Populist Revolt Turns Dutch Politics on its Head as New anti-Invasion Party Becomes Largest Single Bloc

A populist revolt in the form of the newcomer party “Forum voor Democratie” (Forum for Democracy, FvD) has turned Dutch politics on its head by becoming the single largest party, wresting control of the Dutch Upper House out of the hands of the ruling race-traitor coalition.

The FvD, under the leadership of 36-year-old Thierry Baudet, won the most votes in provincial elections in the Netherlands yesterday.

According to a report in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the FvD—which is only two years old and took part in the provincial council elections for the first time, swept away its opponents, and entered the Upper House, the Senate, with thirteen seats.

Previously, the Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (“People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy,” VVD) was the largest party with 13 seats in the Senate (which is elected through the results of the provincial councils), but dropped back to 12. Even this was not truly representative, as the VVD drew fewer overall votes than the FvD.

 Third placed in the senate elections came the far-left “Green Left” party, the Christian Democratic Alliance with nine seats. The liberal-left D66 party dropped from ten to six seats. The current Dutch government is a coalition between the VVD, D66, Christian Union and CDA, which held 38 of the 75 senate seats. After yesterday’s election, this total has dropped to 31, which means that they have now lost control of one of the two houses of the Dutch parliament.

Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party (PVV) lost four of its nine seats, losing support to the FvD, as voters appeared to choose what they saw as a more “moderate” option.

The elections now mean that the FvD has control of three Dutch provinces: Flevoland, South Holland, and North Holland—the latter of which contains the city of Amsterdam.

The FvD’s election manifesto contained the following policy on immigration, which in Dutch political terms, is regarded as “far right.”

According to the FvD manifesto, “Dutch society has had to deal with an enormous influx of immigrants in recent decades. Society can no longer handle this, but the party cartel continues to bring in unheard of numbers of underprivileged immigrants.

“The money we spend on this could be spent much more effectively and meaningfully through daycare in the region. 

“Should asylum in our country still be necessary (for whatever reason), then that should no longer lead to a permanent residence permit—but only to temporary reception for as long as it is needed. The aim is to return the asylum seekers to their country of origin as soon as the situation permits.

“Our immigration policy must be aimed at who we need here and who we can accept (also based on cultural background).

“There are an estimated 150,000 illegal immigrants in the Netherlands, including refused asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country.

“In municipalities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, illegal staying is even encouraged through the ‘bed-bath-bread’ arrangements.

“Illegal immigrants should be traced, prosecuted and deported as soon as possible. Municipalities that refuse to cooperate in government policy are cut off from their general payment from the Municipalities Fund.

“Where integration fails, remigration is the best solution. Yet in 2015 only 504 immigrants made use of the existing remigration scheme. This arrangement must therefore be expanded and made more attractive.

“Remigration must also be possible as an alternative punishment.

“We want:

“1. An asylum policy based on the Australian model: the Netherlands itself decides who will be accommodated here. Immigrants with extreme political ideas that are not in line with our western civilization must be immediately deported to their country of origin.

“2. Public money can be spent much better and more effectively on reception in the region [of origin].

“3. Asylum applications must no longer (semi) automatically lead to permanent residence permits but (at most) to temporary reception. The aim must be to return to the country of origin;

“4. Introduction of the Green Card system based on the American model for temporary labor migrants.

“5. Active deportation policy for illegal immigrants; criminalize illegality.

“6. Double passport holders lose Dutch passport for (serious) crimes.

“7. Promote remigration where integration (assimilation) fails.

“8. Limit the appeal against decisions in asylum cases to one body; narrative facts and circumstances can no longer be changed [in any appeals].”

* The elections came just two days after a Turkish national, Gokmen Tanis, shot and killed three people on a tram in Utrecht. Dutch police suspect an Muslim terrorist motive, based on a letter written by Tanis found in a car he had hijacked, but the authorities have yet to confirm details. 

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  1. All is not well on the Continent of Europe, Holland are adding to the list of countries that are not following the EU dictat. Wonderful.

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