Polish Govt. to Crush Marxists in State Media

The Polish government has passed a law to stamp out Marxists in the state media who promote the “mixture of cultures and races,” and a “world made up of cyclists and vegetarians who only use renewable energy,” and who “fight all forms of religion.”

The law on “national media” was passed last week by the newly elected Law and Justice party (PiS) government—which is the first democratically-elected Polish government to have an absolute majority in Parliament—and will now be submitted to the Polish president for signature.

Witold Waszczykowski

Defending the law in an interview with the Bild newspaper, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said the law would act as a counterbalance for the privately owned media in Poland, which promote liberal values and are biased against the government.

“The previous government carried out a leftist program [in the public media],” Minister Waszczykowski said.

“It was as if the world was set up according to a Marxist model which has to automatically develop in one direction only—a new mixture of cultures and races, a world made up of cyclists and vegetarians, who only use renewable energy and fight all forms of religion,” he told the shocked Bild interviewer.

“These policies have nothing to do with traditional Polish values,” he continued, identifying those values as “traditions, awareness of history, patriotism, faith in God, in a normal family life between husband and wife.”

All the new law was aimed at, Minister Waszczykowski said, was enabling the government to “heal our country of these diseases [which were promoted earlier], so that it can again recover.”

Although the new law has been heavily criticized by some journalists in Poland—the heads of Poland’s public TV channels resigned in protest on December 31—and the European Union, in fact it does not change media ownership or the existing structures in any way.

All that the law does is give the government the right to sack the heads of the already existing state media outlets, public broadcasters, the television service TVP, and the radio service Polskie Radio, without having to go through a tribunal, as was the case before.

The new law does not affect any existing private media outlets in Poland: television, radio, or print—which together make up the majority of news outlets in Poland. In fact, all of the Polish printed media is privately owned—much of it by western European companies.

Although the new law has not actually changed any of the Polish media, the European Commission (EC) has taken it as an “attack on press freedom” and will hold an official debate on the Polish government during its meeting of January 13.

Doubtless Minister Waszczykowski’s latest comments will add fuel to the EC fire, and a lively meeting in Brussels is guaranteed.

In other comments made to the Bild, Minister Waszczykowski said that it was “strange that Polish media is so heavily dominated by German publishers.”

“It would be nice if Polish companies were strongly represented, and we will support them. But we are a free country with a free market economy. And nobody has the intention to change that.”

He went on to discuss the Polish government’s attitude toward the nonwhite “refugee” invasion of Europe as well.

When asked about another government spokesman’s comment that the “refugees” preferred “drinking coffee on the Unter den Linden [in Berlin] rather than freeing their country,” Minister Waszczykowski said that “For centuries, Polish people fought for the freedom of their nation, at home and abroad.

“But now I cannot understand why among all these young men from Syria and Iraq, there are none who want to liberate their homelands from the grip of dictatorship.”

He said that the Polish government would “do everything in order to tackle the causes of flight and the ISIS-terrorism—in their countries of origin.”

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  1. “The heads of Poland’s public TV channels resigned in protest on December 31” – if that means heads of equivalents of the BBC, that alone is a major achievement, if it’s true
    May I point out that Poland had for centuries the highest proportion of Jews of any country. (Also it was a painfully poverty-stricken place; the ‘Ireland of Europe’). I suspect a lot of the Polish fighting for freedom in fact was Poles fighting for guess who. While Polish history was dominated by the ‘liberum veto’ – any one representative could stop a parliamentary discussion, so they never managed to achieve a unified country.
    I hope as Internet and revisionism advances, every country will have a potted history including full comment on Jews there. There’s a lot to learn (and a lot to unlearn).

    1. “The heads of Poland’s public TV channels resigned in protest on December 31” – it’s only because as of Jan 1 they would have to pay 50% extra income tax on their “severance package” 🙂

      Eso es correcto señor – the history of the Jews in Poland dates back over 800 years. Just to give you an example: just before 2.WW started there was over 3,5 mln Jews in Poland and only NYC had larger Jewish population at the time! During the war many were killed, but many emigrated mostly to Israel and the States and until today you can hear quite broken Polish spoken by old Jews in Brooklyn.
      BTW. London’s City around quitting time can be easly mistaken for Ben-Gurion Blvd. in Tel-Aviv 🙂

      1. Btw. Since 1st. Jan 2016 (the day after) the new law that taxes the severance/redundancy pay with 70% ratio was enforced 🙂

      2. More Jews live in Poland than the official figures show, but many of them have converted. So has Agata Kornhauser-Duda, the present president’s wife – like the wife of the former president. My point is that most of them are loyal to the Jewish cause, even if they have converted or are secular. I live in Sweden and have met with hostility on the part of Poles with Jewish background.

    2. I visit Poland once a year and find it strange that many younger Poles have no idea what Jewish identity stands for. I have even met young people who did not understand the Polish word for Jew. Polish mass media are this nationalist…

  2. The latest changes in Polish public tv and radio were just a logical consequence of the “war on government” which was intitiated by the people running them. For several weeks the national tv and radio stations were openly calling for a possible unrest and street protests. To make things worst they were very aggressively seeking some “friends” in their mission even abroad – especially in Brussels and in German language mainstream media. That resulted in unprecedented attacks from Schulz, Juncker, Foreign Minister of Luxembourg Assholeborn and even from a homo ex-Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt like they didn’t have their own problems with muslims in Molenbeek. No surprise, on Jan. 13 there is planned a “debate” in Brussels initiated by Juncker.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that the Foreign Minister of Poland hasn’t called the UE rep in Warsaw yet to reprimend those nitwits and request them to stop this blackmail. Previously only Orban had to deal with such vicious attacks over the famous border fence and the law changes allowing to lock up any invaders who enter Hungary without Schengen visa for 3 yrs. One way or another, the days of UE are most likely coming to the very sad end. Too bad for some of those useless EU officials who are getting paid just outrageously excessive salaries despite their grotesque incompetency which they had demostrated all too often lately!

    1. Good comment Kol, just a few of the names you mention bring thoughts of people with doubtful pasts, and the Polish gentleman summed it up nicely for me when he said that it was “strange that the Polish media was heavily dominated by the Germans”, I would think he was telling the German controlled EU something.

      1. Good afternoon Gentlemen and Ladies.

        The above statement is unfortunately true. The estimate is that around 70% +/- 5% dependant from the chosen methodology and statistical error are owned by Germans with a bit of Swiss. But it is not only the media. The industry… Well… Let me say only that.
        Volkwagen scandal is just a tip of the iceberg and such things happen in here in Poland on regular basis. I have been working for around 5 years in a renowned international construction company from Germany and recently quit. I refused to take part in scams not go to jail because the pay is 30-50% higher than in regular Polish Company.
        Some of my family died in Germany taken into forced labour during the WW II. Some have been invigilated and tortured by the Soviets that brought us peace and freedom after 1945. The stories of my grandmother about these dark times burn my soul to this day. Both German and Soviets have done unspeakable things.
        As I recall, the last 8 years of “liberal” government here have been full of corruption scandals, nepotism, higher taxes and administrative oppression. At the same time most papers and tv have been full of b-s concerning how well we are faring. And today, with a master and engineering degree, I earn less than 1k euro for month. And I am considered a rather successful person 🙂
        The result? Most of my friends left the homeland to work abroad. Hell, I as well have been packing my luggage in order to start my life a new in UK as a factory production worker and considering buying a one way ticket to Oz.
        Alas… The crystaline structure of that reality has been struck and began to crack.

        The time to finally make our stand will come soon. At least that is the impression many folks around here are starting to get and that is a lot.

        Cheers from Warsaw 🙂

        1. Come to Canada. ..we will make room for you!!We could use some mire good Polish people here,helping us fight the exact same issues.

    2. Thanks for informing us about the lying pro-Western private media in Poland & their lying attack on the legally elected Law & Justice party in govt, whose much-needed reforms prevent these Cultural Marxist totalitarians from imposing their Frankfurt School One-World govt agenda on all freedom-loving Polish patriots, as they have already done in the other EU member-States. Anyone with a functioning brain’ is now well aware that the Talmud-inspired Marxist/Cultural Marxist ideology, just like the Protocols, is nothing but a blueprint for the takeover of the entire World by the nation-wreckers of Organized Jewry.

    1. Make no mistake. The different departments at the BBC are now run by a clique of Cultural Marxist Jews at the very top and under them a good sprinkling of homos, lesbians & minorities with Black or Brown faces – the usual CM Bum Club.

  3. >Government threatens to pass a law allowing for dismissal of media heads.
    >Media heads dismiss themselves in protest.

    The law was clearly much more efficient than the lawmakers suspected. It warms my heart though, for while government participation in the media opens avenues for government propaganda to promote itself, complete control of it by a single ideological factions results n equally bad promotion of one ideological faction to ensure it remains unquestioned.

  4. Poland I hope leading the way against the stinking Liberal EU Western Countries that have caused the mess that Europe now faces.

      1. Not quite sure what you meant, but some British people were very glad that No. 303 Polish
        Fighter Squadron together with the RAF defended their freedom during 2WW and it’s remembered for its quite distinguished combat record. I hope you’ve heard about The Battle of Monte Cassino as well.

  5. To the good people of the West,
    Contrary to the alarmist media reports we, the free citizens of Poland, want to reassure you that in Poland today there are no threats to democracy. The mainstream media in the West, taking cues from the Polish mainstream press and those connected to the last government (recently ejected from office for corruption) continue to criticise the current freshly, democratically elected government and deliver incomplete accounts of the actions on the ground. This active “spin” is meant to obfuscate the truth about the last 8 years as well as to “poison the well” for those elected with the largest democratic mandate in modern Polish history. (This is the first government elected with a unilateral mandate to govern without coalition partners.) This propagandist treatment is occurring at an unceasing and even increasing pace from those who cannot claim objectivity as they have been personally, professionally, and financially connected to those who have just been ejected from government for many years. No one in Poland denies that a free people are endowed with a right to public protest. This is self-evident in a modern democracy. But western press accounts strongly suggest that this is the case in Poland today.
    It is important to set the record straight that during the last eight years in Poland this was NOT the case and these democratic ideals were not always upheld. It was during the ruling years of the Civic Platform and the Polish People’s Party (PO-PSL) coalition that these standards, generally accepted by contemporary democracies, were frequently and brazenly violated. For the record, here are some examples of what transpired in clear breach of democratic norms under the PO-PSL ruling coalition years:
    – Independent journalists were repeatedly harassed by the security agencies. The staff of, among others, Gazeta Polska Codzienne (GPC) had their homes searched. In May 2011, at 6:00 AM the agents of the Internal Security Agency entered the private residential apartment of an Internet user who operated a satirical website lampooning then President, Bronisław Komorowski.
    – Independent journalists were dismissed from their posts when they pushed for a transparent investigation into the Smolensk crash. Tomasz Sakiewicz and Anita Gargas, among others, lost their jobs in the public media. Cezary Gmyz was dismissed from the editorial staff of “Rzeczpospolita” (a daily paper partly owned by the state) for publishing information indicating that there were traces of TNT found on the wreck of the plane that crashed in Smolensk in April 2010. This information was later confirmed by the prosecutors leading the investigation.
    – In June 2014, agents of the Internal Security Agency raided the headquarters of the news weekly “Wprost” after the magazine published the transcripts of recorded conversations held by some of the highest level PO politicians in Warsaw’s most expensive restaurants. During this raid the agents attempted to confiscate computers and data storage devices belonging to the journalists. The so called “tape scandal” (“afera taśmowa”) that had erupted upon publication of the content of these tapes, provided evidence of many scandalous and criminal behaviours, including the revelation that state-owned companies actively subsidized those media platforms that were writing in favour of the ruling government. It was only the large scale mainstream media outlets, sympathetic to the ruling coalition government and by design NOT covering the government’s corruption scandals, who were the recipients of lucrative advertising contracts from Poland’s largest companies (which are in-part state-owned enterprises with large discretionary budgets). For this reason the independent media, regardless of readership or audience, were deprived of paid-for commercial advertising opportunities by government fiat.
    – In December 2014, two journalists (Tomasz Gzela of the Polish Press Agency and Jan Pawlicki of Telewizja Republika) were arrested. They were covering the protest held at the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission after the local elections. For a week after the election the Commission would not certify the results of the elections which agitated many Poles with a material contingent deciding to protest by occupying the premises of the Commission in a demand for electoral transparency and oversight. The journalists were arrested even though they possessed press passes and were doing their job. They also had to face a lawsuit. All this was going on against the backdrop of the highest level PO politicians such as the then-President (Komorowski) and the Mayor of Warsaw (Waltz) giving public comments that it was an act of treason to question electoral processes and opacity. Likewise, the head of the Constitutional Tribunal, Andrzej Rzeplinski, despite having no legal right to do so, publically stated that there were no grounds to question the results of the election. To this very day the results of these last local elections remain highly questionable. The shining example of this pertains to PSL having received well more votes than expected (by a factor of 10) in a region (Gdynia) where they have had little historical support yet enough votes to give them the ability to preserve PO’s ruling coalition. In addition, there still remain two thousand protest notes lodged in local courts.
    – During the last 8 years the previous government kept journalists and citizens under surveillance as a routine practice. In 2014, the secret service applied to access 2,177,000 telephone bills. This is a Europe-leading level of prying into ordinary citizens’ every-day lives. The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw is currently leading an investigation into the wiretapping of independent journalists. In all likelihood, the secret service had no court warrant to do so.
    – In May 2015, after the Presidential election was lost by President Bronisław Komorowski, the PO-PSL coalition violated the constitution and appointed new members of the Constitutional Tribunal before the justices’ terms were up. The politicians of the departing coalition wanted to appropriate the Tribunal by limiting the right of the new ruling party to elect judges of their choice. Today, after the reforms implemented by the democratically elected Law and Justice Party (PiS), the judges elected by the Civic Platform still constitute the majority. They occupy 9 of 15 seats in the Constitutional Tribunal.
    These are just a few glaring examples of the way in which the last government subverted democracy to its will to engage in an attempted looting of the country (and in many ways having succeeded). Similar violations of civil liberties became the norm but they went unreported by a pliant media that was directly and indirectly on the previous government’s payroll. The number of corruption scandals that occurred under this PO-PSL coalition government was staggering. These encompassed every sort of corrupt behaviour from bribes (to one minster in the form of expensive watches), to patronage, to bogus un-bid contracts, to self-dealing of bonuses and pensions, to preferential tax treatment for allies and supporters, and even the nationalization of the private sector managed segment of the pension system. Under their nose a pyramid scheme (“Amber Gold”) flourished and many thousands of Poles were cheated out of their savings while the politically connected head of the National Bank said nothing despite having been fully aware of the scheme (also revealed in the “tapes scandal”). And all of this occurring with a media complex that could not be bothered to report on this institutionalized lawlessness. On October 25th this year the public said enough is enough and in a democratic election, with not a single allegation of any irregularities, rebuked and removed the PO-PSL coalition from power.
    Democracy in Poland is the healthiest it has been in 25 years and certainly as compared to the eight years under the previous government. The people have finally purged, through democratic elections, the post-communist machine that was never held to account or reformed after 1989 and its accompanying corruption. The reform begins now and Poles are optimistic….despite what has been printed in the New York Times and the Washington Post.
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Good to read your comment, Ewa. In Swedish media you hardly can hear or read any good about the new government of Poland. Not quite surprisingly, the chief editor of Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest (as for number of copies) paper is a Polish Jew named Peter Wolodarski.

    2. Thanks for the info. You have made us aware that Polish people like yourself are very well informed. Unlike the UK which unfortunately has been receiving 24/7 cradle-to-grave pro-EU brainwashing for around fifty years now by the CM controlled media & the Cultural Marxist brainwashing centers – once known as the Western Educational system.

  6. It would not surprise me if the Poles led the way out of the swamp. Being new to the system, they have not had to endure 12 years of the kind of self-flagellatory indoctrination enjoyed by those passing through the British State education system. But rest assured, brave Poles, there are growing numbers here who fully understand the consequences of allowing Brussels to implement it’s dirty little secret…… The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.
    We will be with you.

  7. Oh, that is beautiful! National Media Laws, now. Do our CBC pigpen just like that. And these papers no one in good conscience would spend a penny on — straighten that lot of pathological liars out too. National Media Laws. Much hotter than porn. Really like this, a lot. Thank-you, Poland. You are a champion of truth among Europid Nations.

  8. i posted 12mths ago that in all this we may find that the poles/czechs/magyars are our best allies….for the uk that is….

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