Police Attack Patriots in Stockholm

Swedish police attacked a large group of young Swedish patriots handing out anti-invasion leaflets in central Stockholm on Friday evening, resulting in a fracas in which one policeman was hit in the face and three patriots were arrested.

swedish police arrest patriot

The incident—incorrectly reported by the pro-invasion and far left Aftonbladet newspaper as “black clad thugs attacking foreigners”—started when at least 200 young Swedish patriots converged on the city center to hand out leaflets titled “It is now enough!”

The leaflets warned of the criminal dangers posed by the “North African street children” who have swarmed into the city under the guise of claiming to be “asylum seekers.”

The Swedish police have themselves issued such warnings, as the problem of the North African criminal invasion has spread to many major cities in Europe since German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited the Third World to invade Europe last year.

Alarmed that the patriots had dared to turn out in such large numbers, the Stockholm police immediately dispatched riot police to “contain” the situation.

Although the patriots were breaking no laws, the police then started attacking them with batons, and one of the beaten and arrested patriots struck back, hitting a policeman in the face. Three other patriots were also arrested for “disturbing the peace.”

The Aftonbladet newspaper, seeking to sensationalize the incident and drum up sympathy for the nonwhite invaders, then produced an invader “witness” who claimed that he, and other nonwhites, had been “beaten by black clad masked thugs.”

Although there was absolutely no evidence for this claim, the Aftonbladet report was immediately widely repeated by the many other controlled media outlets.

Only the Expressen newspaper, to its credit, refused to carry the claims that the patriots had attacked “foreigners on the street” and in its coverage confirmed that the only incident had been the police fracas with the patriots.

The Expressen also revealed that the incidents had been regarded as so minor that all four arrestees had already been released, and none had been charged.

The police, for their part, have now announced that they will be investigating the distributed leaflet for offenses under Sweden’s restrictive “race laws” which forbid anyone from telling the truth about race and crime, among other things.

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  1. Although Sweden seems to be the rape capital of the world, it seems as if it will be the first muslim caliphate in Europe. I just hope that the muslims deal out their sharia punishment to all these lefty scum who have welcomed them with open arms!

  2. It’s getting a little out of hand is it not? This is only going to spread and get more support, we’ll let’s hope so!

  3. The clear tipoff that the Swedish and German governments are controlled by the Ziocon NWO types, is when they have the law enforcement resources and will to use them against their own people, but not against the lawless Rapefugees. Barbara Spectre and other Sayanim must be proud.

    1. Even Sweden Democrats, the only public voice that dares to oppose multiculturalism, have in the last four or five years become very pro Israel and the chosen people. This is especially confusing due the fact that Sweden Democrats still are branded as fascists and ostracized.

  4. Unbelievable! Sweden is going down the sewer thanks to the orchestrated invasion of phoney ‘migrants’ (invaders in reality) by the Swedish Lefty establishment. So what is the country’s reaction? The politicians who wish for the destruction of their country, sic the cops on THEIR OWN PATRIOTS for opposing the giveaway of Sweden to Muslim Rabble! Let’s hope the mass of Swedish people will wake up and kick their traitorous ‘leaders’ out of office. It can’t happen soon enough!

    1. Unfortunately, I think it’s the leftist Swedish majority who still believe in this ridiculous notion of ‘integration’ who are to blame. They seem to be a people who are unable to remove their heads from the sand, and are unwilling to face the truth, regardless of the number of their own children who are raped, abused, and murdered by their invited guests.

      As hard as it is to say, and with such sadness for the children of these indoctrinated Swedish fools, I’m afraid Sweden has brought this upon itself.

      It reminds me of Easter Island, a society who spent all of their time cutting down trees, in order to transport their massive stone statues across the island, to worship whatever ‘god’ they were deluded into believing. They carried on cutting down the trees, and at some point, someone cut down the last tree. They must have looked around them and realised it was the last tree on the island, but their statues were the priority.
      Now once the trees were gone, the top soil had nothing holding it together, and was gradually washed away, so they could grow no crops for food.
      The islanders couldn’t escape the island because they had nothing left to build any rafts with, their wood destroyed, crushed under the weight of their statues, and so a civilization died out, through ignorance and complete stupidity.

      Now they can be forgiven their ignorance as an early human civilization, but the Swedes have no such defence – they have willingly and wantonly destroyed their own country, their own culture, sacrificed their own people, and yet shockingly from what I’ve read, the politicians were in tears when announcing that they couldn’t take any more ‘refugees’.!

      Just how much more stupid can a society become.?

  5. There is no democracy when the elected government of any country makes laws that prevent a human being from speaking out about an event that is changing the face of their country without having such laws agreed by the electorate at a general election. The future generations will have to pay the price for what is happening across the whole of Europe including the UK but will not be able to send the bill to the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.

  6. These invaders are not young children as stated by the MSM in the UK.Unfortunately a great number of people believe what the main st media tells them. Some of the comments in the Daily Mail online were outraged at grown men attacking young child refugees,and of course the words “Thugs, Hooligans, Nazis, etc, were being used to describe the Patriots who were only handing out leaflets. Meanwhile these low life invaders have free rein to cause mayhem and sexual assaults, and the police do nothing, but handing out leaflets to tell the truth of what is happening in your country, the riot police are out in full force.Democracy is on it’s final journey to hell.

    1. It’s hotting up all over. The problem Sweden now faces is that protest will get stronger. Unless Swedes have lost it altogether they’ll see what’s going on and various actions will spread. Though I hope it’s toward nationalism (I.e. preserving Swedish culture) the gov could learn from the Russian revolution: there’s only so much peaceful protest before it turns violent.

    2. At least the Austrian Army has been in the press in a manner sympathetic to their countrymen, I’ve heard nothing from any others.

  7. The populations of Europe have had 50 years of brainwashing. It is unlikely that a revolution will erupt anywhere in Europe.

    Maybe the population should be asking why hundreds of thousands had to die in WW ii evicting a white invader only to have today’s socialists simply to open their doors to 3rd world black invaders???

    1. Indeed, why did we fight 2 World Wars to protect our freedom from dictators? Personally I find it offensive that politicians are allowed at the Cenotaph every November.

      1. Bryn, we didn’t fight two world wars to protect our freedoms; we fought those pointless wars for International Jewish banking interests!
        Everything we were told in our ‘education’ at school about how evil the ‘nazi’s’ were is lies and propaganda!

        1. Mark, my history at school stopped before WWI, and throughout my childhood
          there was never any talk of WWI/WWII in my house. So we never had the opportunity
          to analyse much of what is now available with the advance of modern technology.
          Ignorance is bliss???

        2. Even though Sweden didn’t actively taken part in World War II, the Holocaust has proven itself as an utmost tool to brain wash the Swedes into multiculure. Not quite surprisingly, you find individuals from the chosen people at the forefront of “Refugees welcome” programs and any other actions in favour of filling Sweden with immigrants from distant cultures.

  8. The Maraud of Merkel looks well established in Sweden the participants definitely have got their fingers in the public purse and are not disclosing the extent of their pillaging. The Gods of successful looting and mayhem definitely have followers in the Swedish government and they behave as gentlemen in their own communities and expect that their integrity and high moral reputations should not be challenged. I have no plan to find out what they intend to do about missing children, gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, iPads, cell phones computers, laptops, frilly panties, bra’s, wedding rings, passports or credit cards.

  9. it has happened in the Uk yesterday (30th Jan 2016) in Dover, If you read practically any report that is left online this morning it sounds like its those nasty far right thugs caused the problem, but the police had corroborated that infact it was the pro-immigration groups that started the violence. But this side of the truth has already be all but hidden and drowned out. Disgusting. No-where I can find today actually says it was those lovely lefties that threw the first bottle – nowhere. It just says there was violence between the groups.

    We are all being fed a line, and if you dare to speak out you will be called racist, a facist, or xenophobe.


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