Pro-Invader Ship Seized in Italy for “Human Trafficking” as Invasion Force Reaches 116,246

The pro-invader ship Iuventa, organized and run by the crypto-communist German organization “Jugend Rettet,” has been seized by the Italian police guard in connection with charges of aiding illegal immigration, just as the nonwhite invasion force which has landed in Europe this year reached the 116,246 mark.

The Iuventa has long been involved in ferrying thousands of African scroungers pretending to be refugees into Europe, under the guise of “helping refugees”—even though none of the sub-Saharans are refugees in any sense of the word, and are merely aiming to parasite off the European welfare system
Jugend Rettet is one of several non-government organizations (NGOs) conducting the illegal invader ferrying service in the Mediterranean that refused to sign a new code of conduct at the Italian interior ministry this week.
The code states that all NGOs have to allow an Italia police official to travel on each boat and a ban on moving rescued migrants from one aid vessel to another while still at sea. This simple procedure will stop the boats, all run by fanatic leftists intent on importing as many nonwhites as possible into Europe, from taking part in the ongoing invasion process.
According to a statement issued by the Italian ministry of the interior, the Iuventa was seized at the port of Lampedusa “for aiding illegal immigration.”
The statement said that the seizure had followed investigations “conducted using sophisticated techniques and investigative technologies,” which had shown that the “ship was habitually resident in the Libyan Sea and engaged in transhipping migrants on other ships, including in international waters.”
In other words, the shop had been tracked taking invaders from boats near the shore of Libya, and transporting them to other ships which then relayed the Africans to Europe.
“In most cases,” prosecutor Ambrose Cartosio explained, “operations are used to carry people escorted by Libyan traffickers.”
According to the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM), at least 116,246 nonwhites pretending to be refugees had invaded Europe as of July 30, 2017, since the beginning of this year.
Of this number, some 114,287 had landed by sea, and 1,959 by land.
The countries of first arrival, according to the IOM, were Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria. The main nationalities of the invaders were, in descendant order: To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia; To Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan; and to Bulgaria: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran.
In 2016, some 387,739 nonwhite scroungers had invaded Europe using these routes.

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