Rapefugee Victim to be Prosecuted

A 17-year-old Danish girl who used pepper spray to defend herself from a rape attack by a nonwhite invader “refugee” in the southern city of Sønderborg will now be prosecuted under the Firearms Act, local police have said.


The picturesque town of Sønderborg; now the scene of nonwhite invader sex attacks.

According to the Danish TV channel TV Syd, the 17-year-old was set upon by the nonwhite invader at 10 at night. The attacker, described as a “dark-skinned English-speaking man,” grabbed the girl by the arm and told her in English that she had to come with him.

She resisted and pulled herself free, whereupon he pushed her over and jumped on top of her, at the same time unbuttoning her pants in preparation for an attempted rape.

The girl managed to pull a pepper spray out of her pocket and sprayed the nonwhite in the face, whereupon he sprang off her and ran away, police spokesman Svend Erik Lassen said.

The street where the attack took place

The street where the attack took place.

The case is being investigated as attempted rape, but it is the charges which have now been brought against the girl which have received media attention in Denmark.

According to the Danish Firearms Act, it is illegal to possess and use pepper spray—even though it is freely available across the continent and there is no active attempt to prevent its importation, as the Sønderborg case shows. Possession of pepper spray can result in fines and up to three months in prison.

Sønderborg lies on the German border, and it is likely that the victim obtained the pepper spray in Germany, where sales of the self-defense spray have rocketed following the ever-increasing rapefugee sex attacks on white women.

“It is illegal to be in possession of, and using pepper spray, so she probably will be charged,” the head of the Sønderborg police, Knud Kirste, told TV Syd. He would not say whether the indictment could be waived because of extenuating circumstances of self-defense.

According to the Danish tabloid BT, police are already investigating a link between the attack and “problems with the local asylum seekers who have attacked other girls” in the city at night.

A local nightclub owner in Sønderborg told BT that ever since a former military barracks in the town had been transformed into an “asylum center,” the sexual harassment had started at the nightspots.

Another article revealed that in the wake of the news about the Sønderborg  attack, many other complaints have been received about sexual harassment carried out by nonwhite invader “refugees” in Thisted, where a new “asylum center” housing 400 nonwhites was built only two months ago.

There are now so many “harassment problems in the city” that the council’s children and family director, Lars Sloth, said that “preventative measures” have had to be taken.

He did not say what these measures were, but said that “Thisted recognizes that there is a problem in relation to several girls in nightspots having been harassed by the city’s refugees.”

In addition, media said, there have also been a number of clashes between “citizens and asylum seekers” after several young women were harassed.

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    1. Just when you thought one of the invaded countries was getting some intelligence, this comes along. Knud Kirste should have actually engaged his undoubtedly left wing brain, before speaking. Unless Europe sinks into a morass of moslem depravity, he’ll be ridiculed for life. Assuming things stay the same, and this young lady is to become the ‘voluntary’ Mother of her own daughter, what advice will she give? If it’s going to happen just smile and say thank you? Or, carry a knife and cut his knackers off, your Dad and I will pay the fine?
      Fiction was never this weird, what do we call it now, Faction?

  1. The people have got to rise up against this NOW.!

    This will hapen again and again, and will keep happening until we’ve been destroyed, and in a couple of generations the indigenous European will be consigned to history, a race which schoolchildren will be taught for centuries had self destructed through liberalism.

    Are all Europeans going to be stepped on by their governments and allow everything they cherish to be wiped away.? It’s unbearable to read these accounts day in day out (but I’m grateful to TNO for bringing us the truth) and watching the people just accept it – ENOUGH.!

    1. The more the authorities prove themselves to be so pro-migrant at the expense of the native population, the sooner the revolution. It won’t take much now.

      1. This is just another example which shows that police and armed forces will be ordered to turn their guns on us though, and the ‘migrants’ still protected at all costs.

        I really am at a loss for the reasoning for this entire mess. Even Merkel knows that most of them are fleeing nothing but poverty, and are from cultures which can never, and will never be compatible with western society – I mean insanity is the understatement of the millennium.!

        1. Stu, you really should not have a problem understanding that the playing field
          has changed, Honour does not exist in mainstream politics, Europe, as is, is
          not a viable economic proposal, the Birth rate needs to be increased so that
          Europe can compete with it’s rivals. Billions of young, virile males in the third
          world (not to say diseased and deranged), So boy meets girl, voluntary or not,
          boy rapes, marries, breeds, murders, make up your own compilation, and so
          it goes, ad finitum, ad nauseum. Conspiracy theory? youtube; Peter Sutherland,
          UN minister for immigration presentation to the House of Lords, June. 2015.
          Too shocking to accept? You’re playing into their hands. Wonder why UK’s
          supposed economy is strong but we can’t look after our own? Same thing,
          this is my theory but based on research: Foreign aid? approx. 16 billion, that
          we know of. Latest splurge? £ billion on malaria research. Worthwhile? Very,
          but doesn’t really benefit UK. Reason; to spend as much pre moslem takeover
          so as to weaken Britain. Now, ask yourself, despite increasing British military
          tasks abroad, why are the armed forces cut back further with every budget?
          Ditto police, ditto fire brigade, ditto ambulance. Make you own minds up folks
          I’m in Australia and too far away to make a physical difference.

      2. Either someone in the military or police force or maybe both will take action soon.

        Big question is will Brussels set the NATO forces on any rebellion.

        It’s going to be very nasty when that one spark ignites the revolution

    2. Point of order on that Stu. History will be written by the invaders, it will be obfuscational enough that students will accept the new norm, as the always was norm, what they will know about the old Europe, will be about as clear as what we now know about the saxon times, and that the elders practised paganistic religions, all of which were proven false by the one, true religion. History is always written by the victors.

      1. Yes that’s true Mike, but what I actually had in mind when I commented was children in other parts of the world which have not been taken over (if that is possible), Russian children perhaps, or South American.

        I honestly don’t think the Muslims will take over the entire world, although it’s obviously their goal.

        Catholics, especially Italians, will be regretting their stance on rescuing the ‘refugees’ from the Med. when their beloved Vatican is wiped away. The Pope doesn’t really believe they’ll allow him to remain in place if Europe is entirely taken over surely.? They’ll probably relocate to South America.

  2. It is disgusting that women/girls can not protect themselves from these savages without having further harassment from the traitorous legal system.

    1. Article 77 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, 2b A forfeiture of proceeds, property and assets derived directly or indirectly from that crime, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties.
      This provides a penalty, if the girl is found guilty in the crime of the forfeiture of the gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery, cell phone, I-pad, laptop, purple polka dot frilly panties or bra, wedding rings, passport, or credit cards taken from her assailant.

    2. Disgusting isn’t in it. Is there any political entity on earth that will look after it’s own to the detriment of ‘foreigners’ as used to be the case? I’m ‘lucky’ enough to live in Australia, but having assassinated Abbott, even I can’t feel warm and complacent!

  3. The people of Europe continue to vote for these trecherous SOCIALISTS.

    What does it take to get it. Into their thick skulls that SOCIALISTS are the problem.

    All the political correctness crap will sink the whole of Europe. This example of prosecuting a woman for defending herself is a perfect example.
    You have no freedom left. If you say anything the government does not like there is a law to shut you up. Not allowed to ” offend” , anything you don’t like is translated into “hate speech”.

    It’s happening all over the world and socialist elements are behind the whole plan to shut you up. When people do wake up & rebel it will be ugly.

    1. When and if, people do wake up, it may be ugly Graham, but it will be just. I’ll admit to being ‘right wing’, whatever label that is. I’ll also admit to being fairly long in the tooth, but, since the days of Maggie, and Ronnie Reagan, the pendulum has swung so far left, it’s out of sight from where I’m positioned. To mix metaphors ‘nature abhors a vacuum’, and the right wing ‘revenge’ will be terrible to behold. I’ve no doubt the odd innocent will be hurt by that too, I just hope and pray, that all of the traitorous politicians whose hands are behind this invasion will get their just desserts. I look forward to the first country, EU or US, to pull their leader out of office, and string the treacherous bastard up. Sorry for being a mite emotional!

      1. On a youtube clip I saw, the German police officer had the temerity to say to an ethnic German, this is Germany, if you don’t like it, leave! Doesn’t really augur well , does it?

    1. Thanks for the link oldgodger, I’ve downloaded the You Tube video, and copied the transcript. Heartbreaking indeed, and very close to my own daughters ages.

      Let’s see Germany rise up and begin the destruction of both Merkel’s regime, and this invasion – round them all up at gunpoint, and ship them back to where they last left land. If that country refuses to take them back, then immediate sanctions imposed, and any and all foreign aid must cease. Then a place must be found to use as a camp or island of internment until their own countries accept them back.

      Also, DNA samples taken from every single invader, and lifelong refusal to even enter Europe again.!

      1. your welcome stu I have a granddaughter of sixteen she lives with me in the UK and to be honest I worry all the time about her future or lack of it. Now they are on about letting Bosnia, Albania and Turkey join the EU all of that certain faith! I really do not understand the lefties they will ruin us then expect the rough extreme rights fight their battles. Mind you I think the lefts are more violent than the rights on demo’s bless them not.

        1. Very true oldgodger, I often reply to people now that “the left are the new right” – we see it here every time Nigel Farage visits a town, especially in the north or Scotland, out come the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ mobs, starting violence, shouting “Fascist” anyone who dares venture over the ‘right of centre’ area.

          I have since rebranded them the ‘United Allies of Fascism’ – they are just a hired mob, paid for by the Labour party and the unions, and called at every opportunity to try and quash any right wing protest.

  4. It really is time to start the fight back,what the hell are Danish police thinking of,it won’t be any different if it happens here.Our goverment and plod pro Islam.

  5. The Charter of the Military Tribunal which met at Nuremberg had in Article 6c Crimes against Humanity: “namely murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population… or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the tribunal , whether or not within violation of domestic law of the country where perpetrated.” .. .. Leaders, organisers, instigators and accomplices participating in the formulating or execution of a common plan or conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing crimes are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan.
    The Genocide Convention has more of the same approach. Now, The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in Article 7 Crimes against Humanity. 7g lists Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparative gravity.
    Articles 60-76 of the Charter of the ICC should be followed when laying a charge of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY in particular participating in common plan or conspiracy to sanitise the attempted rape, and list the prosecutor and his superiors as the participating parties. The penalty is of course all their possessions with the exception of their rights of subsistence, Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 1.2

  6. The girl should be given a bravery award, held up as an example of how to resist, and not threatened with prosecution. Regardless, choosing to defend yourself should still be the correct thing to do.

  7. Of course. The current plan is to destroy/breed out the white race. They can’t have white women protecting themselves from being raped by savages. I hope Trump isn’t full of sh**. We need someone to go is to defend our own.

  8. The more this sort of thing happens the more people will realize that it’s no good relying on any authority to defend us. I haven’t lost faith in the German people yet – more people are speaking out. It is taking a while for the penny to drop all over Europe, but it is beginning. And every time something like this happens, resentment grows. So, hard though it is to stomach these sort of events, if they stopped happening people might go back to hoping that everything will be all right in the end. With every atrocity, resolve hardens, thank God. Even I was beginning to think the Danish Government had started the fight back. People out there, you can not rely on anyone but each other. Inform yourselves, organise, and fight when the time comes.

  9. Whoever wrote the law prohibiting the possession and use of pepper spray, and whoever is bringing charges against this girl for defending herself, should be strung up or committed to an insane asylum. Such insanity has no place in government or the courts. This is grotesquely stupid and unjust. It is pure tyranny.

  10. I live in Poland.
    In my country 98% of people are against accepting immigrants.
    I read your posts and I’m angry. How long have YOU men from Denmark and Germany will not tolerate such events?
    I lived in an Islamic country 5 years I worked as one of the 600 white beige. Tp is a different civilization, there is the year 1447
    They do not form a peoples like us, live in clans, clans and tribes, the nation-state is a foreign concept to them.
    Politicians want to destroy the nation state. German Foreign Minister Schaeuble loud on TV it said.
    In Denmark, the Danes do not want to just “Danish nationals”, the same in Germany and in Poland.
    We need to unite all Europeans, ordinary people, to create a common organization.
    We have to defend our world, our values of civilization and culture.
    And remember, only the connection white man with a white woman will be born white child

    1. Poland is leading the way. You are so lucky with your leaders, and your people back them. In the UK we are actively having to fight against not just liberal left, but all media, government and if we speak up we lose our jobs or get a visit from the cops. And it’s the same for most of Europeans. I know we will never persuade the brainwashed, but a lot of people are trying to unite. Please encourage your leaders to go on speaking out. It isn’t reported on MSM but on the Internet. Poland values what it has had to fight so hard for. I know you will never back down.

  11. The Europeans may as well build camps and the intern themselves – what they are doing is mass suicide, political correctness gone mad – this is the ultimate result of the left campaign against the west, a takeover by a religion that is completely contrary to everything the hypocrites on the left claim to value.

    Since they have no faith in their culture it is easy to commit cultural suicide – you can only shake your head in wonder and the Danes – to call them fools would be insulting to fools.

  12. he Europeans may as well build camps and the intern themselves – what they are doing is mass suicide, political correctness gone mad – this is the ultimate result of the left campaign against the west, a takeover by a religion that is completely contrary to everything the hypocrites on the left claim to value.

    Since they have no faith in their culture it is easy to commit cultural suicide – you can only shake your head in wonder and the Danes.

  13. This is the despicable comment by Germany with regards to 13 year old that was kidnapped for 30 hours and raped. Tourist stay away from dangerous and full of BS Germany !
    Consensual sex , Disgusting.!
    “Martin Steltner, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, told Berlin’s RBB public radio on Monday there were only indications of “consensual sexual contact.” He didn’t comment on whether the office would investigate alleged perpetrators for having sex with a minor, which can be punishable by law.”

  14. What if the young lady happened to get in a lucky blow which resulted in the would-be rapist shattering his skull on a stone and dying – would she then be charged with being in possession of a hand?

  15. There’s not even a victim. The would be rapist got away. When is a crime prosecuted where there is no victim or witness?

  16. …self-defense has never been a part of the human condition in modern-day Europe, and is actively discouraged. The young woman should be given an award for repelling her attacker. You can bet that her attacker, even if apprehended, would be able to stay in the country. It’s a shame that Europe does not have a Constitution or a Second Amendment…

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