Race-Blind UK Home Secretary’s Delusion over Muslim Extremists in Britain

The race-blind shortsightedness of modern Western liberalism has been displayed once again with the announcement by British Home Secretary Theresa May that she will bring in new “anti-social behavior order” (ASBO) regulations as an attempt to halt Muslim extremism in that country.

The announcement, made after it emerged that a Muslim invader living in Britain, but now fighting with the extremist Islamic State (IS) movement in Iraq, was responsible for the videotaped decapitation of US journalist James Foley.


May, a leading member of Britain’s Conservative Party, said the “new civil powers” would “target radical preachers whose outbursts fall short of breaking the law, and similar ASBO-style ‘banning orders’ to outlaw groups communicating extreme views.”  Neither of these acts would, under British law, be criminal acts by themselves, but breaching the orders would be a crime.

Writing in the Telegraph newspaper, May said the British government needs to “stop people travelling to fight in Syria and Iraq” and for that reason she had removed the passports of some 23 “British citizens who want to travel abroad to engage in terrorism.” She also announced that of those with dual nationality, she would strip them of their British nationality and deport them.

None of these measures will, despite May’s claims, solve the problem at hand. This is because she, like the rest of her party, have failed to understand the racial nature of the Islamic conquest of Europe. May seems to actually believe that, given enough time in Europe, these Middle Easterners will  actually just become “Europeans,” albeit darker-skinned ones.

This delusion is emphasized in May’s concluding comments in the Telegraph: “As the Prime Minister wrote recently in The Telegraph, we are in the middle of a generational struggle against a deadly extremist ideology. We will be engaged in this struggle for many years, probably decades.”

In other words, May appears to believe that this “problem” will be solved after a few decades—that these Middle Easterners will “stop” being radical over a period of time. This race-blind and false assumption ignores the historically-proven reality that a society’s culture is only a reflection of the people who make up the majority population of that community—and once the majority of the population undergoes a racial change, the society’s culture will change to reflect the inner soul of the new population.

Contrary to May’s delusion, the truth is that the radicalization process will only increase over time, and, as the Muslim numbers continue to grow in Britain and Europe, the IS-aligned ideology will only get bigger and more influential, rather than diminish.

Given the racial demographic realities, it is once again clear that the only path to racial peace and understanding is not through “integration” (which actually means the extermination of white people), nor “segregation” which (as the US, South Africa, and other examples show) amounts to the same thing, but rather complete physical geographic separation.

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  1. Those outside the UK might be surprised to learn the ‘Conservative’ party are one of the most popular political parties and THE party thought by most voters to be the hardest on immigration and foreigners coming to live here. Alas, they are not. Like the other two parties they’ll all in hock to NWO and ‘Common Purpose’. All 3 have allowed soooo many immigrants to settle here they now HAVE to include them in their manifestos. At our last General Election the ‘Respect’ party (a party represented by an extreme hard-line communist) won a seat in our lower house solely on the Mudslime vote. Sadly the UK isn’t the only western European country in dire trouble with regard to Islam and massive immigration.

  2. Why stop them going,let them go,but bar from returning,and remove passport/citizenship if proved that they mix with the enemy,and as far as dealing with these anti anything western people,that only follow one ideology hate preachers with asbo’s,you would get more of a reaction from them if you hit them with a wet lettuce leaf.

  3. ASBO`s ?? Gosh ! how terribly hardline – the woman certainly means business ! Definitely going in for the kill with this one !!
    Anyone with a modicum of sense would breathe a sigh of relief, clang our gates tight shut and issue a re entry ban.
    No wonder “this will go on for generations” if we carry on gently pussyfooting around.

  4. Yes indeed ” She’s not called the Pig-Iron Lady” for nothing. Anymore extremism from the Moslem extremists and she will send another email, telling them they are “Very Naughty”.

  5. The woman is agreedy money grabbing traitor.Aways been a euro sceptic. Amazing what a little Goldman Sachs money will do. When I was a kid (war baby) everybody grew their own veg and many kept either chickens or PIGS in their back gardens the latter is smelley but not a bad idea.certainly keep the neighbourhood clear of invaders. Just a thought.

  6. looking back on this article now in 2018 when the quisling sharia may is pm make you guys look like Nostradamus to our many , the rest of us knew she was a useless puppet

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