Rapefugee Rapes Another Liberal

Yet another German “refugees welcome” liberal activist has been raped by the “asylum seeker” to whom she offered accommodation in Cologne.

A 26-year-old Afghan “asylum seeker” was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the rape last week.

they are not dangerous

According to the Kölner Rundschau newspaper, the victim, a 20-year-old woman, had offered to let the nonwhite invader stay with her in her apartment in the city.

The nonwhite criminal swindled his way into Germany by claiming to be a refugee, and had made contact with the woman through the internet group “Flüchtlinge Wilkommen” (Refugees welcome).

That organization, set up to encourage the Third World invasion, runs a website devoted to allowing liberal activists to make direct contact with the nonwhites and offer them accommodation outside of the state-run invader centers.

The woman and her brother—both enthusiastic supporters of the invasion—offered the use of a spare bedroom to the invader last year in October, the court heard.

On October 25, the nonwhite tried to make sexual advances to the woman, but she told him she was not interested.

Then, later that night while she was sleeping, he entered her bedroom, pinned her down, and raped her. The nonwhite fled the premises, and the victim fled to her brother’s bedroom.

The police were called and were able to arrest the invader shortly afterward. He claimed that the sex was consensual, but evidence presented in court proved he was lying.

It is not known if the woman is still an enthusiastic supporter of the “refugees welcome” movement or if she and her brother have offered their spare bedroom once again.

The woman is however “luckier” than many others who also made the mistake of offering up their houses to the invaders.

The many high-profile cases have included the rape-murder of an American liberal in Vienna by a Gambian “asylum seeker,” and a sex attack on a four-year-old child by an Afghan in Salzburg—after he was invited into a house by the child’s parents to work as a babysitter.

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  1. Just look at that picture. Brainwashed lefty trash. They just haven’t lived and learned yet but will the hard way! Voting should be for over 25s only!

    1. Brainwashed lefty trash come in all ages. You have to say they bring trouble on themselves, hard not to laugh. Impossible to be sympathetic towards such idiots.

      1. Another female member of the Cologne”welcome refugees” group who was
        raped by an invader she had invited to her apartment apologized
        to him for having reported him to the police when told that he had
        suffered from a state of sexual emergency. It seems to me she got what
        she asked for.

    2. like the picture above,they are all stupid kids who do not work and know nothing of life,they have been protected all their lives and don,t know what a bad man is…idiots and they deserve all they get for not listening to their parents just a few lefty sandal wearers

    3. Yep, just like the liberals here in America. They get attacked by the same blacks they champion for. You can find countless examples. Honestly, I don’t feel sorry for these white liberal traitors. They never learn from their mistakes and push even harder with their liberal nonsense.

  2. For those who hide from reality and delude themselves the narrative is they way they want it to be, rather than the way it really is, their day of enlightenment is often most brutal. This is a simple lesson that should have been learned and absorbed years ago without the need for a practical example. I find it difficult to express sympathy for the infantile and stupid.

    1. When we allow our educational systems to begin the process of indoctrinating our children beginning in Kindergarten, this is the result. Our tax dollars at work. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Sad fact.

  3. I have no sympathy what so ever for this girl they are very stupid people who are swept along with what they think is a good cause nutters the lot of them.

  4. Also they think they are superior to the rest of us waving their welcome banners they should be on their knees begging for forgiveness to all the women, girls,men and boys that have been violated by these low life

    1. Yes, they usually do look smug and ‘holier than thou’ but in reality just infantile and stupid. I wonder if their mother knows they’re out.

    2. I have some friends from Germany and I asked them about these clowns with the ‘welcome refugees’ banners. They said many of those ‘welcome refugees’ types are really just, yes, insane liberals or they are paid to hold them. The Jewish-owned media doesn’t show you the tens of thousands of Germans that are marching against Islam or against Merkel or attacking ‘refugee’ centers or forming gangs to attack the migrants there.

  5. Sadly, this is the only way that these liberals will learn, and even more shocking, many will still stand by their ‘humanist’ views after becoming a victim of these animals.
    This world is doomed, unless people emerge who are prepared to do the unthinkable, in order to save humanity from liberal self-destruction.

  6. We don’t want innocents getting hurt in any way, but the Loons welcoming Allah Trash deserve everything bad that’s coming their way. Where do Dummies like that get spawned? They have zero understanding of the evil Muslim mindset, and treat them as if they’re normal beings, who just have a bit of difficulty adjusting to life in a Western nation. There’s no hope that liberals will ever come to grips with reality-none. They will remain Morons until the day they die!

    1. Unfortunately, for every liberal cretin that falls on their own sword, there are ten score other non political women and girls being dragged into this cesspit of despair. All it takes is one liberal to take other young people to a dodgy party, and the lot of them become vulnerable to harassment and assault. Infiltration of the left wing has already begun, let’s move forward with this.

  7. My comment is not against all young people, because it is wrong to tar all of them with the same brush. However, today’s world ie everyone certainly under 30; did not live through the hardships of during WWII and after it irrespective of where you lived. I still had a good childhood, despite rationing and hand-me down clothes; lighting the fire, chopping sticks at 8 years of age, but not one bit of it do I criticise my parents for. Now the world is all about ‘ME’ and the crowd in the photo above are in my opinion “RENT-A-CROWD!” Wait till taxes go through the roof to pay for the invaders, with luck it will cause the taxpayers to act and get rid of Merkel and all the do-gooders.

    1. Yes I remember just after the war on rations and cutting up newspaper for toilet paper and other things which we just accepted as normal. These liberal youth scum just do not have one clue! Brainwashed morons, with IQs of bricks!

  8. “He claimed that the sex was consensual, but evidence presented in court proved he was lying.”
    He didn’t lied. Rape is considered consensual where he came from. It’s just certain people who invited him, forgot to tell him about the house rules, that he’s not in Allah’s land here.
    My only concern is, whether the invader will be deported for good as soon as he gets out of prison.

  9. surely this left wing slut should be prosecuted, first she lures this poor innocent refugee to her flat, has her wicked way with him and then shouts RAPE remember its only this Marxist liars word against the word of this poor traumatised lad, shame on you Germans, oh where is Angela Merkel when one of her guests is the victim of such an injustice.

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