Reaping the Whirlwind: Nonwhite Colonizers in Holland “Anti-Semitic”

Another outburst of “anti-Semitism”—this time in Holland—by nonwhite colonizers has again revealed the truth that mass Third World immigration into European nations will ultimately destroy the Jewish lobby’s powerbase in those countries.

In the latest incident, a 15-year old Turk, born in Holland, has been the subject of much local Dutch media attention after he was interviewed for a film on “anti-Semitism” among the Turkish community.


The film, made by a Turk name Mehmet Sahin, who is a researcher at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit, interviewed a number of Turkish “youths” in the city of Arnhem and questioned them about their attitudes toward Jews.

The comment which is causing the most uproar was this one: “I am quite happy with what Hitler did with the Jews.” When the interviewer replied that “Hitler murdered women and children,” the Turkish youth (still unidentified) answered “Yes, they were Jews.”

The film was broadcast on national Dutch TV, and immediately prompted a complaint from the “Center for Information and Documentation on Israel,” the Jewish lobby’s most important arm in Holland.

The Dutch government immediately sprang into action at the Jewish lobby’s complaint, arrested the Turk and sentenced him to undergo “mandatory educational activity at nongovernmental organizations fighting racism and anti-Semitism.” It is not quite clear what this exactly entails.

The filmmaker received threats from “his community” for making the movie, and fled his home in in Arnhem out of fear for his life.

Most Muslims in Holland live in the four major cities of the country: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. In The Hague, at least 20 percent of the population is Muslim, mostly from North Africa, Egypt, and the Middle East. Turks make up 25 percent of the Muslim population in Amsterdam.

Currently, only 78 percent of Holland’s total population is original white Dutch, and the nonwhite population broke the 20 percent barrier last year. Projected forward, Holland is set to become a minority white country within the next 40 years, as nonwhites make up increasing numbers of “youths.”

The colonization of Holland—and much of western Europe—by hordes of nonwhite immigrants will also have the effect of reducing support for Israel and rising “anti-Semitism” as this incident highlights. This is ironic because Jewish lobbies have been at the forefront of promoting immigration into European nations in the name of “anti-racism.”

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  1. Quote:……"sentenced him to undergo “mandatory educational activity at nongovernmental organizations fighting racism and anti-Semitism.” [ 2013]
    [Forward to 2016] A helluva lot of people have wakened up since 2013 to exactly what the Jewish agenda entails. Somewhere soon somebody could be kept very busy again, this time " re educating" western whites who now know the score.

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