US Poverty Linked to Nonwhite Population Proportion

New US Census Bureau figures on poverty in America have confirmed that the flood of nonwhite invaders in that nation have not increased the economic well-being of the country, but have instead boosted the poverty level directly in proportion to their increase in numbers.

LA-viewThe Supplemental Poverty Measure report, released in mid-October—which factors in geographical housing costs, the impact of public assistance programs, and income levels based on a three-year average—reveals that the states with the highest percentages of “people in poverty” are, in order: California, 23 percent; Washington, D.C., 22 percent; Nevada, 20 percent; Arizona, 19 percent; Hawaii, 18 percent, and Louisiana, 18 percent.

In a dubious honor, California tops the nation in the absolute number of those living in poverty, in real and percentage terms. Nearly nine million residents of California—out of a total population of some 38 million, live below the official poverty line, according to the Census Bureau.

The city of Los Angeles had the highest rate in the state, 26.9 percent, followed by Napa at 25.5 percent.

Skid Row, Los Angeles, 2014.
Skid Row, Los Angeles, 2014.

According to the US Census Bureau’s estimates for 2013, the “white” population of California stood at 39.0 percent in that year. Nonwhite Hispanics, blacks, and Asians make up the rest of the population. Just fourteen years earlier, in 2000, California’s 33.9 million residents were 46.6 percent white non-Hispanic.

Similarly, the official figures show that other states which have been heavily colonized by the nonwhite invasion—Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Florida, also show increased poverty levels.

Nevada’s poverty level is at 20 percent. Figures from 2013 showed that the white population of that state had dropped to around 54 percent—and that figure is likely an overestimate, given the Federal government’s notorious inability to properly define race and its hopeless “categories” which include North Africans and all Middle Easterners as “Caucasian.” (The US Census definition of whites reads as follows: “White—A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.”)

The figures for New Mexico showed a sharp rise in the number of people living in poverty, clocking in at the country’s second highest level.

Census figures indicate that 21.9 percent of New Mexico residents lived in poverty last year, up from 20.8 percent the previous year, and 15.9 percent the year before that.

According to the official 2013 population figures for New Mexico, 39.4 percent of that state’s population is “white.”

In Arizona, the official poverty level is also around 19 percent, the fourth highest in the country. Roughly one in five Arizonans, or 1.26 million people, are living in poverty conditions. According to 2013 US Census Bureau figures, 56.7 percent of Arizona is “white.”

Florida has the third-highest poverty rate, at 19.1 percent. According to the 2013 Census Bureau figures, some 56.4 percent of Florida is “white.”

It is of significance that the state of Mississippi has, according to the latest figures, a poverty rate higher than New Mexico’s with 24 percent.

Official US Census Bureau figures show that the Hispanic population in Mississippi is relatively small—2.9 percent. The high poverty level in that state is therefore linked to the high black population—37.4 percent.

Similarly, Washington, DC’s poverty level is 22.4 percent. According to the latest Census Bureau statistics only some 35.8 percent of the American capital is “white.”

The same holds true for Louisiana. The US Census Bureau figures reveal that in Louisiana, 822,000 residents—or 18 percent of the population is living below the poverty level. Once again, it is the high black population—33 percent—which is the driver for this figure.

The figures are undeniable: the more nonwhite a region becomes, the poorer it becomes. The whiter a region, the wealthier it is.

While liberals and race-deniers will try to invent all manner of artificial excuses for this fact—which mostly consist of blaming white people for “racism”—the reality is that this phenomenon is repeated in Africa and Latin America.

In both those regions, the same level of poverty and backwardness as is currently infecting America can be found—and there are no “white racists” to be blamed there.

Instead of “boosting the economy,” as liberals claimed they would, the mass invasion of nonwhites into America has in fact increased poverty levels and is inevitably dragging that nation down to Third World status.

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