Poor Americans Pay Israel Billions

American taxpayers—already economically strained to the breaking point—will soon be forced to pay over billions of dollars in the “highest ever aid package” to Israel, even though the Jews-only state is already far wealthier than the United States.

The Washington Post has reported that “Israel and [the] U.S. are close to a deal on the biggest military aid package ever”—which involves “the largest military aid package the United States has ever given any country.”


The Obama administration has said it is prepared to sign a 10-year “memorandum of understanding” that significantly raises the $3.1 billion a year the United States currently grants Israel under an existing agreement that expires in 2018. In addition, Congress has provided additional money for missile defense.

Over months of secret negotiations that picked up steam late last year, Netanyahu was holding out for as much at $5 billion a year, according to accounts in the Israeli news media.

However, as renegade Jew journalist Glen Greenwald—who was Edward Snowden’s main media contact, and who now runs the Intercept news website—pointed out, Israel is “demanding” even more money although it has “aggressively expanded settlements of the West Bank (often in a way designed to most humiliate the U.S.) and slaughtered civilians in Gaza.”

Greenwald added that Netanyahu “originally intended to wait until the ‘next administration’ to finalize the deal—because, assuming that would be Hillary Clinton, he believed (with good reason) he would get an even better deal—but is now worried about an ‘unpredictable’ Donald Trump, who has spouted standard pro-Israel rhetoric before AIPAC (and worse) but had previously espoused the need for ‘neutrality’ on the Israel/Palestine question and has made ‘America First’ the rhetorical centerpiece of his campaign.”

Greenwald then went on to point out that Americans generally are way below Israelis in almost every single socioeconomic indicator, and that the “aid” package is quite literally stealing the bread out of American taxpayers’ mouths.

To begin with, Greenwald wrote, “Israel enjoys universal health care coverage, while 33 million Americans, 10.4 percent of the U.S. population, remain without health insurance. That disparity is captured in headlines such as this one:


As The Forward put it in 2012: “Israeli citizens appear to be getting better care [than Americans] for their lower expenditures.”

Fortunately for Israel, the people of that country enjoy a much higher life expectancy than the citizens of the country that transfers billions to them every year.

According to the most recent CIA statistics, Israelis can expect to live 82.27 years—11th best in the world—while Americans can expect only 79.68 years, which is 43rd in the world.

Just last month, unemployment in Israel fell to the lowest level in decades (4.8 percent, which “is not only low historically but low by international standards, and by conventional economic definitions there’s no unemployment at all in Israel”), while U.S. workers, despite declining unemployment rates, continue to struggle when “the underemployed and the discouraged” are counted.

In summary, Greenwald points out, “U.S. politicians in both parties endlessly pay lip service to how much Americans are struggling while the Obama administration prepares to transfer more and more billions of their money to Israel.”

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  1. You would need a freedom if information request in the UK to find out how much annual aid to Israel has received since 1948 from the UK.

    One woman submitted a foi asking that very question this was her answer.
    Follow the links in the article.


    My blood boils. We’re aiding our own demise.

    1. It will obviously be nowhere near the obscene amount being sucked out the veins of Americans, but it all adds up. Then there’s the reparations(Orwellian double speak) that Germany has been paying. I wonder if any other countries are being guilt tripped aswell. ?

    2. Well there you have it, Richard. The last link you give, “….the future of uk aid’ says it all. Mostly all the countries listed for receipt of, “Aid”, their citizens are piling into Europe and the UK. Perhaps, the UK Government are working on the basis that letting large numbers of them enter Europe and the UK will reduce the level of “Aid” (read: “Taxpayers Money”) given? If this is the case and the Government has actually given this any thought (which is very doubtful) they haven’t realised that to give and continue giving money will not deter these people from extending their hands out even further. Moreover, it will certainly not deter the massive invasion of Europe currently underway. For them, it really works on the simple principle, ‘What the UK and Europe has achieved for its citizens socially over the centuries we want and we will take it when we arrive’. I’d call that, ‘Theft’.

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