Record Number Attacks by Swedish Patriots

Swedish patriots are burning down nonwhite invader centers at the rate of one every two days, forcing that country’s government to hide all invader housing addresses and to start police helicopter patrols in an attempt to halt the uprising.


So far in October, some eleven attacks have been reported, while last month, no less than twenty such attacks took place. These are only the ones that the controlled media is daring to report.

The latest attack—in the municipality of Danderyd, took place on Wednesday night, October 28, the Aftonbladet newspaper reported.  The attack took place less than two days after the local authorities announced that a kindergarten in the town would be converted into “refugee accommodation.”

Chief of police in Stockholm North, Christer Nilsson, was quoted as saying that there was no doubt that it was arson and that he was “concerned that similar attacks will occur against refugee places where people already live.”


On Wednesday evening, October 28, another “asylum center” in Tjornarp, Skåne county, southern Sweden was firebombed, reports the Expressen newspaper.

The house, set in an idyllic location in a beech forest, served as a home to “unaccompanied children”—the code word used by the controlled press to describe young nonwhite male invaders who lie about their ages in order to get preferential treatment.


On Tuesday evening, October 27, an arson attack took place on a planned invader center in Färingtofta, a small town in Klippans municipality, Scania, police have reported. “Someone smashed a window in a door and threw a bottle of flammable liquid,” reports said. Emergency services were called out and the fire was extinguished. A tube with the words “Explosive” and “TNT” written on it had also been thrown into the building.


In light of the increasing number of attacks, the Swedish government has announced that the location of all new “HVB homes” (hem för vård eller boende, or residential home care, as the invader centers are officially known), will in future be kept secret.

A lawyer for the Swedish Department of Health and Social Welfare, Linda Almqvist, was quoted in the Expressen newspaper as saying that the latest attacks had forced them to close public access to the HVB home location records. The locations had until now been listed on the department’s website, but will now be removed and only be made available to the public upon specific personalized request.

In addition, the Swedish police have announced that they will start “protecting” nonwhite invader centers by helicopter. A report in the Expressen newspaper quoted Bengt Grönlund, head of the police’s aviation as saying that the flights would begin “with immediate effect.”

The Expressen report claimed that over twenty suspected arson attacks have taken place at planned and existing invader centers this year, and that apart from the helicopter patrols, guards have also had to be deployed to “monitor asylum accommodation in southern Sweden.”

“The idea is that we should keep a regular watch, but we will not be able to cover all camps all the time,” Grönlund said. Five police helicopters will be made available to cover the area from Boden in the north to Malmö in the south. They are equipped with infrared cameras to help detect vehicles and people in the dark, he added.


According to the Ystadsallehanda newspaper in southern Sweden, there were a dozen arson attacks in September alone, all directed at buildings in the country where the nonwhite invaders have been or will be hosted.

A full list of the attacks in October follows:

October 28: An HVB home in Danderyd, set to house “unaccompanied children” is attacked.

October 28: An HVB home in Tjörnarp in Höör Municipality, which is home to a number of “unaccompanied children,” was subjected to an arson attack.

October 27: A fire is started at the door to a house for “unaccompanied children” in Lund. The same day, several small fires flare up at a planned invader centers in Kikeboskolan in Oskarshamn.

October 27: A school in Färingtofta, Scania that was being prepared for “unaccompanied children” is ravaged by fire.

October 24: A building in Eskilstuna, used as invader accommodation, is ravaged by fire. Police confirm arson.


October 22: A prospective invader accommodation building in Oderljunga, Perstorp is set on fire. Police confirm what they call “aggravated arson.”

October 21: A prospective invader accommodation building in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm, is vandalized and subjected to an unsuccessful arson attack.

October 20: An invader accommodation building in Munkedal is seriously damaged in a fire. Police identify the attack as arson.

October 18: An old school building in Onsala, Kungsbacka, earmarked for invader accommodation, burns down in a large fire.

October 17: A school in Kånna outside Ljungby, newly prepared as invader accommodation, burns to the ground. Police investigate arson.

Oct. 13: Fire breaks out in a barracks in Arlöv Skåne. The venue was attacked the day after having been put into use as accommodation for “unaccompanied children.” The event is classified as arson.


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  1. Yes. A good solution. Hopefully the ruling sissies don't start boarding them with citizens often. That might start a well deserved revolution. Does the thought ever occur to politicians that desperate solutions like this actually stem from real grievances that must be addressed. No one should have to feed a bunch of dark people who cause destruction and crime and figuratively and literally rape as a life's purpose. Just put the mutts out of their misery. Good job, Swedes! Let's hope the message carries through the rest of Europe and finally, the US. We've got every sort of diseased South American and African dirtbag you can name here.. breeding like rats. It's time to take inventory and appreciate the cultures that have given us the modern, comfortable world. In short, we need to breed more and promote more white people.

  2. From Texas with Love. Resist the Foreign Invaders at all costs !!!! If they ever make their way down south, Us Texans will be ready to join the fight!!!!

  3. Merkel's welcome culture policies is turning many Swedes and Germans into anarchist If you are young, educated, skilled, consider emigrating to North America or Australia. Why waste your time living in a country that does not appreciate you ? Think about it. Europe has no future when lunatics are running the asylum.

  4. what is there to say except fight for your rights europe. Well done sweden. All our governments have let us down and have been doing this for years. Which is why the nasty Toni Blair did away with treason laws prior to commiting it over and over again. Welcome to Britains world.

  5. I simply do not understand what the Swedish government thinks it has to gain by aiding and protecting these people. They are actually helping to destroy their own country. WTF?

  6. Keep fighting sweden against these invaders. Forget the police they only listen to their leaders, but remember they have family too that have to suffer this invasion, which is turning Sweden into a cesspit

  7. @Gemjunior 10/10 hopefully others start to realize what's actually going on! great to see people standing up for what is theirs, not the government's. . . .Du gamla, Du fria .. From america with love!

  8. It's just me or it looks like Swedish govt. has its own "agenda" regardless what the Swedes think – pathetic and grotesque!

    Is the getto in Rosengård, Malmö not enough for those stupid leftists yet?

  9. WhooHoooo! Go Sweden. Stand together!!!!! Aftonjewdat can crank out the BS but now it's everywhere and people SEE what's going on – they see their own replacement!!!! They can't put the whole country in jail.

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