Present-Day African Immigration to America at All Time High

There were at least 2.1 million African-born immigrants living in the United States in 2015—compared to the 366,961 who were brought to North America during the entire transatlantic slave trade era—and African-born immigrants are currently doubling every decade.

The 2.1 million Africa-born Africans in 2015 is a substantial increase from 2000, when there were 881,000 such immigrants, and a substantial increase from 1970 when there were only 80,000 foreign-born Africans in America.

The African-born presence is currently doubling every decade, and accounted for 4.8 percent of the U.S. immigrant population in 2015, up from 0.8 percent in 1970, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

The growth is evident among recently arrived immigrants, the Pew report continued.

“When compared with other major groups who arrived in the U.S. in the past five years, Africans had the fastest growth rate from 2000 to 2013, increasing by 41 percent during that period. Africans are also a fast-growing segment of the black immigrant population in the U.S., increasing by 137 percent from 2000 to 2013.”

This immigration flood is best put into perspective by comparing it to the number of Africans who were imported into North America during the transatlantic slave trade era from 1501 to 1866, when a total of 366,961 Africans landed on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

(This remarkably small number, as a matter of interest, is the sole origin of the 22 million-strong pre-1970 black population of America. This is a remarkable feat of fecundity which also gives lie to the “oppressed” narrative that blacks like to assert was their lot in U.S. history.)

According to the Pew Report, one of the major factors behind the new African flood is the Refugee Act of 1980, which made it easier for Africans to “resettle” in the U.S. by claiming to be refugees.

Back then, less than 1 percent of all “refugee” arrivals were from Africa, compared with 37 percent in the fiscal year 2016, according to figures from the U.S. State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Statistics from the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics confirm this point. Among the top 10 countries by refugee arrival in 2015, four were in Africa: Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and Eritrea.

African immigrants from the sub-Saharan region are also more likely than immigrants overall to enter the U.S. through the diversity visa program, an act passed in 1990 to “encourage immigration from underrepresented nations.”

Foreign-born Africans come from all over the continent, but the largest countries of origin for African immigrants are Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya. These five countries accounted for half of the foreign-born African population in the U.S. in 2015.

African immigrants to the U.S. are more likely to settle in the South (39 percent) or the Northeast (25 percent), than in the Midwest (18 percent) or West (17 percent), while the largest numbers of African immigrants are found in Texas, New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Each of these states is home to at least 100,000 foreign-born Africans.

In other states, Africans represent a higher percentage of the foreign-born population than the national average. Fueled by the state’s sizable Somalian-born community, 21 percent of Minnesota’s foreign-born population is from Africa.

Many Africans pretending to be refugees from Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia have settled in South Dakota (Ethiopians are the largest immigrant group overall there). Africans make up around 15 percent of South Dakota’s foreign-born population.

They also account for a substantial share of the overall immigrant population in several other areas, some examples being Maryland, North Dakota, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

* The 366,961 Africans brought to North America during the transatlantic slave era have since multiplied into a population of at least 38,929,319 (according to the U.S. Census of 2010).

Working on the already evidenced reproduction rate, it is estimated that the black population will swell to over 62 million by 2050, and likely double that by 2100.

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      1. Where new Missy?Given a couple of decades, we might turn South Africa/Zimbabwe back to fertile, but we’d have to kick out the incumbents, has to make sense to defend your own turf. I don’t believe the whites are that soft yet, just too damned obedient to idiot/misguided/bent politicians.I wouldn’t mind so ch, but moslems can’t fight worth a crap in military formation, they’re good guerilla’s but are tribal, not national.

  2. The protestor holding up the sign saying don’t target the Somali community, well if they were law abiding and worked for a living instead of living on benefits they might not be targeted so much, check out the Somalis and Sudanese in Australia with their Apex gang they are running riot and have no fear of the law, check out the Somalis in the US and find out how many are working and how many with large families are living on welfare.

  3. Please write to Mr. Trump and insist that he immediately stop all legal immigration. He has the legal authority to do it, and I wonder why he hasn’t done it yet.

    And we must reproduce.

  4. Even legal immigration is much too large, as the figures here show. And of course war in Africa can be turned on as by a faucet; all it needs is weapons, paid for by US taxpayers and loans of paper money. The refugee thing, though it sounds humane, is just part of the Jewish policy of forcing invasion into white countries.

  5. When in the US, do they cost the taxpayer? Or, are they self-sufficient?
    [N.b. – the experience elsewhere is that they are a drain on the public purse]

  6. If white Americans haven’t learned the lesson by now – ie Sub Saharan blacks must be avoided as much as humanly possible – even after 400 years of the most terrible experience of living alongside blacks, then one despairs of the intellectual capacity of modern white Americans.

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