Pope Welcomes “Muslim Brothers”

The pope formally marked himself as an enemy of European civilization this weekend by washing and kissing nonwhite invaders’ feet and declaring that they were all his “Muslim brothers.”

The debasing spectacle played itself out at an Easter mass at an invader center in Castelnuovo di Porto, outside Rome.


Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of an assorted array of nonwhite invaders, including Muslims, Hindus, and who knows what all else, declaring them “children of the same God.”

According to Catholic tradition, the rite re-enacts the story in the Bible where Jesus washed the feet of his apostles just before he was crucified—and, with the tempo of Islamic terrorist attacks on the increase, the irony of this appears to have been lost on the leader of the Catholic Church.

Even more bizarrely, Pope Francis contrasted his gesture with the “gesture of destruction” carried out by the Brussels attackers, saying that the terrorists “wanted to destroy the brotherhood of humanity represented by the migrants.”

“We have different cultures and religions, but we are brothers, children of the same God. We want to live in peace, integrated,” Francis said.

Several of the invaders were then given special seats as the pope knelt before them, poured “holy water” from a brass pitcher over their feet, wiped them clean, and kissed them.

He was greeted with a banner reading “Welcome” in a variety of languages as he walked down a makeshift aisle to celebrate the outdoor Mass.

However, only a fraction of the 892 nonwhite invaders parasiting off the taxpayers bothered to attend, and most of the seats put out for them were empty—an indication that the Muslims were not interested in attending.

The Vatican said that four women and eight men took part in the ceremony, and one of the women was an Italian Catholic who works at the center, while the other three were “Eritrean Coptic Christians.”

The men included four Catholics from Nigeria; three Muslims from Mali, Syria, and Pakistan, and a Hindu from India.

This breakdown means that only one of them could qualify as an “asylum seeker” even by the Angela Merkel definition of “refugee”—a definition which is also flawed because the “Syrian” would have left several safe countries to come to Europe, especially if he came via North Africa.

All the other nonwhites who took part in this feet-washing ceremony are therefore, even by the most liberal definition, illegal immigrants who have broken every immigration law in the book to be there.

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  1. Sorry ….don`t want to offend but I have to say it !
    The Pope is either a total pillock or another one of the `elite`.

  2. Plain stupid. Obviously so wrapped up in his ceremonial and pontifications he obviously hasn’t read the Koran. But it IS time he took in a few refugees then he might understand a bit better. I doubt it, but you don’t kiss the feet of people who have pronounced themselves your sworn enemies.

    1. No. The Pope HAD to read the Koran. Remember, this man was raised a Jesuit. The Jesuits are world renowned for institutions of education. They specialize in universities, colleges, even seminary. Their schools are second to none. He knows what he’s doing. No doubt he knows everything there is a need to know regarding all world religions. I was raised Catholic, so I know the Popes are (traditionally, but not actually) the successors to St. Peter. This Pope is nothing more than the devil’s advocate.

  3. There are many Roman Catholics who regard their Church as having been ruined by Vatican Council II (1962-1965). I wish they were able to make a cogent, coherent case, something which Catholic writers seem unable to manage.

    1. Search out some of the Catholic bloggers. Fr. Ray Blake in the UK is a reasonable go-to with a healthy sidebar of other bloggers. Too many mainstream Catholic writers are frightened of rocking the barque instead of telling it like it is.

      1. Thanks. I found that blog (modestly called http://marymagdalen.blogspot.co.uk; ten years old) but it seems mired in a sort of backwater of antique phrases, with nothing useful on modern issues, or for that matter old issues, and nothing on the serious problems of Jews and the world.

        1. Most of Roman Catholicism seems to be almost wilfully silly and ridiculous: virgin births, resurrection from death, conversion as something accurately identifiable, stigmata which are obviously self-inflicted, witchcraft-like attitudes to diseases, indifference to genetics, etc. By contrast, the Torah is partly rational – it deals with some very serious subjects (children and inheritance, power structures, war, deception and what have you) though unfortunately in the most aggressive and vicious way. Surely this is part of the white malaise – there are large numbers of people essentially wasting their time on religious stuff.

  4. I’m so glad the British and Germans overthrew the dictatorship of the pope. What a disgrace to bow down to islam and kiss their feet. What imam would do that for a Christian? Utterly shameful. And the Pope also advocates for more invaders in the west. Why not build a mosque inside the Vatican and settle them there, allow muslims prayer time, give them jobs, cars, and homes paid for by Catholic wealthy? What hypocrisy!

    1. They expect everything else apart from the jobs to earn it all….we are the suckers working to keep them in luxury…!!!

    2. Unfortunately, Christians of all denominations are told by their hierarchy they must welcome the stranger, however strange.

      1. That was in the days before mass-transit, welcoming committees of brain-washed dupes, and the most over-indulgent, indiscriminate welfare system the world has ever known. Doubtless this deluded Marxist cleric who was she-horned in to replace the more worldly Ratzenberger will be hurt and surprised if ever confronted with all the rape and assault figures on Christian women, and let’s not forget what happened to the nuns in the Congo a few decades back .. think it could never happen again? Especially as they are virgins.

  5. I recalled a paragraph or two in William James’s ‘Varieties of Religious Experience’ in which a saintly woman, overcome with love, filled her mouth with a leper’s excreta, to show her love for Christ. (Or something like that). Perhaps the ‘Holy Father’ could do something similar? It would make a good Youtube, at least.
    … NB the commenters here don’t seem to know that Welby, the new (selected by Cameron-Levita) Archbishop of Canterbury, is of Jewish extraction. His policies are the same as the Pope’s.

  6. As a Roman Catholic, Raised with the Truth that HAS BEEN Documented Between the Christian Religion, and the Ideology of Mind and Body Control, Promulgated By FEAR and Violence of a Non-Religion, ‘islam’, I’m Disavowing This pope as The Leader of The True Catholic Faith.——-I DENOUNCE This GOON for What He Is.—–To HELL with this Traitor.—-He is No-bodies pope.—–The DEVIL in a White Robe,—-Beware.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. If I had some sympathy left for my youth’s Roman Catholicism, I lost it when this moron/traitor got elected.

    2. I’m switching to Serbian Orthodox … the Catholic Church left me decades ago with their egalitarian communist policies and abandonment of the Tridentine Mass.

  7. When he still was cardinal Bergoglio, he was against the Kirchner (both Jews) presidents. It even got down to the point that he celebrated the Te Deum on Buenos Aires, while the president went somewhere else to hear the mass (another city in the country, such was the confrontation between them). But when he became Pope Francis, he completely changed his behaviour towards the Kirchner government. Not only did he meet with Cristina Kirchner (after all, he’s also a head of state), he was completely friendly towards her.
    Why I bring this up? Because it shows the duplicity of his character. Also, he has been brainwashed with the leftist bullshit of anti-White, anti-European propaganda that also has been spouted here in Argentina. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to betray White Christians, after all, he doesn’t feel like one. And a lot of White Argentinians (yes, there are whites here too) also have swallowed that poison of self-hatred and lefttard bullshit values.

  8. I am a Catholic and embarrassed by this pope. As far as I’m concerned he’s a eco-nutcase.

    Fortunately for Catholics the pope’s words are only supreme in matters of faith and morality. So his views on global warming and migration don’t count.

  9. The current is the utter antithesis of St. Francis. He’s a far Left hater of Western civilization who wants only to grovel before Islam and issue endless treasonous condemnations of the West. There is nothing about this charlatan worthy of anyone’s respect. He’s a disgrace.

  10. Put the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and others of the same outdated persuasions on a coach destined for the ISIS headquarters to negotiate that organisations surrender. Stop off to visit Terry Waite for his advice on the way…………………………

  11. Being part of the elites, he probably knows the truth. This crisis is caused by the most evil group of people ( not christians or muslims) who wants to make christians and muslims fight and kill each other.

  12. Politics and religion are full of numbskulls who haven`t even opened the Koran let alone read it.
    They`re easy to spot.
    Each claims Islam is the religion of peace in reverential tones while keeping a straight face. .
    Religion of p*ss more like!

    1. The sense is, conspiracies within conspiracies: The EU is a European conspiracy and may well be part of a global one of a far earlier genetic pool. If you think in these terms, much does actually make sense – the alternative is, there has been aliens amongst us for several decades and they plan to covertly convert the worlds populations to Liberalism in their quest for Utopia. The problem is, they have started converting the World’s leaders first hence the reason normal objective thinking people find the former deranged in their decision making!

  13. velho estupido,boçal, que não merece nenhum milimetro do meu respeito, beija os pez de um refugihadista islâmico que estão literalmente estuprando a Europa..ja nem vou falar que essa corja de humanos podres,matam milhares de cristãos todos os anos em seus refugos islâmico.
    Este ”papa” perdeu o pouco respeito que tinha por ele.

    1. The moral surely is, if given the opportunity of getting near the Pope, watch out: he may have taken his Muslim ‘Brothers’ as an example and picked your pocket. Only groping comes naturally to his followers……………….

  14. The Pope is a let down for a lot of Argentinians, because of his changing, traitorus nature. Three years ago, people were excited that he was elected. This enthusiasm for what he could do has waned. You might see ass-kissing journalists reporting his activities with glee on the TV, but for the people who truly are Catholics, he is up to no good. Most of them are very critical of him, through they have no voice on mainstream media.
    Honestly, this “openness” to Muslims and Jews is pure bullshit to me. Muslims dislike Christians, and anyone who knows history knows that they invaded Europe centuries ago. And for Jews, well… the Talmud teaches disgusting things about Jesus, and to exploit and cheat goyim whenever possible. So is pointless to be nice to them when them are not going to be nice to you. Sorry libtards and bleeding hearts!

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