Pro-Invasion Communists Killed in Fresno, Paris Attacks

In what must count as one of the more ironic twists to emerge from the ongoing nonwhite terrorist attacks, one of the whites murdered by the black racist gunman in Fresno, California, was an “anti-fascist” activist—and the policeman killed by a Muslim terrorist on the Champs-Elysées in Paris was a homosexual, pro-invasion activist who volunteered his free time helping the invaders ashore in Greece.

According to The Fresno Bee, one of the whites picked out at random by racist anti-white gunman Kori Ali Taylor (Muhammad) was Zackary Randalls, a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. employee who was riding past in a company truck.

When Randalls’s Facebook page was looked up, its banner image was of Alt-Right spokesman Richard Spencer being sucker-punched by a communist thug.

The image was overlaid with the text “We Punch Nazis.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that the 37-year-old police officer, Xavier Jugelé, murdered by the Paris-born North African Muslim terrorist Karim Cheurfi, was “a proud gay man” who volunteered his free time in Greece to “help police officers deal with migrants who had crossed the Aegean Sea and were seeking shelter in the European Union.”

Officer Jugelé joined protests against Russia’s ban on homosexual propaganda before the 2014 Olympics, and was “really committed to the L.G.B.T. cause, a president of Flag, a French association for homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and “transgender” police officers told the newspaper.

The dreadful irony extends even further in the Jugelé case, because under the radical Muslim regime to which his murderer was so dedicated, people like Jugelé are regularly punished with death.

The attack in France’s most famous street, the Champs-Elysées, was preceded by the arrest of two Muslim invaders with French citizenship in the nonwhite-overrun city of Marseille last week.

According to Le Figaro, police seized guns and bomb-making materials after arresting the two nonwhites and charged them with planning an “imminent and violent attack.”

French interior minister, Matthias Fekl, said the two, who were detained at different addresses in the southern port city, were “French nationals” aged 24 and 30.

“These two radicalized men … intended to commit in the very short-term — by that I mean in the coming days — an attack on French soil,” Fekl told media.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said an ISIS flag and jihadist propaganda had been found the home of one suspect. He said the second suspect had links to a Belgian cell. The two men met in 2015, while sharing a prison cell for petty crime, Molins said.

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  1. Filth such as the traitor French policeman Jugele who in his spare time helped facilitate the entry of illegal Muslims into France should have been kicked out of the police force. But, I'm glad that karma has finally caught up with Jugele on the Champs Élysées. This traitor has paid the ultimate price for his treachery. Why should the taxpayers of France pay the wages of these Cultural Marxist traitors to the nation of France.
    – racerealistuk.

  2. I agree. Faggots like him are contributing to the decay of French society. It seems to me like homosexuals are Cultural Marxist.

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