“Racist Trees” to be Cut Down in California

The increasingly absurd nature of the anti-white mania sweeping the Western world has been dramatically illustrated once again with the announcement that trees growing between a golf course and a black neighborhood in Palm Springs, California, have been declared “racist” and will be cut down.

According to a report in The Desert Sun newspaper in Palm Springs, town authorities will remove a row of tamarisk trees blocking what they called a “historically African American neighborhood”—in other words, a black area in which whites cannot live—from the city-owned Tahquitz Creek Golf Course.

At a meeting with neighborhood residents last week, Mayor Robert Moon, council member J.R. Roberts and other city officials promised residents they would remove the trees and a chain link fence along the Crossley Tract property lines “as soon as possible.”

The newspaper then claimed that “longtime residents of the [black] neighborhood previously told The Desert Sun [that] they believed the trees were planted for racist reasons in the 1960s.”

There is of course, absolutely no evidence for this allegation at all. It is standard practice in golf course developments all around the world, and it is obvious that all that has happened here is that blacks have decided that the trees are “racist” only because the majority of golf club members are white.

This simple truth is however unacceptable to the anti-white maniacs of the controlled media and establishment. The Desert Sun goes on to say that the “invasive tamarisks, which block views of the golf course and San Jacinto mountains, have artificially depressed property values and prevented black families from accumulating wealth in their property over the past half century.”

There is no evidence whatsoever for the last sentence—and it is absurd to even suggest that some trees have “prevented blacks from accumulating wealth in their property,” as if this were true, then the same would apply to literally millions of other people in the US, no matter what their race, who live in properties near trees.

Nonetheless, the establishment is now so cowed by anti-white hysteria that Councilman Roberts actually apologized to the Crossley Tract residents “for any wrongdoing by the city in the past” and said he and the rest of the council “wanted to make the necessary changes to ensure future generations didn’t have to deal with the same problems current and past residents faced.”

City Manager David Ready said the tree removal wouldn’t be immediate as the full city council would have to approve the matter. Arborists would also have to be consulted and the project–like any requiring significant city funds–would have to be put out to bid, Ready said. But he estimated the trees could be down within three months.

Ready previously said estimates the city had received for removing the trees were about $169,000. Approval of expenditures over $20,000 have to go to the city council for the thumbs up, and city officials also have to figure out where, in a city budget stretched thin by rising public safety costs and hundreds of millions of unfunded pension liabilities and retiree healthcare costs, that money will be allocated from.

Ironically, the blacks who are complaining about the “racist” trees want something erected in their place.  According to the Desert Sun, local real estate agent Trae Daniel, who moved into the black neighborhood 14 years ago, has made four demands of the city.

“They include: removing the trees; building a 6-foot privacy wall for residents who want it; installing netting or something similar to prevent errant golf balls from flying into residents’ yards; and planting new trees similar to those seen along other parts of the course,” according to that newspaper.

In other words, a barrier built by the black residents would not be “racist” at all.

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  1. Who knew that black people even lived in Palm Springs or that trees could be racist? Okay, so these people would rather destroy these trees for phony political purposes (Where are the California crazy environmentalist protesters?) and instead, have golf balls flying into their neighborhood at 120mph. Okay then.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha, since when have golf courses depreciated property values? Demolish the whole golf course and put in sewage treatment.

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