degraded into feminized males. At least Poland and Russia seem to have real men left. I salute the Polish people and their leaders in standing steadfast to protect their lands, heritage and most of all their women(moms, sisters, daughters and countrywomen). I have also not forgotten that Marshall Pilsudski in 1920, who I consider to be a European hero was able to halt the Bolshevik Red Army at the gates of Warsaw and thus saved Europe from a Bolshevik invasion.

  27. Poland shows,again,leader qualities!! They have will and ,apparently,enough strenght. I can only agree. We are not the toilet of the damn arabs.We do not like those barbars,we do not want them in our lands!! Merkel aka Ferkel should take in her home these rapefugees.. We do not want them!!!

  28. Nobody,nobody wants that the idea of Europe working together to vanish! All we want is that invaders go away! !! We do not want them here,for the sake of our children!! And that the arrogant Brussels lowers his voice..

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