Poles, Hungarians, Reject EU’s “Blackmail” over Invaders

The Polish and Hungarian foreign ministers have both announced their respective governments’ rejection of what they called the European Union’s “blackmail” over the fake refugee “redistribution” program, upping the stakes in the ongoing conflict between the race traitor western EU nations and the eastern European states.

At a joint press conference following a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said here that “We do not accept a blackmail of financial punishment to those who refuse to take in refugees. These issues cannot be linked.”

Waszczykowski emphasized that the invader relocation program cannot be linked with EU funds as EU funding was regulated by treaties, adding Poland did not consent to being blackmailed by fines or losing EU funds in the refugee issue.

The Hungarian foreign minister also said the European Commission’s allegations were of a political, not legal character” and also gave no consent to blackmail or punishing for not accepting invaders.

Both the foreign ministers agreed that the EC “goes far beyond its competences”.

Waszczykowski and Szijjarto commented on media reports on the European Commission which is to decide on Wednesday whether to launch the EU law infringement procedure against countries that do not participate in the refugee relocation program.

The EU law infringement procedure could be launched against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, as none of those nations have taken in any of the invaders pretending to be refugees who have landed in Greece or Italy.

The eastern European states argue that none of the invaders are actually refugees, as even those who are feeling war zones have crossed dozens of safe countries to get to Europe, and are therefore no longer “refugees” even by the EU’s own definition.

Furthermore, the eastern states argue, the vast majority of the invaders are not even from war zones, but from areas such as sub-Saharan Africa, and are merely scroungers seeking to parasite off the European welfare system.

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  1. I hope they don't give in but the EU will make life miserable for them if they don't. My heart breaks for them.

  2. They're Eastern Europeans. They're used to fighting off invaders and defying corrupt foreign governments telling them what to do. They will survive and so will all of Europe. The more pressure they put on our people, the stronger we get.

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