Portland School Buses Ban Rap

Public school officials in Portland, Oregon, have been accused of “racism” after banning rap “music” from their buses after ruling its violent, racist, and sexually explicit content was inappropriate.

Although inadvertent, the move has been correctly interpreted as a rejection of popular black culture.


According to a report in the Oregon Live news service, the officials are “rethinking” their ban after the “racist” allegations were made against them.

The district had banished the so-called music from its buses, deeming the genre “inappropriate.”

Teri Brady, senior director of transportation at Portland Public Schools, sent a directive to bus drivers in March forbidding “religious, rap music, or talk show programs.”

The memo included a list of acceptable stations, broken down into three genres: pop, country, and jazz.

The media-generated “outrage” forced Portland Public Schools spokeswoman Courtney Westling to tell Oregon Live that they regretted “the way this was communicated. Our intent is to limit student exposure to religious teachings, profanity, and violent lyrics.”

This exclusion of “profanity and violent lyrics” automatically included rap, which contains the most base, primitive, and anti-white racist lyrics ever to see the light of day.

Westling said the district had received several complaints regarding the radio stations that were played on buses.

Of course, the same controlled media that is upset because this anti-white jungle cacophony has now been banned from Portland’s school buses, never makes any complaint about the frequent calls to violence against whites and women contained in rap “music.”

As a result of the media-generated “uproar,” Westling said that the “transportation department will be revising its guidance to bus drivers shortly to be more inclusive of different genres of music.”

Portland is known as the “whitest major city in America,” a description which is food for thought given that it is only 72 percent European—and even that figure includes a 10 percent Jewish population.

Oregon Live then went on to describe just some of the reasons why the Portland authorities consider rap—and implicitly, popular black culture, a social problem.

In 2006, the report said, Portland Police questioned if rap concerts were causing shootings, according to the Portland Mercury.

In 2014, after police presence cut short a Southeast Portland rap show, Portland’s Independent Police Review division examined the relationship between the police bureau and hip-hop artists.

Portland Police weren’t alone in this fear. In 2006, The Wall Street Journal reported rap concerts in Las Vegas casinos were being canceled at the last minute due to pressure from police and the state’s gaming control board, which regulates gambling.

The then-sheriff said he felt getting casinos to stop booking “gangster rap acts” was a “legitimate crime-prevention strategy.”

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    1. And the fashion that goes with it, the diamond earring, the pants down to the knees, the gold chains. Kids have been killed for those stupid gold chains.

  1. keep it banned (rap), never have liked that style/type of music, and I consider myself as a “musician”. I like most genres of music, from some serious classical right thru’ to some severe heavy metal/rock……

  2. Blacks could of course agree with this banning and question the repulsiveness of negative media orientation perpetrated on them by the (((industry))) rather than cry “racism” in their usual emotionally immature, culturally Marxist indoctrinated, Pavlovian knee jerk salivations.
    There is a small minority of Blacks who do severely criticize the degradation of youth through popular music but usually fall by the wayside in the din of the roar.

    “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” – Aristotle

  3. When I went to school (Junior and Senior High) on buses Rap music wasn’t banned, ALL MUSIC was banned. I can see Rap music being banned as the majority have ‘Adult Content’ stickers on them! I can see once the ban is lifted, Class Action suits will start because of ‘Obscene Lyrics’ in music played on buses!!!!!

  4. Never mind the bus……make the bone idle bastards walk to school. We got our ears `boxed` if we even tried stepping out of line, nowadays kids assault everyone else`s ears with their stupid rap and get away with it.
    No way should kids of whatever colour be allowed to dictate the whys and wherefores of school policies.
    The vast majority of blacks remain at the bottom of the heap at school too busy `rapping` to apply themselves, then have the gall to spend their adulthood whining and whinging about `racism` rather than the real reason they achieve absolutely nothing in life…… blacks themselves, their culture and their attitude.

  5. They’re not judging the artist by the color of his skin… The school is judging the artist by the content of his character…. hmmmmm, if I remember someone else said something similar to that way back in the 1960’s. Doesn’t seem to have sunken in…..

  6. Blacks have an entire continent to call their own. Africa is rich in natural resources. And although they lack the intelligence to reap the rewards of these riches, maybe when they throw out the jews currently there exploiting their homelands, enough technology will be left for them to figure it out.
    Whites of course do not have a home to call their own. For now, until the US Second Civil War (a race war), our skin is our country.

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