Britain Sets New BMI Standards for Asians

The reality of race has been confirmed once again with the news that the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has changed standard obesity measure threshold for Asians and other “ethnic groups” living in that country.

According to new rules set out by NICE, Asians and “other ethnic groups” (whites, as readers will know, in the eyes of the establishment, are not an “ethnic group”) must be extra careful about their weight because they are prone to diseases like diabetes.

The new target brings the UK in line with Indian and World Health Organization recommendations and says that a 5ft 11in (1.8m) Asian man should weigh below 165 lb (75kg).

An Asian woman who is 5ft 3in (1.6m) should weigh less than 130 lb (59kg).

The guidelines say a healthy weight should be gauged according to a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a measure of how much weight is appropriate for height.

A BMI is calculated by taking a person’s weight (in kilograms) and dividing it by their height (in meters) and then squared to give a “BMI score.”

According to the official guidance on the NICE website, Professor Mike Kelly, Director of the Centre for Public Health at NICE, said that the “point at which the level of body fat becomes risky to health varies between ethnic groups.

“Healthcare workers should apply lower thresholds to people from black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups than to those of white European descent.

“Excess body fat contributes to more than half of cases of type 2 diabetes, one in five of heart disease and between 8% and 42% of certain cancers (breast, colon and endometrial). The number of people affected by these health conditions is far greater among black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups—despite rates of obesity among these groups being similar to the white population.”

In the UK, people of black African and African-Caribbean origin are three times more likely to have type 2 diabetes than the white population, the NICE guidance continued, adding that Type 2 diabetes is also more common among Chinese people and that “people from all of these groups are more at risk of stroke.”

In addition, the NICE guidance said, people of “mixed family origin” who “have parents of 2 or more different ethnic groups” are also affected by the new rules.

Once again, medical science has confirmed what has long been denied by leftist extremists: namely that race exists and has a very real biological basis.

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