The Real Scandal of Melania Trump

The real scandal about Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican Party convention is not that she used some oft-quoted lines, but rather the fact that she made a direct appeal to all racial groups—except whites, European-American rights activist Dr. David Duke has pointed out.


Speaking in his latest video, Dr. Duke said that the controlled media defame and lie about Donald Trump and everything he does because the Republican presidential nominee has called for a halt to illegal immigration.

He pointed out that the media had now invented a “storm” over phrases used by Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention (RNC)—alleging that these words were somehow plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech of a few years ago.

In fact, as Dr. Duke pointed out, the phrases used are often-quoted by many people, and were not exclusive to Michelle Obama, and there is therefore no justification to even make an allegation of plagiarism.

“But the vicious lying media knows no shame,” Dr. Duke said.

The real scandal in Melania Trump’s speech was, however, the fact that she said her husband intends to represent “Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians”—but specifically left out European-Americans.

“I don’t blame Melania for this,” Dr. Duke continued. “For anti-white racism is so pervasive in America that anyone can praise African-Americans by name, Mexicans by name, and any other racial ethnic group.

“But the media is so vicious that everybody knows that you cannot defend or appeal to white people directly by name.

“You cannot say a kind word about the people of this country whose forefathers created America, unless in a negative sense,” Dr. Duke said.

“It is common to say a ‘racist white officer’ shot a black man, or a ‘white officer shot a black man,’ but it is not possible to say a ‘white police officer or fireman saved a black child.’”

Dr. Duke pointed out that every candidate for office, from the president down, can directly address the concerns of African-Americans by name, Mexican-Americans, Jewish Americans, etc. etc.”

“You can make direct appeals for black votes, Mexican votes, Jewish votes, but God help you if you dare to specifically praise white people or dare to ask for white people by name to vote for you!”

He said that the political establishment had not enforced US immigration laws and had structured legal immigration in such a way as to ethnically cleanse America of the people whose forefathers created the nation.

In a clear reference to his expected soon-to-be-made official declaration of running for office, Dr. Duke then went on to say that it was time that there was at least one elected representative who will protect the rights of all people, including European-Americans.

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  1. Comparing, ‘like for like’ objectively, it’s the same speech. “Oft-quoted” expressions? Perhaps, but the sequence of them is identical. Let’s put it this way, would a student’s essay be rejected for plagiarism using the same example? The answer to that must be a resounding ‘Yes’.

  2. All this is due to the liberal white guilt syndrome. We worked hard building this nation and feel guilty because some amongst us haven’t done the same. A true mental illness that goes against the grain of survival. If you can hunt better than your neighbor than you should eat better than them. If you can’t hunt at all, then you’ll most likely starve. Thus making the species stronger in the long run. But the mental illness called liberalism believes everyone should receive the same reward regardless of effort.

    1. Contrary to Darwinism Charles? It seems to me that continually the elite want to force things their way which is a way contrary to the laws of physics and other sciences. They don’t learn and it always takes bloodshed to readjust the natural balance.

  3. Is using the English language also plagiarism??

    Look at the score board, Trump received the highest recorded vote in the history of the Republican Party. That’s what the prob
    Em of the Republican left is. Suck it up guys Trump will be President!!

  4. “I hope Trump does win, not because I like Trump but because it will show you all that Trump, like all the other Presidents since Woodrow Wilson, is a hollow man”.

    That’s a helpful and constructive attitude.

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