Racial Psychology: Why Do Black People Want to be White?

Imagine if, tomorrow morning, you woke up and found that every white woman you saw was wearing an Afro wig and had painted themselves black.

Not just one white woman, or even a few, or a “trend,” but EVERY white woman.


What would you think?

Would you think there was something strange going on?

Would you not wonder what would drive every white woman to want to hide their natural hair and deliberately adopt another race’s physical features?

You would, no doubt, think it very weird.

If every white woman you saw was “trying to be black,” you would correctly assume that there was some deep, dark, psychological process at work.

Perhaps some sort self-hatred, envy, desire to emulate . . . something.

Doubtless there would be TV shows about the phenomenon, about what psychological sea-change had occurred to make this happen . . .

Yet strangely enough, almost all black people today have gone to the most extreme measures to appear as white as possible—and no-one has dared to explain it on a racial psychological level – except, of course, to blame white people for “racism.”

Black hair straighteners, or “relaxers” as they are now deviously called, have flooded the world market. They are as common in Africa as they are among black populations in Europe and America.

Everywhere you look, African females suddenly have straight or “good” hair, as they call it.

The black comedian Chris Rock has even made a film about the phenomenon, called “Good Hair” which revealed that his community spends $5,000 per treatment to get “good” (i.e. straight) hair and that the industry is worth $9 billion a year in America alone.

You hardly see a “natural” haired African person any more.


Michelle Obama without a wig.
Michelle Obama without a wig.
Michelle Obama with wigs.
Michelle Obama with wigs.
Michelle Obama's hair extensions stand up in the wind.
Michelle Obama’s hair extensions stand up in the wind.

Not only the females, but also the men.


Black males, such as Barack Obama, now keep their hair closely cropped to avoid being seen with “African” hair.

The Obamas au naturale.
The Obamas au naturale.

In addition, skin lighteners are all the rage, with a lighter skin tone being openly acknowledged as being “better” and associated with beauty and intelligence amongst black communities.

The Associated Press recently looked into why and how more and more people in Jamaica’s slums are “using skin bleaching cream to ‘lighten’ their complexions. Skin lightening is nothing new, especially in third world countries in Africa and also in India, which boasts the biggest marketplace for these dangerous creams.” According to the AP, “hardcore bleachers use illegal ointments smuggled into the Caribbean country that contain toxins like mercury, a metal that blocks production of melanin, which give skin its color, but can also be toxic.”

Hair relaxers are also dangerous chemicals which “work” by breaking the bonds which naturally strengthen hair. In other words, “straight” hair on Africans is chemically-damaged hair.

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side-products1There are numerous side effects to hair relaxers, varying from extreme scalp burns to hair loss. One of the “unknown” side products (unknown to white people, at least) is something called “Temple Balm” which is applied to the temples of black females in an attempt to generate a full head of hair as part of the illusion.

White people are also mostly ignorant of the extent to which blacks wear wigs as part of their everyday wardrobe.  In fact, most “long” hair that one sees on black females today is a wig or what is called a “hair extension” (fake or human hair bonded into the wearer’s real hair to create the illusion of long flowing locks).

This process actually requires glue and adhesive, another “side product” virtually unknown to white people.

The big questions remain:

(1) why do black people, en masse, want to look like white people? And

(2) what would people say if ALL white females wanted to have Afro hair?

To answer the first question, some liberals and black activists have resorted to the old standby excuse: blame white “racism.”

This line first came to prominence in the 1960s, during the famous “Brown vs Board of Education,” which was a school desegregation court case in America. Part of the proceedings including a film of an experiment conducted by black activist Kenneth Clark.

Black children were shown two identical dolls, one dark-skinned and the other white-skinned. When asked which one they preferred, almost all chose white doll. This was presented to the court as “evidence” of racial stereotyping which segregation had caused, and was pivotal in persuading the court to order desegregation (the events are detailed outlined in Carleton Putnams’s book, Race and Reality).

The argument was that black children aspired to be white because of “racism” and segregation, and that if they were allowed to mix freely with whites, this sense of self-inferiority would vanish.

The interesting part is that this experiment was conducted once again in 2007 in New York City by a young black filmmaker, Kiri Davis. Using identical props, young black kids at a school in the city were asked to choose the “best” doll.

Six decades after desegregation, the results were identical.

The black children said that the white dolls were better and that the black dolls were bad. They even identified themselves with the black dolls, when specifically asked. The video, which unintentionally also reveals many other racial psychological insights, can be seen here.

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In other words, sixty years plus of desegregation has not done away with the black desire to be white – and this is nowhere better reflected than in the huge hair relaxer and skin lightener business.

The blame for a “desire to be white” can therefore no longer be put at the door of “segregation” (i.e. white people’s fault.)

The real reason for the white doll experiment results, the hair relaxer and skin lightener craze, is simply that the white aesthetic norm is desired by all races.

This is the simple fact, and it is nothing short of wicked and malicious to “blame” white people for this reality.

If tomorrow morning, all white women started applying chemicals to themselves to look black and started wearing Afro wigs, society would question their psychological well-being, not blame black people.

The time is surely long past for some racial reality in the world today.

Recommended reading:  Race and Reason: A Yankee View and Race and Reality: A Search for Solutions by Carelton Putnam. Both these classic works are now back in print from Ostara Publications.

The author was one of America’s foremost writers on racial matters. Holding science and law degrees from Princeton and Columbia universities, he was founder and president of Chicago & Southern Airlines, which later merged with another company to become Delta Air Lines. Putnam served as chief executive of Delta, and remained a director until his death in 1998.

Race and Reason was his first book which explained the reality of race in the face of a determined assault on racial realism in the 1960s. Written in question and answer format, this book answers every liberal argument on race with passion, reason, compassion, and intellect. It is a testament to the fact that some people, at least, understood racial dynamics at the height of the “civil rights” assault on Western Civilization.

Race and Reality is the sequel to his earlier work, Race and Reason. Written in the form of a midnight soliloquy, Race and Reality recounts the author’s experiences with the scientific hierarchy. It reviews the evidence for racial differences, the crisis facing the white world, and tells the inside story of the Stell trial and explores the methods by which the truth about it has been evaded and ignored.

Finally, in a question and answer section similar to that in Race and Reason, it deals with the scores of related issues which so often confuse the central problem. In the last two chapters, it focuses on that problem and proposes a solution.

Link for Race and Reason.

Link for Race and Reality.


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137 thoughts on “Racial Psychology: Why Do Black People Want to be White?

  1. Funny and its true. I had several black guys wanted to look differently by skin and look like whites guys where I’m from.

      1. eminem has bleached blonde hair, just cause he raps doesnt make him want to be black. he doesnt rap about pimps and hoes

        is every black who wears shoes, or a suit or jeans trying to be white?

      2. why does the white rapper issue always lead to eminem? he wasn’t the first white rapper and he won’t be the last. the beastie boys were white rappers long before eminem. not every white rapper wants to be like eminem.

          1. FOR ALL : D

            If the intellectually honest will bother to do some serious research THEY WILL FIND Jews don’t ever claim TO BE “white”. 1)

            Jews will LET YOU ASSUME whatever is politically advantageous FOR THEIR TRIBE.

            Jews do love it when misinformed people will blame THE “WHITE man” for what The ruling Jewish oligarchy have done and are STILL doing, and yet are NEVER held accountable for their misdeeds – BY ANYONE.

            1) According to the Supreme Court it was also established by Justice Byron White that Jews are NOT White in the 1987 U.S. Supreme Court Case of Shaare Tefila Congregation vs. John William Cobb, 481 U.S. 615.


            In that case the Jews were successful in being classified as non-whites by applying an 1865 Civil Rights decision which was written to insure recently freed blacks from being discriminated against by whites including Jews.

            Jews indoctrinate their own with this same umbrella theme:



            Jews consider themselves a unique race which is filled with multiracial melting pot.

      3. no no no no no ! I would never be white, or American. When traveling abroad when asked if I’m American I say no, Im from Africa or Canada. the us is an embarrassment

  2. Because people would rather be lighter or closer to white so they can escape all the difficulties that come with being a black person. Being that the majority of America is white (Due to colonization of America), The perception of what beauty is depends on what the majority is. That causes people to want to be like everyone else (white) and not want to be like the group of people that is portrayed as ugly or just not as good looking because they are the minority, although every race is beautifully in their own way. The perception of beauty is just an opinion, and when that opinion is plastered on billboards and TV ads, people will try and imitate it to be beautiful. If Afros and black people were all over magazines, TV ads, and billboards the perception of what beauty is would be different, then white people would be changing themselves to meet the standard of beauty.

    1. Note so my friend. In India the majority of people are darker skinned. Why would the darker skinned people who has never been oppressed try to have lighter skin color like the Indians from the North of India. These are more closely related to the Iranian etc.

      Truth can not be argued away, sorry.

      1. The darker skinned Indians have been oppressed. For a long time there was a racist system in India called the Caste system where the darker skinned Indians were the lower caste such as the Sudras and the Dalits (aka Black Untouchables) and the lighter skinned Indians were the higher caste such as the Brahmins.

      2. So true, in india all celebs want to look white it seems, all indian men want a blonde girl, it saddens me, but all blacks want to be white, but hispanics are happy with themselves, yet the whites want to look tanned, more asian middle eastern…. it will never end…. we all must accept it

        1. Not true, not every black person wants to be white. I think black women want to be white women more than black men wanting to be white men. I agree it’s ridiculous, but please don’t say everybody. I don’t want to be white. A lot of black women though do have identity issues.

          1. I don’t think the point was that _all_ do, but that a good number, or a lot more than you might expect do.

    2. Ok if that’s the case then why is THE top makeup product IN the world a product that makes the skin look whiter?? ASIANS Women are mainly the reason for this too.. Its a world thing not an American things and blonde females with white skin make up a very small percentage of world population yet get most of the praise! Whether you like it or not, it is the truth.

    3. I disagree. White, Indian, coloured, and Chinese South Africans who are in the minority are not changing their appearance to look like black majority.

      1. Okay let’s even assume the white pple did a bad bad thing, by tam we got over it man. Now that we hv d opportunity to do things ourselves, let’s forget the past and do smtin meaningful with our lives.
        If we sit here and sulk over the wounds on our legs, we won’t move forward and if we don’t move forward, we shld be rest assured dat the worst is yet to happen cos no one is ever going to respect sm1 who’s not resourceful.. So stop blaming white pple and take a stand for urself. By tam, we moved forward y’all. We cn start dat by accepting ourselves, physiologically and psychologically.

        1. Agreed that the memories of Transantlantic slave trade is very painful, yet we can’t keep ourselves immobile because of that. U r right on point my friend. I’m black and thankful to GOD for it.

          1. Oh what do you mean the memory of the trans-Atlantic slave trade is very painful??? Does it keep you up at night, hearing the whips crack, and the chains rattle-and all your fellow slave prisoners screaming and crying?? What a crock. Most of the ones capturing the slaves and selling them were Arabs and African blacks, btw…do you ever read? I am of an Irish background myself-the Irish were discriminated against for years in N. America, and in England. Do you hear them whining and crying about two and three hundred years ago? No. Most of the Irish were forced off their own land, and made to emigrate- but instead of using it for an excuse, and blaming everyone and everything else, they did the best with what they had, and now are leaders in almost every field, and thrive in many different lands.

    4. True. Blond-haired Bette Midler was raised in Hawaii; she said she grew up envious of the beautiful, thin Hawaiian girls.

      In Africa, the white Missionary kids who grew up around all Africans, gradually had their sense of beauty changed: they wanted to be black!

      And like you said: advertising is designed to make EVERYONE unhappy with their looks, so they rush out to spend $$ on stupid products.

      1. T – don’t know where you get that from but I have never known any whites who wanted to be black. So that is nonsense about Missionary kids.

      2. YES! Advertisement succeed in selling useless junk because people actually believe their lies. (My choice is when I see an advertisement I avoid that brand and buy another.)


        1. It’s a cultural superiority complex. Africans will take on European names as well as they are considered nice. I was in Cameroon where I could not get a family to call me by my African first name but preferred to call me my Christian middle name. I see the mimicking of European features mostly in countries in Africa which have been heavily occupied by Europeans. It’s mostly a women because the emphasis on beauty is placed on them not men. Humans are frail creatures they copy whatever they see. Do not underestimate the power of media it effects us all regardless of your ethnicity

          Women in Zambia and Cameroon Invest in Artificial Hair to Keep Up With Trend

    5. Can’t agree with the “majority” theory OK. In Africa we (white)are the minority by much but the choice of the majority (black) still aspire to be white!! Advertising & billboards are also targeted towards the majority & “we” do not aspire to be like the majority. Another theory?

      1. How do you think that would be knowing that the Afrikaners owned all the land and money, and even opressed the black majority with apartheid for a long long time?
        The majority of indigenous africans are proud to be african and black, believe me on that.
        It is only a minority that really wants to be white so they would not have to deal with all these social status issues anymore.

        1. Uhm Rutger, it is obvious you are not from Africa because if you were, you would have known that there are many Asians (Indians and those from the East), who are Multi Millionnaires but never advertise it. Both those in Durban, Johannesburg and also Cape Town. Even more so than the farmers!

          1. PullofunaPullo

            - Edit

            Africa is not South Africa or Johannesburg. South Africa is too Westernized of an African country to be even considered African at times. Most Africans are proud people not suffering from inferiority complex

    6. We have now had a few decades of intense Political Correctness, according to which blacks are absoulutely perfect and saying anything remotely critical about them is considered racist. Yet, is it really racist if you think white look better than blacks? Little black kids have not experienced any racism, yet they prefer white dolls. Jesse Jackson was all excited that Vanessa Williams became Miss America but she looked more white than black. Ella Fitzgerald was very popular and very black but Beyonce obviously prefers to look white. Who can blame her (except politically correct nuts)?

    7. This is a new day and age??? Black people have come up in the world… If people want the real them be portrayed as beautiful, they have to stop trying to be someone else!!!

    8. If the “perception of what beauty is depends on [majority]”, how do you explain this same phenomenon in Africa?

  3. It’s not true in the least bit.

    If anything, I find it be the other way around.

    A lot of white people want to be black so bad, they do dumb shit to appear like they’re cool. Until they’re reminded that they’re just caucasian 🙁

    1. Many white youth take on bits and pieces of black culture, because frankly, its part of american/culture and they can appreciate it. At the end of the day though, they take off their doo rags, baggy pants, and oversized t-shirts and are still perfectly white. When they get older, or look for a job, believe me they won’t dress, act, or talk like they are anything but white. No matter how hard blacks strive to be white, they can’t peel their melanin cells off and be white. It just doesn’t work that way. No matter how many skin bleaching treatments and hair perms they get, they are still black. It is what it is. Its sad that even black children don’t see their own race as something attractive. Nobody wants to be black barbie.

    2. Really? Then how do you explain all these Blacks bleaching their skins with toxic skin peelers, straightening their hair and sticking plastic up their noses to make it look long and narrow? And honestly, they look ridiculous as you can see the frizzy hair on their hairlines. Some of them are even going bald but still persist in playing White.
      No Whites that I know want to be black.

    3. No they like the thug lifestyle… The Lifestyle… Not the color of anyones skin… And that’s sad that it’s associated like that…

  4. In my opinion it is not the desire to look white.It seems like schools jobs stores restaurants and society in general will accept people better if they looked more “white”.Thus a defense mechanism.

  5. The sad fact is that natural african style has been made to look unprofessional, and unattractive in media do you think people would take him seriously if he wore an afro or had long black locks obviously not because those styles are for hippies and “crazy white people”

  6. Perms and weaves is a good way to say your not poor. it takes ALOT of money to maintain and keep weaves and perms vs just natural plus its all about time if I was to wear a afro I might as well go back to the 70s and jump in the soul train line, but soul train is played out just like afros so do you see us still using 8 track tapes no we all use ipads so should I go off on the world and say yall wrong for not using 8 track tapes and yall dont appreciate your history of 8 track tapes no we have all thistechnology all these beauty products there is no reason why we should be using 8 track tapes or wearing afros at the end of the day all im saying is a afro

    1. They don’t have to wear a fro. I’ve seen some really nice natural hairstyles on black women. In fact, just this morning I looked out the bus on my way to work and there were 2 black women (about 40ish) standing at the bus stop. One of them was was wearing her hair natural and, although short, not cropped and not anyway like a fro. It was nicely cut/styled around her ears, forehead and neck so she looked very smart and professional. She also had a pair of earrings on that sparkled. In contrast, the other one had straightened her hair in that way that to me does not enhance their looks and often makes me think “Am I the only person that thinks it looks weird? Do they really think it looks good or are they just conforming?”

  7. The only problem here is that one day a guy thought “I must create a new image to sell my product. I know, I’m gonna use a prototype person and everyone will want to be like that”. And then, it began the ilusion of “beauty”, with only one way to be: white, slim, tall, “well shaped” noses, white teeth, etc. It happens to women of all races, and every ad tells you: you are ugly and old. We can sell to you a miraculous sh*t to make you hot and forever young- And to be “perfect”, as the want us to believe, we must eat nothing and have several surgeries to change our parents facial features. We all have our own beautiful characteristics, because that makes us unique, we are not mass-created barbies. If you search, you will find that every “beautiful” actress, model or whatever…never has a happy-ending guaranteed, most of the times is the opposite. Love is beyond that image, you are loved because of what you really are, yourself.

    1. Yes. Beauty is nothing but an opinion, but its been made into something soo much more because of what other people advertise as beautiful.

    2. NOPE LOL

      men have desires in beauty that correspond with good genetics and healthy offspring

      you libtards idea that everyone is brainwashed by advertising is laughable.

      People have opinions on everything about what is best (cars,sports,schools) you really dont think there would be a general consensus on who is the most beatiful.

      infact beauty is determind by facial symmetry. The more perfect your facial symmetry is the more handsome/beautiful you are.

      So humans didnt even consciously decide this, keep trying to justify being a ugly troll though LOL

      1. “men have desires in beauty that correspond with good genetics and healthy offspring”

        Very true. The same is also true for women.
        It takes a male and a female to reproduce after all, such is the biological nature of our species; and the best traits in a mate are desirable to animals of all species accordingly, not just ours.

        I, too, am sick of the ‘feel-good’ rhetoric others are spouting. This is biology, not religion.

  8. I am of mixed South Asian (Indian) and English origin. Some people perceive me to look Indian while others think I look Southern European. A while ago I worked for a Japanese company. A Japanese colleague told me how the Japanese feel intimidated by white people partly due to the fact that they think they look better. She perceived me to look Indian and told me they would feel more comfortable around me as I looked similar to them. Not long afterwards I was at a festival and we got chatting to a couple of Japanese tourists. One of them started saying how ugly all Japanese women were and how she wished she looked like me because I was apparently so beautiful. She told me my my features and build were so much more attractive because I was European.

    This leads me to think it is the perception that some one is ‘white’ which leads them to be deemed more attractive rather than actual features. After all nothing about the way I looked had changed between the two incidents, yet the woman who saw me as Asian implied that I really wasn’t very attractive, while the one who saw me as white, was practically stamping her foot with envy at my alleged beauty.

    This surely shows, that at least to some degree, the idea that the white aesthetic is the ideal, is a product of global white supremacy and racism, and not innate as this author claims.

    1. @Saturn — Oh so it’s all white peoples’ fault, is it? “White racism” “white global supremacy” blah blah.
      What rubbish.
      I am sick and tired of white people being blamed for everything.
      Get it straight: we are NOT responsible for the behavior of other people–THEY are.
      It’s about time non-whites stopped blaming people for all the things they do, and take responsibility for their own actions instead of childishly blaming white people all the time.

      1. Rubbish?? Lol. Its just a funny word…. no one is blaming whites… and yeah I agree, its stupid everyone blames white ppl for their own idiocracy. Its that everyone loves what they cant have, so just dont get mad, be happy every race wants to look like u.

    2. I am very pleased for you that your exceptional beauty has caused such a stir. Most probably the Japanese you spoke with were being polite and self-deprecating as is their habit. They don’t think white people are superior or Japanese women are ugly and it’s ridiculous to suggest they are as gullible as you suggest.

      The Japanese are a great example of how pride in cultural traditions and race creates a cohesive and law-abiding society.

      1. I gave an example of two Japanese people that I spoke to and was comparing the difference in how they appeared to perceive me based on whether they saw me as white or non-white. I do not by any means think I am a raving beauty. However the Japanese person who seemed to think I was of purely European origin was adamant that I was far more attractive than Japanese women. She wasn’t just being polite, she reiterated her point at length. I also described another Japanese woman who perceived me as non-white. She again told me that whites were better looking than the Japanese, and told me I looked similar to the Japanese (despite being of partial South Asian origin, and not East Asian). The implication was obviously that she didn’t see me as as attractive as the average white person. I know this is obviously only a sample of two people, however I still think it is of interest in a discussion of why non-whites apparently want to look like white people. It means it is possible that a person of somewhat ambiguous appearance can be perceived to be more attractive when they are perceived to be white than when they aren’t. if this is the case, then it can’t be simply that white people are better looking. It’s not ridiculous to suggest the Japanese think this way, the whole globe is influenced by white dominance. They were saying what they thought, and anyway the one who saw me as non-white was hardly being polite, if anything she was putting me down, as she also told me that the Japanese look down on South Asians.

    3. This is one of the stupidest and most ignorant things I’ve read in some time. I’m so tired of people trying to blame whites for everything. Take/responsibility for your own shit. You can only fart I’m an/elevator so long and blame others until you’re in there alone with no one to blame

    4. If this is true, it’s peoples own insecurities, that are screwing with them… Don’t blame white people, when they should be blaming themselves…

  9. Actually, though many people will hate to hear this, the real reason people want lighter skin is because lighter skin is more aesthetically pleasing.

    That’s not to say ‘white’ people skin is better looking than ‘black’ people skin, but that a lighter, fairer tone of whatever skin color you have is simply more pleasing to the eyes.
    Don’t mistake ‘light’ with ‘white’ A ‘black’ person can have lighter, fairer skin than a ‘white’ person. Asians, whites and blacks all have a different shade of skin, but all look very nice with a lighter skin tone.

    All that being said, it’s true there is a strong inferiority complex many non-whites feel towards whites. Much like most, if not all countries have an inferiority complex to an extent in regards to America.
    It’s no small wonder with their current position in the world. The less privileged will always have an inferiority complex of the more privileged.

    1. The fact of the matter is that people with darker skin are taught to hate themselves because darker skin people are the majority while lighter skinned people are the minority and darker skinned people can live better under the sun than lighter skinned people without suffering from much of the effects of skin cancer.

      1. David, I’m sorry you hate yourself. I’d suggest getting a job and taking responsibility for your own life as a good way to increase self esteem.

      2. ……and that’s why we invented sunblock. Funny how there are solutions to problems which don’t involve killing, stealing or shifting blame.

    1. And why you white mothafuckas always dipping in black people affairs? Remember I can’t steal anything from some crackerjack because he already stolen it. So do you get the picture why so called minorities come to white countries? Sounds like you need a history lesson.

    1. Very true, ask any black lady where they are from, they will say america, but im half native american! Which is bs because they look like the average black person. Lol. They all just hate themselves terribly….

  10. @ Bob fairlane,why are white people in black and native american countries ? that is the real question. go back to your cock-ass mountains please.

    1. What is a “native american” country, anti-white? Are you referring to the Siberian Asians that WALKED over the Bering Strait land bridge around 10,000 years ago? Immigrating automatically precludes one from the title of native.

      As for “black” countries, no one in their right mind would want to live in a country run by a “people” that can’t master bucket sanitation. If there are whites in Sub-Saharan Africa, it’s certainly not to be around blacks. It’s about resources, unfortunately, and the Chinese are the newest Sub-Saharan visitors. The Chinese are a lot less likely to put up with your monkey shines than ebil ol YT. Should be fun to watch.

  11. In monogamy-practicing European societies girls were given a *choice* in who they wanted to marry. And what do you know? Girls, when given a choice, prefer to marry attractive men rather than ugly men. ‘Attractive’ of course simply being an outward sign of good genes. So in European societies beauty was *selected* for.

    In non-European polygamous cultures with arranged marriages women had no choice. The most powerful men, even if they were ugly, got all the attractive females. Attractive girls had no choice who they married. So in those cultures beauty was not selected for.

    European women really are more beautiful.

    And if you want to see what females end up evolving into when very *old* powerful men get all the girls, check out Australian aboriginal females. My god they’re ugly

  12. Honestly this is becoming too big of a deal. I am “black” and Filipino. I hear stuff like this everyday at school. And around there, it’s not the adults talking about this, it’s the teens (notice how I didn’t say children, because its not the children.) I hear “black” girls complaining about their hair and getting weaves and perms. To be honest it looks terrible. The “white” girls don’t complain about their hair at all. Now, the Mexican girls dye and bleach their hair, making it become dead. The Asian girls don’t do anything to their hair, they’re pretty confident. But, almost everyone complains about their hair, get over it. There’s no science to it.

  13. Why not? Being white is the s$&&t! Go to all the nice areas of the world and white people are there, walking freely and happily. Being dark skinned sucks! No minority who wants more out of life is going to think about marrying a black person. Yes, there are a lot of rich blacks, but no one automatically envisions themselves living the good life with a black spouse. Face it being dark is a curse. I’m dark and trust me, it really sucks.

    1. No.u should not say that. Who said you had to have light,fair, or pale skin.many people think it looks sick,dead, and alien looking to have white skin. Im not racist

    2. I am of African ethnicity, dark skinned and I love myself. I have beautiful smooth skin and thick natural hair and I am beautiful. Sorry you hate yourself so much.

  14. I’m gonna tell you something: even if you think it’s not true, I think we are obviously being influenced. By SO MANY things.

    Here are some proofs from my own experience:
    First, I’m sorry if what I’m going to say may hurt some people. It was not meant to be.
    I am a girl, when I was young, I was always having crushes on white guys, only. And I even used to think that asian men were rather ugly, like I didn’t really like their face type, eyes ect… But suddenly, I began to be interested in asian culture… and everything changed! The more I was into asian stuff, the more I was interested & attracted to asian men, to the point that even an “average-looking asian” was totally handsome to my eyes! It sounds incredible? But it’s the truth!!

    The same thing happened to me with black guys. I swear I never been more attracted to black men than the time I was IN FOND OF Michael Jackson !!

    Well, I am a little more mature now. And I realised that all “race” has his own beauty, even if some are more praised by our society.
    I feel like if we tried to see all of this with our own eyes, our own vision, not biased we will end up realizing that all races are… just different. There’s no “better” or “inferior”, just differences and all are beautiful in their own way.

    So, maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just a stupid sheep who follows everything (shame on me)… Or maybe the truth is that we are being influenced. I don’t want to believe I am the only one.

    PS: Excuse me for the potential mistakes, I’m not a native english speaker.


  15. It has nothing to do with white supremacy
    How would that be the case when the majority of the country are middle eastern/Arabic people
    And asian so?
    It’s just the fact that Caucasian people are better looking we have better features and people wish to look like us

  16. Fortunately, more black women are embracing their natural hair now. Now I’m going to set things straight; black women have worn weaves and used relaxers for years ONLY because white society had brainwashed them to believe that their natural hair was ugly. Even black dolls were made with straight hair and white features, so buying little black girls black dolls did not help. Jobs did not want to hire black women with natural hair, so black women relaxed their hair or wore wigs. Wigs, weaves, and relaxers were used as a way to survive. I am proud of every black woman who wears her natural hair as a crown, because it takes strength to be different. But it is catching on and I am proud of my natural hair. It is beautiful.

    1. your a joke, you know that right?


      keep taking no responsibly for yourself and see where that gets you in life

    2. Only the weak can be “BRAINWASHED.” Not saying black people are weak, but out of blacks own insecurities have these changes come about… You can’t blame white people for that… It was a choice… And either you accept who and what you are, or you lose yourself and blame the wrong people for it… People need to start blaming themselves… Funny how a turban makes people think of terrorist, but you don’t see Middle Eastern people in America doing away with that…

  17. It’s not true that everyone wants what they don’t have, as 99 per cent of white poeple wpuld never want to be other than whites

  18. Why do black people want to be white? The first known “doll test” that was conducted was also considered evidence that young black girls (and boys) were taught/given the impression that “white was right” and “black was ugly” in the home by black parents. Many blacks refuse to admit (or own up to) this because they will be held accountable for playing a role in the reason why black girls (and boys) wanna be white. Since they had blamed whites/racism for so long, their part would be revealed.

    I have witnessed black parents actually call black children (theirs and others) names like ni**er, ni**a, bi**h, h*e, and other derogatory and offensive names. Why are school age children called such names? This is a form of self-hate/hatred. Black females feel as though speaking this way because:

    1.) Blacks spoke to her in that manner. Family members, neighbors, etc.

    2.) Since black females repeatedly heard this, she views this language as normal. Females don’t recognize that speaking in this manner is just as damaging, if not more, to children.

    3.) These black females hate themselves for being black and she hates her children for having to be black. In fact, she wishes, prays, and dreams for white/light skin children and when it doesn’t she’s disappointed.

    “Six decades later after desegregation, the results were identical” That’s because six decades later these types of black females continue to teach/give the impression that “white is right” and “black is ugly” in the home and around their neighborhoods. Black males also speak this way to young black males so they are just as guilty. Black males and females now call young black boys ni**a all day, everyday. Whites/Racism/Slavery are used as an excuse to what they deem as normal.

    I should point out that ALL black people speak this way to black children or each other.

    1. I am tired of black people calling each other the N word it makes me sick. Im a black girl and i don’t want to be white. I use to want to be asian though cause they look pretty. I just hate the way most black people ACT,like thuggish, loud,ghetto, racist, etc.

    2. The notion that blacks are “taught” to hate themselves has largely been disproven by biology and neuropsychology. Black people actually consistently score the highest self-esteem measures on every psychometric test. Feel free to look it up Google. It is East Asians who actually have racial self hate.

      1. You can’t “teach” people to hate themselves because self-esteem is almost completely genetic, instinctive and hormonal, NOT enviromental. It’s mostly caused by strong testosterone levels and other androgens.

      2. The true reason why blacks casually insult each other is because they naturally care less about the feelings of others (lower empathy) and are less offended by casual insults (except when done by other races). Also, blacks are even more disrespectful to non-blacks than each other as black on white crime statistics show.

      3. “Nigga” is not intended as a insult when by fellow blacks (reclaimed word) and black men casually call ALL women bitches not just their own.

      4. Contrary to popular belief, black on black violence is less frequent than white on white, since only 40.9% of black crime and Violence is against their own race while the white rate is 82.4%.

      5. Self-esteem has NOTHING to do with morals and values and very little to with the environment at all. Just because someone or group behaves in a way YOU think is wrong doesn’t mean that they look down on themselves, that’s just you projecting your biases and fallacies on others. Other people DON’T have the same nature as you.

      6. NONE of the REAL traits linked to low self-esteem/ self-hatred are common to blacks while MOST of the traits linked to high self-esteem are.

      7. Look up Roy Baumeister, J.P. Rushton and Michael Levin and you will realize that most of the nonsense you hear from pop psychology and social “science” is garbage.

    3. 7. Finally, appreciation for white beauty does NOT imply an inferiority complex towards whites. Anyone who has ever lived in a mixed race area will tell you that blacks have ZERO respect for white people and their culture, as black-on-white crime stats in all countries and everyday interactions display. All humans are born with innate aesthetic preferences due to genetic evolution, which includes lighter skin on women. Thats why skin bleaching is an overwhelming female phenomenon. Black men DON’T try to look white, if they did they would would be wearing fake hair too.

  19. Well…I think black people should be natural! They are really unique and that’s a good thing! God made black people like that and they should love it! Like really! They should be grateful that when they get sunburnt they only get darker! Not like us whites we usually turn pink! They are beautiful! So beautiful and they are really special they are the only ones with that type of awesome hair that doesn’t blow when the wind comes! Black people feel prettier when they are like whites. I understand why they have braids becoz the hair is hard to manage but they shouldn’t really relax their hair or put weaves! They are perfect!

  20. In South Africa the story is quite different in my opinion. I think the majority of the blacks do not want to be white,they just put fake hair and relax it but some do their afro’s.In south africa we put that fake hair just to look nice or not to comb our hair for awhile! Black natural hair is hard to maintain! And when we braid it in winter we are actually protecting it from the harsh weather. I honestly also do not get the ones who put weaves! Like really why?

    1. See, I honestly think it has something to do with the area and culture… Not to mention insecurities… Blacks want to blame whites in America, for brainwashing them into doing things like getting weave, but it is out of their own insecurities that they do so… Black people have brainwashed themselves… I think America has this huge EVERYONE SHOULD BE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT problem… No matter the color of the skin… It’s a Hollywood problem…

  21. To be really honest black people look wayyy prettier with their afro’s it makes them unique. They should love what God gave them its true! I think black people where experimenting when they first saw white peoples hair and wanted to feel how it is to have their hair.unfortunatly or fortunatley the things blacks do to make their hair like white peoples are temporary! In the bible it even says in 1 Peter 3:3-5 “Your beauty should not come from the outward adornment,such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearinf of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather is should be that of inner self,the unfading of a gentle and quiet spirit,which is of great worth in God’s sight.For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to adorn themselves.”

  22. Being an African girl living in a rural African community, we here revel in our gorgeous African hair. That being said however, most working ladies cannot keep up with constant hair manipulation- which causes breakage hence the weaves/relaxers. It doesn’t make them any whiter, it just helps them easily manage and protect their hair. Colourism is a big issue in Africa. I grew up very dark skinned, loving my tone but even when I was three I knew lighter skinned babies were considered prettier, lighter skinned girls were considered beautiful while those of us on the darker side were considered ugly. I loved my skin then, I still do, but I can acknowledge that even in my adult word, ‘beautiful’ is not the first compliment I get when I meet new people, yet it is the most repeated compliment that the lighter skinned African girls and women receive. Be they African, Indian and Asian, self love and self acceptance is something that has to come from within. I am glad that I have lived being sheltered by my environment, and it is not difficult to imagine why a girl who grows up surrounded by silky hair and ‘acceptable’ skin colour wouldn’t want just that for herself too.

    1. Hello Angela, I’m also an African and I love/admire dark chocolate women. They are beautiful and deserved to be admired. Nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone calls a dark skinned woman ugly it is because that person is uneducated and living in a world of inferiority complex. You are a queen no matter what.

  23. I am a south african coloured. I have fair skin and curly hair. I see a lot of my black friends with staright weaves and relax their hair. My one friend has an afro. She looks so beautiful in it. I just adore black people with their natural hair. It is a rare thing but I just love it. I wish I could do a afro but my hair falls down every time. I think we all need to be happy with who we are. I don’t believe every black person wants to be white, there are some that maybe admires the straight hair or fair skin. But then a lot of white people tans just to be darker

  24. I think the biggest bullcrap is when blacks especially the women try to sound super white to appease to white people. They think they are being professional and only want to make friends with whites and stay far away from other blacks. Believe me when I say that blacks hate themselves more than any other skin colour, it’s so disgraceful and disgusting. What is with the inferiority complex and being proud of who you are. Most blacks living in America today (the ones that think they are educated) would much rather go to Europe than have anything to do with Africa. I mean what the heck?

    They even dye their hair like white woman’s hair (blonde) then start talking like white women. Ugggh, it’s a complete turn off. For me, that’s why I must marry a genuine African woman, and not one of these wannabes who thinks that being black is a plague.

    I’ve also noticed a recent trend with the self-haters. The black woman/man would often talk low/bad of the opposite sex and then speak of white men/women as if they are some kind of Gods, and that they treat them better. A lot of brainwashed people fill this Earth. They place every black person in one category.

    1. Whoa. This is a really ignorant comment. You said that you hate it when they try to speak white/professionally? There is no such thing as trying to speak like a white person, it’s called speaking properly. This is implying that all black people don’t speak properly. Calm yourself person

      1. That is bull crap. We in Africa have our own accents. When black Africans start trying to imitate how Americans speak, then that is pure inferiority complex. I am not American, I’m actually Nigerian and we have a plethora of accents. I have what is called a Nigerian Fulani accent. Yet there are people in Nigeria who want to behave white-washed.

  25. Well for me i thinks white has dominated the entire word ether through music fashion just hate when i seen a black person wanting to be white crazy

  26. I went into a toy r us store yesterday and I chose the white doll for my niece cause the black doll was actually ugly. Nothing to do with psychology or self hate the doll was ugly. So I think this has something to do with the children prefering the white doll. If the manufacturers made the black dolls cute more children would chose them. But instead they make them ugly to create the illusion that the black race is ugly. Which is a lie because you find ugly and beautiful people in every race.

    1. Funny enough the last time I visited Poland I spotted that lots of girls ( white ) had those really cute black dolls.
      I am sure though they do not dream to be black.

      1. I would be willing for White people to be considered ugly and inferior if we could be allowed to have our own country and be left alone by jews and non Whites.

        But when non Whites get to live in our countries then we have to deal with their problems and problems they create for us.

        Their inferior complexes, their envy, their hatreds, their accusations of White Supremacy, White privilege, their constant demands that they need jobs and if they had jobs their kids would not be running the streets committing crimes and all the rest of it.

        Of course it never occurs to anybody anywhere that blacks should create their own jobs after 50 years of PC, affirmative action, EBT cards and their promotion in sports and entertainment.

        So claim that blacks are beautiful and smart and victims of White evil but just claim it in your place and leave us in ours.

  27. Black persons blame white persons for everything ! They are like children incapable to face their own responsabilities and they hide behind the famous “race card” or even “racism” !
    Lately Chris Rock stated that Hollywood is a “white owned industry”, but 80% of Hollywood positions are held by jewish persons, yet jewish persons are not white persons !!! Is Chris Rock afraid to loose his Hollywood job had he said that Hollywood is a jewish owned industry ? Another typical example of black people cowardness…
    The black people are too coward to point out that jewish bankers built the slave ships, that 90% of the slave merchants were jewish, that most cotton fields were jewish owned, that the sugar cane commerce was a jewish monopoly.
    The black people “forget” that black people sold their own kind to slave merchants …
    Some white persons were involved in slavery and colonization but they had a very secondary role, the jewish lobby funded the industry of slavery and colonization, the jewish people were using white people to get the dirty job done…
    Today the tendency is switching sides, the jewish lobby is turning black persons against the white persons, the jewish lobby had Obama elected as president, and made the world believe that if you do not support Obama it is only because you are a racist white person…And no black person was behind this Obama election thing but jewish and a minority of wasps (who were bankers of course)…
    Black people blame white persons because now they know nothing will happen to them, but if they start to blame slavery and other issues on the jewish lobby they will face a lot of problems…
    Black people hate white people because they are jealous for what white persons have accomplished … The black persons are too lazy and jealous, therfore they are incapable to create their own things on their own…
    Some of you might say that some black persons are doctors … ok but who invented modern medicine ? Some of you might say that black persons are good in NBA, NFL and MLB … ok but who invented these sports ? And these examples are countless … Black people must step up and start to create ang get things done on their own, they more they rely on these “affirmative action” “positive discrimination” things, the more they demonstrate how inferior they are…
    If non white persons want to look like white persons it’s their problem and not of the white persons. If non white people fancy white people hair, eyes or skin colour, it is not the white people’s fault.
    The mainstream medias are jewish owned and these mainstream medias are always blaming white persons for being racist against black persons…Now they use the black persons to get this dirty job done … what a “coincidence”… Another typical jewish owned mainstream medias typical scam : when a black person commits an act of violence on a white violence, it is never considered as a racist act… yeah I know another “coincidence” …

  28. Black persons blame white persons for everything ! They are like children incapable to face their own responsabilities and they hide behind the famous “race card” or even “racism” !
    Lately Chris Rock stated that Hollywood is a “white owned industry”, but 80% of Hollywood positions are held by jewish persons, yet jewish persons are not white persons !!! Is Chris Rock afraid to loose his Hollywood job had he said that Hollywood is a jewish owned industry ? Another typical example of black people cowardness…
    The black people are too coward to point out that jewish bankers built the slave ships, that 90% of the slave merchants were jewish, that most cotton fields were jewish owned, that the sugar cane commerce was a jewish monopoly.
    The black people “forget” that black people sold their own kind to slave merchants …
    Some white persons were involved in slavery and colonization but they had a very secondary role, the jewish lobby funded the industry of slavery and colonization, the jewish people were using white people to get the dirty job done…
    Today the tendency is switching sides, the jewish lobby is turning black persons against the white persons, the jewish lobby had Obama elected as president, and made the world believe that if you do not support Obama it is only because you are a racist white person…And no black person was behind this Obama election thing but jewish and a minority of wasps (who were bankers of course)…
    Black people blame white persons because now they know nothing will happen to them, but if they start to blame slavery and other issues on the jewish lobby they will face a lot of problems…
    Black people hate white people because they are jealous for what white persons have accomplished … The black persons are too lazy and jealous, therfore they are incapable to create their own things on their own…
    Some of you might say that some black persons are doctors … ok but who invented modern medicine ? Some of you might say that black persons are good in NBA, NFL and MLB … ok but who invented these sports ? And these examples are countless … Black people must step up and start to create ang get things done on their own, they more they rely on these “affirmative action” “positive discrimination” things, the more they demonstrate how inferior they are…
    If non white persons want to look like white persons it’s their problem and not of the white persons. If non white people fancy white people hair, eyes or skin colour, it is not the white people’s fault.
    The mainstream medias are jewish owned and these mainstream medias are always blaming white persons for being racist against black persons…Now they use the black persons to get this dirty job done … what a “coincidence”… Another typical jewish owned mainstream medias typical scam : when a black person commits an act of violence on a white person, it is never considered as a racist act… yeah I know another “coincidence”

  29. Hi Friends,
    im german .100% german 100 % white ,so and im proud to be a german .
    My girlfriend is Irish ( ireland) , i have seen soo many beautiful girls from India ,China , Japan and other parts of asia , there are also beautiful Black Girls so why people hate their own race ?????
    I have noticed a point : there are so many Black / african sports personalities / Actors / Musicians when they get rich and famous they always want to be marrying a white Chick , why??????????

  30. Michelle Karman

    - Edit


    I may have wanted to look like Barbie when I was a kid, but I do NOT want to be White and I’m damn glad I am not, White people age badly, their hair takes on many odors that Black hair doesn’t, and White women look like hags, for the most part, after age 40. I am 45 and often mistaken for 35 and I stopped straightening my hair years ago because if I weren’t born with it, why try to force my natural locks into something not meant to be?!? Anyway, I would rather be a Native American than White.

  31. Western culture is the biggest culture in the world, i think white people are considered attractive because of this influence more than the scientific theories.

    if you don’t get what i mean, i’m meaning how western culture is often viewed as wealthy, glamorous, healthy, fun, etc, all those things that people get a false identity of being cool, right and most of all, attractive.

    My thoughts anyway.

    1. @Grace, you are absolutely correct. Western culture has brainwashed a lot of people and even some Africans (not me) have fallen for it. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a natural African woman who is natural at all ages from 18 to 80.

  32. European girls for me. There are beautiful women in all ethnicities, but most people aren’t attractive. Most white people are easy on the eyes. When I see most blacks, I see wide noses and big lips. Mexicans are short and mostly unattractive. Indians are dark with weird noses, lips, and eyes that pop out. Sorry if this sounds racist, but white people have something most people don’t.

  33. First of all all black and brown people that are obsessed with being white” speak for yourselves and not others? The black people you think wants to be white are just a small percentage, most black and brown people love being who they are and in no way want to have pale pink white skin or blues eyes that don’t even look natural?” I think most black people that want to be white do have some problem or was raised as a white person, or is of mixed race! And all the posters pretending to be black is very deceiving, and yes racist white Americans have always tried to make people think like that about most black people, they have always tried to be up in black people heads and minds, tell their history?” They did make some blacks think they needed to change their hair back in the days, to find work after slavery and civil rights movements, some blacks went for it just to survive and feed their families and it was not because they wanted to be white?” Yes it is some ignorant brain washed that do, and want their kids to be like rich white kids, when most blacks want their kids to have a great education, want them to have the things they didn’t have when they grew up, good jobs, and not be judged by the color of their skin and not all black women speak to their kids the way “a couple of you posters said they all do, that is a lie, and that is how lies get started not to mention racist whites made up plenty to degrade black and brown people because of their jealousy and racism, division if the white man hadn’t went around the world trying to changes people, steal their lands, and rape women and children and coming up with all these color lines because they were so inferior of others that were different from them they made up this system by putting their mixed race from rape together by skin complexions and it shows those types here on this post!” People need to do a history lesson and learn the true story, it was not the blacks that started all this mess around the world!

    They even try to say black people are not smart just another jealous stereotype black people are smarter than any other race, it is ignorance in every race, but when you have wars all over the world and people struggling to survive and being deprive from a education, or being a kid it shows, and don’t have anything to do with being lazy, or didn’t come from anything because you say so.. if people with any sense would put their lies and bias aside and look back in the countries that has war torn areas, cities being destroyed would see that some would be in worst shape to be educated, live a normal life?” Most black people love their bodies, skin color, and being who they are” so don’t do like most racist do them by putting them in the same category as other ignorance?” Most black and brown people love their hair and skin completion more than ever wanting to be white!” Most people I know or have came in contact with don’t want to be white, even some white people hate white people for the mess they have done to the world, with the help of other corrupt individuals but some are just stupid a person?” The reason some people say that is because they are either mixed or because they (most whites) don’t have the problems most people do in a racist country, even poor whites are ignorant to how other whites use them and talk bad about them but they still kiss their buts, if it means hating on people of color, or keeping blacks down?” with that being said does not mean they (people of color) literally want to change their skin color, people love to take things out of context, or start making up things like the small percentage of brain wash black people that would even think like that or because racist made it up?” Black people don’t wear weave because they hate their hair like that small few of stupid black people that dream to be a white person for, whatever reason, like one posted, most black people wear weave for certain styles, to give their natural hair a rest, because some styles they would have to relax their hair and they don’t want to put chemicals in their hair instead they will use a weave for certain events, or straighten their child’s hair for a certain event just like white parents, get their kids hair done for the prom, for picture day, or like how whites get their curly hair straighten or straight hair perm for curl or body?”

    it is always going to be that few that wants what others have, or what others don’t want! Most black men that think they have to have a white women when they get rich and famous is probably because they care for that person, some do it to get back at the white man, some do it because “Hollywood is in control of their personal lives, and match them up with the opposite race, since they are pushing the biracial or mixed race thing that they don’t talk about, and usually when a black man go for a white women over a black is because usually they are not sure of themselves and no black women is going to be bowing down to them, and singing sweet things in their hear to make them feel better if they don’t already know how to be a man. Plus most of the time white women do a lot of things for a man that most black women just is not going to do, or put their lips in places they don’t belong, maybe some but very few since its beginning to be the norm! Black women are strong independent, and is not always desperate for a man, like most white women that want to brag about their no good husbands. If white men didn’t worry about what their families would think, or their inheritance they would more than likely marry out of their race more or date black women if she would have him! Most black men love being black and most can get any women they want, and a lot of times black men have experienced all kinds of different women does not mean they don’t date black women or not like them? but the ones that get on live TV and try to put down black women, and say why they rather have a white women and make up stupid things to justify their wanting something different is not sure of themselves or has small penises or freaks?” They are just being a man? This is just my opinion but I think if black men date out of their race then they should stick to the people of color but if white is what they like so be it, not hating on them but to get rich and famous then spend your money in the racist white society and forget about your people then that is not right?

    Black people with money could be doing a lot more in society like building more businesses, creating jobs for their people instead of investing in everything white, not being bias but that needed to be put out there, and open schools banks, affordable housing for the black people suffering from Katrina or other racism things ect…and seeing where their donations are really going and not making some Ceo at goodwill, or the salvation army a millionaire salary!
    Believe me people most people do not want to be white that is what most whites think and have been conditioned to think, and white people start looking old starting at around 25 years old, look at all those models without makeup, they need it more than any person of color do?” A lot of this stuff said is just lies and stereotypes and people pretending to be someone else to get a response! “Remember that the majority of black and brown people love themselves no matter what a few nuts say they can only speak for themselves and not all! Just wanted to get that out there since it seems the wrong people are making these comments! Good day everyone make peace to the world!

  34. Caucasian variety—I have taken the name of this variety from Mount Caucasus, both because its neighborhood, and especially its southern slope, produces the most beautiful race of persons, This is a quote from meiner a 1800’s scientist. It is more desirable to be light skinned, I’m an attractive white girl and I would dye my hair blonde and put in blue contacts to appear more fair skinned. And i have never seen a white blue eyed blonde haired girl dye her hair dark and put brown contacts in it’s the truth !

  35. When I wear straight hair I don’t look white I look like black woman with straight hair. If I wanted to look like a white woman I’d wear a clothes pin on my nose chop off my lips butt and boobs and eat alfalfa until I resemble a starved greyhound. Yuck.

    1. Starving grey hound Huh ? Wow get a life and maybe go back to your normal hair style and stop trying to force your hair to be what it was never meant to be Thx !

  36. Let’s face it, white men and women are the most sought after. Check all the percentage on dating polls etc. Asian women white women brown women even many black women prefer handsome white men. The opposite is true for beautiful white women. All sorts of Indian men African men Arab men etc. Like beautiful white women. The reason blacks and browns won’t admit that is because of jealousy and self hatred. Ie. Inferiority complex! Obviously also when the bleach their skin and straighten hair. Instead of kindly asking the women if she’s interested they are raping white women in Europe and the west. Very very sick people!!!! That’s why you see tons of angry blacks and browns raping and killing… I’m not surprised.

  37. I really think it is funny when the comment or mentioned that white men rape black women and children! Do a google search for the statistics and you will find that NO white men rape black women! But black men rape white women all the time! I would imagine that having sex with a typical black woman would border along the lines of beastiality

  38. So Far, I know enough africans are embracing their color and their hair. I don’t think that by a guy keeping his hair short it means he is hiding his hair and wants to be white. I think that is a misunderstanding..

  39. For the record I am of African heritage and I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact (not Jamaica, for the uninformed their are many other islands besides Jamaica in the Caribbean). I am proud, natural and beautiful. I have the opportunity to wear my hair however I want but I choose to have it natural and I love it. I have gotten many compliments from people that are of my race and people of other ethnicity.
    Oh btw if God came today and asked me what race do I want to be I would still choose to be of African Heritage. I love my beautiful smooth chocolate brown skin and thick spongy natural hair. I LOVE BEING ME.


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