Mass Sex-Attacks “Arabic Culture”

The German Federal Criminal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) has announced that mass sex attacks are a well-known phenomenon in “Arabic culture,” where it even has a specific name: “taharrush gamea.”

The astonishing admission was made by BKA president Holger Münch in an interview granted to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper in Germany.


According to Münch—a former senator and head of police in the city of Bremen—the BKA is “planning new measures to tackle mass sexual harassment of women,” and it is a “phenomenon that has long been a problem in Arab countries, where it is known as ‘taharrush gamea.’”

“These crimes are committed by groups of young men during large gatherings of people, such as demonstrations, and range from sexual harassment to rape,” Münch told Die Welt am Sonntag, adding that “before now, Germany had never known this sort of thing.”


A common nonwhite crime that the BKA did have prior experience with, he continued, was something known as “antanzen” attacks. These are carried out, he said, mostly by “young North Africans” who surround a distracted victim in a small crowd and steal bags, cell phones, and other valuables. This crime however bears no relation to the mass sex-attacks.


A November 2013 survey revealed that sexual harassment is extremely high and common in all Arab nations, with Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Somalia—all sources of current “immigrants” into Germany—being listed among the worst nine countries for sex crimes.


The report, compiled by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, said that despite “hopes that women would be one of the prime beneficiaries of the Arab Spring, they have instead been some of the biggest losers, as the revolts have brought conflict, instability, displacement, and a rise in Islamist groups in many parts of the region.”

For example, the report pointed out, Human Rights Watch reported that 91 women were raped or sexually assaulted in public in Tahrir Square in June 2013 during the height of the “Arab Spring” revolts.

Sex attacks included the brutal gang rape of a liberal Dutch journalist, and, as CNN reported, the phenomena of gang rape was “the dark side of Egypt’s protests.”


The most important point of all of this is, however, the fact that this culture of mass sex attacks is nothing new in the Middle East—and was a widely known phenomenon amongst sociologists and criminologists in Europe.

Yet despite this foreknowledge, these same criminologists, police officials, and sociologists either remained silent, or were actively involved in making the arrangements to “receive the refugees” along with the Angela Merkel government.

These people who remained silent, or willingly acquiesced, with the flooding of Europe by violent, misogynist, sex-crazed, criminal-refugees from the Third World, have committed grand treason. If Europe is saved from this disaster, these anti-white liberals who actively participated in creating the crisis must be called to account for their crimes.

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  1. CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, who suffered an especially brutal sexual assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square while covering the country’s revolution, said Sunday she feared a torturous death at the hands of the mob.

    “I thought not only am I going to die here, but it’s going to be just a torturous death that’s going to go on forever and ever and ever,” she said in a “60 Minutes” interview, her first on camera since the assault.”

    That was over 5.5 years ago!

  2. By bringing almost 1 mln criminal scum to Germany the Ugly Angie either didn’t kno what she was doing or she was doing it while mentally “challenged” – either way she has to go!

    “A Norwegian woman who was sentenced to prison in Dubai after reporting that she was raped has been given a pardon and will be heading home soon, she said Monday.

    Speaking to reporters in Dubai, Marte Deborah Dalelv seemed relieved and happy as she confirmed the news — if still slightly bewildered by the swift turn of events.

    Dalelv, a Qatar-based interior designer, was on a work trip to Dubai when she reported to police that she had been raped by a colleague at the hotel where she was staying.

    She was herself then detained and charged with having unlawful sex, making a false statement and illegal consumption of alcohol. A court last week sentenced her to 16 months in prison, prompting outrage in Norway.”
    Accordingly to so callewd sharia “law” any rape victim needs 4 muslim male witnesess to be able to prove her innocence otherwise it’s treated as adultery punishable by prison sentence for the victim!

      1. Get this: German Minister of Economy and sth, Gerd Müller, has a “master” plan for Europe, as reported by “Bild” he predicts that the biggest wave of invaders are just ahead and he suggests a kind of new Marshall Plan for Syria and Iraq. Accordingly to hum, it would be financed by these countries which don’t want them “refugees” – that’s not a joke!

        Will these freaking squareheads ever stop?

    1. Whaaat ?? Widespread Islam – courtesy of Moslimes by the million dragging their antediluvian sharia law here. Is the future that Eurocrats have in mind for us ? Exactly who the deranged ones here?

  3. “mass sex attacks are a well-known phenomenon in “Arabic culture,” .“before now, Germany had never known this sort of thing.”
    Ahh NOW I get it ! …. Merkel obviously feels we`ve been missing out and she`s going all out now to put it right.

  4. Article 7 of the Charter of the Military Tribunal which met at Nuremberg ” The official position of defendants, whether Heads of State or responsible officials in Government departments, shall not be considered as freeing them from responsibility or mitigating punishment. And Article 27 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court “Irrelevance of official capacity” can be used to recover from the person in his individual capacity reparations for their criminal acts. Funds given to the foreigners can be reclaimed from the politicians personal assets under these UN Statutes but they seem to be ignorant of the situation. Article 7 of the Rome Statute Crimes against Humanity, includes Rape, sexual violence, and other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health. Article 8 War Crimes include, Extensive destruction and appropriation of property, Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population, pillaging a town or place. Maybe the Heads of State will be treated like Francois Bozize of the Central African Republic but in a more systematic fashion and the punishments properly enforced.

  5. So since it’s a known problem in the middles east the solution is to invite millions to come
    and rape European women. Diabolical.

    “phenomenon that has long been a problem in Arab countries, where it is known as ‘taharrush gamea.’”

  6. I think there is nothing more we can do here….It already started.We will all pay for being naive…A poisonous snake can not be moderately poisoned…Just like mouslim or jihad culture cannot be moderate – it kills you sooner or later. This is hopeless…Middle Age will be back in less than 50 years…Thank you Merckel ! You will be remembered and praised for ever! My impression is that Germany will start missing some of “Hitler” and it will take more than 1 “Hitler” to clean what you have done….

  7. Merkel has deliberately ‘invited’ her studs to come and impregnate the women of Europe, permission doesn’t seem to be part of Merkel’s thinking. A major reason why such a large
    proportion of invaders are young males. I don’t think that she actually cares whether the family also eventually arrives.

    Military court and Firing Squad Execution.
    This is the only way to treat these BARBARIANS and prevent them from doing harm,
    Expel it be too good with these CRIMINALS !!!!

  9. I lived in Germany for about 7 years in the 60s and there was a huge Turkish population in the country at the time. Although approximately 98% of Turkey is Muslim these types of crimes were completely unheard of.

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