Poor Nonwhite School Marks Blamed on “White Racism”—But Poor White School Marks Blamed on “White Families”

A new report by a British Parliamentary subcommittee has blamed poor school results amongst white “working-class” children on “matters in home life”—in marked contrast to other reports on poor school results amongst nonwhite children, which are always blamed on “white racism in the educational system.”

The new parliamentary report, issued by a “cross-party group” of Members of Parliament, has suggested that “longer school days could help boost the results of poorer children by giving them somewhere to do their homework.”


The Commons Education Select Committee said that “new guidance is needed on how extended school days can help youngsters from disadvantaged communities” and that the Government should examine “which incentives would encourage good teachers to work in disadvantaged schools, arguing that schools serving poor white communities need a better chance of winning.”

Figures show that just under a third (32 percent) of poor white British children got at least five C grades in their final school exams,  including English and maths last year, compared with 61.5 percent of poor children from an Indian background and 76.8 percent of poor children from a Chinese background.

At the same time, the gap in results between poor white children and their richer classmates has hardly changed in the last seven years, the report says, and the attainment of poor children from other ethnic backgrounds is improving faster than that of poor white children.

The report specifically blamed “family matters,” “poor attitudes to school” and even “weak parenting” as a major reason for the white working class children’s poorer exam results, saying that “white British students from disadvantaged families spend fewer evenings per week doing their homework, and have a higher absence rate from school than many other ethnic groups.”

“This problem must be tackled by ensuring that the best teachers and leaders are incentivised to work in the schools and areas that need them most, and by providing better advice and guidance to young people,” the report says.

Committee chairman Graham Stuart said: “Poor white British children now come out of our schools with worse qualifications than equally poor children in any other major ethnic group. They do less homework and are more likely to miss school than other groups.

“We don’t know how much of the under-performance is due to poor attitudes to school, a lack of work ethic or weak parenting.”

The report came as the UK’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) chief Sir Michael Wilshaw specifically blamed white people for the poorer results:

“Poverty was all too often used as an excuse for failure by white working-class families. It’s not about income or poverty. Where families believe in education they do well. If they love their children they should support them in schools,” Wilshaw said.


However, whenever official reports and controlled media outlets discuss poor nonwhite exam results, “poverty” and “white racism” is always used as the reason. For example, an article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, titled “Education: Black Caribbean children held back by institutional racism in schools, says study” announced that:

Black Caribbean pupils are being subjected to institutional racism in English schools which can dramatically undermine their chances of academic success, according to a new study.

Researchers have uncovered evidence that teachers are routinely under-estimating the abilities of some black pupils, suggesting that assumptions about behavioural problems are overshadowing their academic talents.

The findings, based on a survey which tracked 15,000 pupils through their education, add weight to the theory that low achievement among some black students is made worse because teachers don’t expect them to succeed.

The double standards are obvious:

– When nonwhite pupils do poorly, the establishment blames white people.

-When white pupils do poorly, the establishment also blames white people.

This double standard is driven by two fundamental assumptions of modern liberalism, namely:

1. Firstly, the establishment has decided that “white racism” is to blame for every ill which affects nonwhites. This blatant anti-white racist attitude seeks to excuse any nonwhite failing by claiming to find some reason to blame white people, no matter how obscure or unconnected this might be.

For example, high nonwhite criminal arrest rates are blamed on “institutional racism in police forces,” not because of the reality that nonwhites have a higher crime rate; or that higher nonwhite prison incarceration rates are the result of “institutional racism in the judicial system” rather than the reality that nonwhites commit more criminal acts.

2. Secondly, the establishment denies the reality of race and genetics as the ultimate pre-determinant of all human behavior. Stupid people—of any race—will have stupid children, and clever people—of any race—will have clever children.

This simple—and obvious—biological fact is denied outright by the liberal establishment, which fanatically clings to the utterly false belief that everyone, no matter who their parents are, is a “blank slate” who can be shaped by the environment alone.

As the world IQ tables clearly show, there are vast differences in intelligence between races, and even within different racial groups.

This refusal to acknowledge race and genetics makes liberals unable to accept that the real reason why certain groups of children do poorly at school is simply a matter of innate potential (or rather lack thereof).

The iron laws of genetic inheritance however explain all human behavior. If certain groups of white British schoolchildren are doing poorly at school, then it is likely that those groups have lower IQs, rather than any other reason. Seventy years of social welfare has had a massively dysgenic effect and has effectively subsidized the non-achieving element of the population to breed while forcing the achieving element of the population to pay for it all.

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  1. When gathering these figures there is a very large spectrum for who they classify as white. Mixed raced, Arabic, Latino & Turkish are all classified as white in some of these dodgy government statistics.

    I wager that the majority of these poor white pupils attend majority ethnic schools where they are little more than Ghosts amidst the hordes of foreigners and have no chance to achieve whilst learning about Auschwitz, the slave trade, Nelson Mandela etc. All subjects designed to denegrate White society.

  2. Yet another glaring example of the hypocracy and falesity of multi culturalism.
    It exposes the truth that the real agenda behind diversity is an Anti White agenda.

  3. I am certainly glad to find a site that writes the truth about what is happening in Europe and America. I have been blacklisted by all my friends as being racist when I tell them how whites are being deprecated everywhere. I first became aware of all this just last summer when “the children’s crusade” from Central America came across our borders, and everybody began saying, “Ah, poor things”, without realizing the implications of how porous our borders are! The more I studied this problem, the more horrified I became. And I learned the same thing is happening in Europe. Well, to solve the problem of education, I think you ought to set up scholarship funds to allow all European-descent children to attend your finest “public schools’, such as Abingdon and Harrow, etc. What few European/English children we still have should be given the best education possible, or we are all sunk. I hope to set up a small scholarship with my meager savings.

  4. One of the reasons the poor whites do so badly is that whist the .liberals have managed to ostracize all with the slightest whiff of racism, the have left all class distinctions well alone. Whilst the black murdering freedom fighter is most welcome at the lords table, thewhite dustman will never be. That is the Englan of 1900, that is the England of 2000. I was in South Africa in the late 50’s, the poor uneducated white was just as despised as the black if not more so.

  5. The same is happening in America. I will tell you the reason for the poor scores from the white children in poverty: bullying by the foreigners and stigmatism by the school staff. If the white children are being abused, assaulted, harrassed or otherwise bullied, there are NO CONSEQUENCES whatsoever. Meanwhile the teachers are incentivized to punish white children for any possible infraction, be it imaginary or whathaveyou. There isnt a child alive who can learn in the toxic environment at the liberal infested schools of Europe or America and I feel so sorry for these poor white children whose parents cannot remove them from their nightmare!. Suicides of white European children is going up, I wager. Its torture. Nothing less.

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