Protests over Invader Rapes in Finland

Increasing numbers of Finnish people are taking to public protest marches against the nonwhite invasion of their country, spurred into action by the news that there has been a dramatic spike in rapes carried out by “asylum seekers.”


The most prominent rape case—in other words, the one which the controlled media has reported on the most—took place at the end of November in the northern town of Kemepele.

In that attack, two nonwhite invaders—identified as Afghanis—were arrested in the local “asylum center” after a 14-year-old Finnish girl was brutally attacked and raped.

According to coverage of the attack in the Finland Times, the 14-year-old was attacked by two invaders aged 15 and 17 at 10:30 p.m. on November 23. Two locals arrived at the scene after the incident and called for help.

The arrest was made after the police dog patrol followed the trail of the suspects to an apartment where the two nonwhites were found. They were then arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape and aggravated child abuse.

Local reaction was not long in the coming. About 300 people marched in a procession from nearby Oulu to the place where the teenage girl was raped, shouting slogans against the invaders and holding signs demanding that they be sent away.


The invader center at Kempele where the nonwhites were arrested.

The invader center—set up specifically to house “young” nonwhites, was also subjected to a series of attacks with stones, fireworks, and what the police described as “intrusions.”

As a result, the authorities decided to move the invader center away “to ensure their security.”

Local councilor for the True Finns party, Janne Halunen, was quoted as saying that it was in “the interests of the Kempele people that the center is closed down. People genuinely feel threatened.”

The Kempele rape has not been an isolated incident. Only a day later, a 14-year-old Finnish girl was raped in Raisio, southern Finland—by a 19-year-old nonwhite invader pretending to be an asylum seeker.

The Finland Times said that the “two cases were the only ones covered by the media, and the police admitted on Friday that actually 10 such incidents were under investigation.”

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä—an outspoken supporter of the nonwhite invasion—met with law-enforcement agencies last week to discuss a new proposed law whereby a “person convicted of aggravated crimes could be deported from the country quickly.” The bill is scheduled to be tabled in parliament in the spring. It is expected that at least two-thirds of “asylum seekers” will be denied asylum because they are not refugees in any sense.

According to reports, the police and the interior ministry have reported that “disorderliness and violence have increased in reception centers and its environs,” and blamed both “asylum seekers” and native Finns for the situation.

The reference to the native Finns is based on the fact that there have been a number of attacks on invader centers in Finland over the past few weeks as locals give vent to their opposition to the invasion.

On November 23, five Finns were arrested after a failed attempt to burn down an invader center in Heikinharju, Oulu. The same day, the Imatra invader center in southeastern Finland was attacked with a smoke bomb thrown into the building’s courtyard at 12.30 a.m.

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    We have our left liberal Marxists Merkel and her lapdogs to thank for this unholy mess they are creating in Germany and the EU!

  2. Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä—an outspoken supporter of the nonwhite invasion. Another anti indigenous piece of pure trash! people like her should hang for the destruction of their country. We should start with cameron and blair!

    1. Agree wholeheartedly.. The governments are failing to protect their own citizens and exposing them to more danger, surely these victims have a case against their governments?

    2. I stand with you Europeans, and most American citizens do also. Our piece of trash Obama has caused this whole mess all over the world. I can’t believe Merkel, who started out as a decent leader, bought into this trash also. Now, your daughters get raped and we get people murdered in San Bernardino and our leaders are the ones with blood on their hands. All of our leaders who support bringing this trash into our countries should have the Mussolini treatment, string them up in the town square.

  3. this is revolting and disgusting those poor girls; these scum think they can help themselves to anything they want completely eroding our freedom why dont they all pi$$ off

  4. Wait until the numbers start to equal Rotherham , Oxford , Aylesbury , Luton, Keighley, and all the other Gettos that make up Britain.

    1. The UK is probably the most under threat of sinking under the weight of Soros’ colour revolution and muslim invasion, and that is even after considering Swedens plight, because the british establishment is totally zionist controlled and Londonistan is headquarters to the Rothschilds & Windsors. The electorate keep on returning the same government time and again (Con or Lab), however that is based on the assumption that we still have fair democratic elections.

  5. So from now on females have no freedom because of these mass sex offenders….Maybe the leaders of our homelands can give all females black sheets to wear so they dont get attacked…?

  6. Scandinavians must get rid of the SOCIALIST governments whose treachery is purposely trying to kill off their national identity & culture.

    If the electorate do not get rid of these governments and the Socialist politicians then they themselves must bear the responsibility for the demise of their nations.

    It’ as simple as that.

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